Celebrate our Theme of the Month this June and Put on your ‘Game Face’! Bring your A-Game to Jackpot Capital, start playing and enjoy our monthly casino offers.

Putting on your game face means deliberately displaying an expression that disguises your real emotions and ideally, intimidates your opponents. Essentially, it’s playing a role that may be different than how you really feel. Perhaps, it’s because you’ve been dealt a bad hand, a great hand, or because you’re on a losing streak - either way, you wanna keep it to yourself and ultimately come out a winner! This month at Jackpot Capital online casino, join us for our Theme of the Month and Put On Your ‘Game Face’! Check out the blog this week to discover how to apply this concept to your gaming, work, and even life, in general! But can you really enjoy our monthly casino offers with a straight face?

Don’t Act Up!

We’re not all getting paid millions of dollars to do so on the sets of movies, but we’re all ‘acting’ in our daily lives, in one way or another. Think about it! Since we were kids, we’ve been told what to do. As children, we’re constantly either asked to act appropriately or not to act up. What is really being required is a display of restrain and control. We generally learn the importance of acting different than how we may feel, pretty early on. It’s all about wanting to eat the whole cake, but only having a piece.

That’s where putting on your ‘Game face’ comes in! You might be asking yourself, how can this make me more successful at gaming, work and life? For starters, it should of course, come as little surprise that the game, in which this concept is most useful, is Poker, where discretion is key. However, the skill can also come in handy, in other multiplayer scenarios or when you’re winning large sums of money in public spaces.

When it comes to work, putting on your Game face may be necessary while giving presentations. Bury your discomfort and put on bring that A-Game! Show the crowd you know what you’re talking about, even when that may not be the case. Confidence will take you further than anything else! You won’t always enjoy doing what you need to do in your job but it will help, if you look like you are. Some tasks are more fun than others but they all need to get done! Remember, nobody likes a whiner, and nobody like a sore loser!

Put On Your Game Face & Play!

Put On Your Game Face

Can You Keep a Straight Face?

At home, you might need your game face to avoid senseless arguments with your partner - keep that game face on while you’re taking out the trash - but sitting comfortably in front of your screen with Jackpot Capital online casino, you only need to bring your ‘A-Game’! Show everyone how good your gaming skills really are. Remember, practice makes perfect, so all you have to do to get better, is play. There’s no better place to practice, than at Jackpot Capital, where our monthly casino offers grants generous bonuses available on all of the best online casino games. Whether you want to try something new or have a go at one of your old favorites, make June the month you advance your skills with us!
Try spinning the reels of Secret Jungle<link>, a new release from RealTime Gaming and our New Game this June. Make sure to check back with us next week to discover our lucrative New Game bonuses. For other hot promotions and bonuses available every day this summer, go directly to the Promotions page! This June we’ve prepared a fruitful monthly casino offer, available exclusively to our members, where you can grab Free Spins on our new game, Tian Di Yuan Su, or crack open a bonus in our Game of the Month, Popiñata.

In the meantime, you can also try our summer themed slots! Have a spin on the dancefloor before you spin the reels, in Samba Sunset, or get snug on the beach in Naughty or Nice Spring Break. Perhaps, you want to head straight for the Poker tables? Either way, start practicing your game face with Jackpot Capital today and become the master of your expressions (and your emotions) with every win or loss! You never know when you might need a good Game face to score a big win, in and out of the casino!

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