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How to Parley Your Sign-up Bonus into Great Gaming

There are some online casinos that offer a huge Welcome Package to new gamers and then seen to forget about them.  They may have a few other promotions but the big early bonus is about it as far as bonus offers are concerned.  At Jackpot Capital online casino, the thinking is a bit different.  We offer a modest Jackpot Capital casino sign up bonus and then we virtually shower our gamers with bonus offers!

Let’s take a look!

Are All Bonuses Basically the Same?

The quick answer is: Not by a long shot!  But the explanation as to why this is so will take a while.

Deposit Bonuses

First of all, we have to make it clear that deposit bonuses have cone into their own through online casinos and online casinos have been around since only 1994.  When land based casinos were the only casinos around and they were located either in Nevada, mainly in Las Vegas, or later on in Atlantic City, people who wanted to gamble at a land based casino usually had to fly in.

So, land based casinos started giving packages away that may or may not have included air fare and a room in the hotel in exchange for the player committing to buy a given number of dollars’ worth of chips.

Not every player had the means to make this type of commitment so these bonus offers were usually enjoyed only by high rollers or VIPs.

Jackpot Capital casino offers deposit bonuses to everyone on a regular—almost every day—basis.

The Play Through Requirement Makes Online Bonuses Workable

Whenever a casino gives players a deposit bonus, it requires them to wager a factor of that bonus before they can withdraw winnings or principal.  This is called the play through requirement and casinos need it to prevent some players from cashing out their account as soon as they receive their bonus.

Because of the convenience of online casinos, the play through requirement on bonuses players receive from an online casino are much more easily completed than if they were to receive the bonus from a land based casino.  It may take several days or even a month to play through the betting the gamer needs to do before he or she can make a withdrawal.   At an online casino, this is easily done since the casino is always at your fingertips.  It is very hard to complete at a land based casino even if you are taking a long weekend there.

At a land based casino, the play through requirement would simply carry over until the next time the player came back to the casino which could be…..never!  in addition, the tabulation of bets the player has made in accordance with the play through requirement are all contained in the player’s card and what happens if a gamer travels to the casino and leaves the player card on the kitchen table?

What Other Bonuses Does Jackpot Capital Offer?

Let’s go through them one by one!

    1. We spoke about the Welcome Package bonus earlier.   It starts with a 100% deposit bonus for up to $100 and 100 free spins on Achilles. The bonuses keep coming in increments of $100 until the total bonus money reaches $1000!  And those 100 free spins are also worth money especially if you get lucky!
    2. Every Tuesday we award a bonus of up to $100 to players who have played on their mobile device in the previous week.  Since almost all gaming at Jackpot Capital these days is on our excellent mobile platform, it is easy to qualify for this bonus!
    3. Wednesday is the surprise bonus day.  If you made a deposit and played on Monday and Tuesday, you can win up to $150 bonus on Wednesday!
    4. Wednesday is also called Hump Day.  On this day we award a mystery bonus to lucky gamers!
    5. Every Friday we draw names out of a virtual hat and we give them a bonus of up to $50.  This bonus is for new gamers and you qualify for it when you have been in the Jackpot Capital fold for 30 days.  All you have to do is make three small deposits each week and you’re in the hopper!
    6. Every Saturday, we offer four different bonuses.  For a $50 deposit, you get a 50% bonus.  For a $100 deposit, you get a $75 bonus.  For a $200 deposit, you get a $200 bonus and for a $400 deposit, you get a $600 bonus!

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Jackpot Capitol Offers Great Gaming

One of the most important aspects of gaming at Jackpot Capital is that the return to player rate is better than the same rate at land based casinos.  We are an online casino existing in cyberspace.  As far as we know, cyberspace is infinite!  So we don’t have any walls of the typo that define the available space at a land based casino.

At Jackpot Capital, whenever Real Time Gaming, our exclusive game provider, brings out a new game, all of the other games scootch over.

This is a lot harder to do at a land based casino where the casino floor is full and any new game has to take the place of an older game!  There is no scootching at a land based casino!

Lower Overhead Means Higher Return to Player Rates

We give away a lot of bonuses and fee spins and they are a large part of our managing expenses.  We offer a smooth gaming experience in which you can play as many or as few games in a session and the sessions can last mere seconds when you take a break and spin a few spins on our mobile gaming platform or can last a lot longer when you are gaming at home.

Still, our gamers rarely spend the entire day at Jackpot Capital like so many gamers do at land based casinos as they paly despite exhaustion, hunger, and too much free alcohol.

For a great gaming experience, join Jackpot Capital NOW!

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