Our Theme of the Month this January is “Your Year to Win” - and we’re sure it is! Read through our blog post and start making it happen with the best online slots.

Meister Eckhart once said, And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings. Well, we think that’s exactly what the start of every New Year is meant to do for all of us, to make us believe in the “magic of new beginnings” and to ultimately have us make use of this magic. In the Jackpot Capital world, this translates to the magic of making new wins on some of the best online slots! That’s why this January, our Theme of the Month is “Your Year to Win.” Join us today for our very first blog post in 2019 and read about some of our tips for maximising your chances of winning - and doing it responsibly - and thus, your chances for making this year more magical than ever! Ready for this new winning beginning?

Pick Your Slot Wisely

It’s already a well-known fact that slot machines hold the throne among the most popular casino games, especially in the US. As such, we thought the start of a New Year would be a perfect moment for us to fill you in on some of our tips on how to increase your chances of winning on the best online slots - as well as on how to do so responsibly! So let’s get to it, shall we?

Before you start spinning the reels of one of the best online slots, you should make sure you know what it is exactly that you’re expecting from the game. Ideally, you’ll find one that matches those expectations and your gaming personality. And how can you find out? Well, you can start by asking yourself questions like: Am I looking to win in the short-term or in the long-term? Would I rather win small amounts more frequently or larger amounts less frequently?

Three-reel slots, for instance, place more importance on Jackpots and should be your game of choice if you’re looking to win big, fast. Have in mind, though, that these slots have a lower winning frequency and make it easier for you to lose at a quicker pace. Slots with Pick’em Bonuses, on the other hand, fall on the other side of the spectrum and allow you to win smaller wins more frequently but with lower chances of winning big fast. Slots with Free Spins - very common at Jackpot Capital - are usually in between the two.

Another factor that you should consider when picking a game from the sea of best online slots is its denomination value vs. its payback percentage. The lower the denomination value, the lower the payback percentage and the risk. Slots with a higher denomination value will yield a higher payback - but beware, they also carry more risk!

Our final tip for today is that, if you’re going for slots with Progressive Jackpots, make sure your bet matches the amount required for being eligible for the Jackpot. With some slots, any bet you make will make you eligible for the Jackpot, but with most of them you would need to place the maximum coin bet in order to become eligible. As these Jackpots are normally the most important factors of this type of slots, the games pay less than in slots with no Progressive Jackpots. This means it’s particularly important for you to make your bets high enough to be eligible for the Jackpot!

Pick & Play!

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Win Responsibly!

The majority of people today will have tried gambling - in one form or another - at one point in their lives. Most do so without developing any problems, but because there are still some who might, people of the gambling world have come up with a set of advice on how to minimize the risks of developing issues. Let’s have a look at some of the most notable tips for gambling responsibly with the best online slots!

Instead of looking at gambling as a way of making money, look at it as a means of entertainment - as an activity to have fun! Looking at it as such will make it easier to balance it with other activities in your life, as well as to avoid having it become your only leisure activity.

Another tip is to set two limits - one for time and one for money - and do your best to not change them as you play. Similarly, you should avoid chasing losses by going over the limits you’ve set. Finally, you should try to stay away from playing when you’re upset. Emotions and decisions don’t mix!

That about sums up our tips and advice for you on how to enhance your chances of winning big with the best online slots and doing so responsibly. We guess you must be quite eager so start spinning and trying them out, so here’s a shortcut to our Games page and our Promotions page. Head on over, find the Games and Bonuses that suit your expectations the most - and your personality - and get to spinning! Jackpot Capital wishes you a happy New Year!

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