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Dear aspiring online casino gamer,

Welcome to the world of online casinos, where you can enjoy a wide range of casino games from the comfort of your home. You may have played at a land-based casino in the past, you may still be a big fan of land-based casinos, or you may never have played at any kind of casino before.

As an online casino, Jackpot Capital certainly feels that online casino gaming is superior to land-based gaming for various reasons. We would like to present online casino gaming from the vantage point of a jackpot casino. We hope you strongly consider joining Jackpot Capital after you read this article!

What is a Jackpot?

This is a great question and one that has convinced many gamers to join Jackpot Capital or another online casino. We will change the definition of a jackpot and, by doing so, we will reveal many of the benefits of playing at an online casino such as Jackpot Capital.

A jackpot is a sudden influx of money into a gamer’s casino account. This means that a large deposit bonus is also a jackpot of sorts! It means that the extra payout for getting a Royal Flush in video poker is a jackpot of sorts, as well.

Learning the rules of responsible gaming is also a jackpot because even though it doesn’t result in a sudden increase in the size of a gamer’s casino account, it does result in avoiding a sudden decrease in a gamer’s casino account!

Which Games Give Jackpots?

The game most commonly associated with jackpots is slots. The most common jackpot offered in slots is a progressive jackpot. Since progressive jackpots are so enticing and because winning a big progressive jackpot can be a truly life-changing event, we feel that here is where we should begin.

How Does a Progressive Jackpot Work?

There are two basic types of progressive jackpots. One is for a million dollars more or less but in all cases, a massive sum of money and the other type may be progressive but it grows much slower.

Let’s talk about the very big progressive jackpots since they are the ones that gamers go to for the chance to get rich quick.

Jackpots Fed by Game Providers

Any top-level game provider has a much wider reach than even the biggest online casino. While the casino may have tens of thousands or more gamers registered to play there, the game provider may have its games in hundreds if not thousands of casinos online and on land.

So, the game provider shaves a penny or two from every bet and the jackpot grows accordingly!

There are a couple of points gamers need to know before they spend a lot of money playing these kinds of progressive jackpot slots:

  1. In order to win the big jackpot, you have to bet the maximum on the winning pay line.
  2. Progressive jackpot slots tend to have high volatility.

What is Volatility?

Volatility is a correlation between the number of expected winners per x number of spins versus the average win per winning spin. The point behind this definition of volatility is that two slots may have the same return to player rate but the slot with high volatility will return the winnings to a relatively small number of players and a slot with low volatility will return the winnings to a relatively large number of players.

What Does All of This Mean?

So, given that most progressive jackpot slots have high volatility and you have to bet the maximum to qualify for the big jackpot, progressive slots can be very expensive to play!

We always urge gamers to set a sound budget for gaming so that the gaming becomes a happy and entertaining activity. It is often a good idea to play just a few spins on a progressive jackpot slot and then to segue to other games.

Local Jackpots

This is the term we use for a jackpot that is embedded in a game and is not fed by the game provider. We offer many slots with local jackpots. Many of these jackpots are quite small but gamers enjoy playing these slots as the jackpots increase their chances of having a winning session.

Some slots have three or four local jackpots. The highest jackpot might be for a five-figure win but the games are a lot more accessible to gamers on a budget.

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Random Jackpots are….Random

Many slots with local jackpots have random jackpots. This means that the gamer can win the jackpot even on a losing spin! The jackpots occur entirely at random with no regard for the outcome of the spin!

Some slots have jackpots that are calibrated to win every few hours or at least every day.

Is There a Strategy for Progressive or Random Jackpots?

In a word, NO!

All slots these days both online and on land are run by a random number generator which determines outcomes randomly. Now, if there is a slot that is guaranteed to pay out its jackpot before a set time, and if it hasn’t awarded the jackpot yet, then it might be strategic to play that slot in the run-up to the deadline.

This does not guarantee that you will win the jackpot as many other gamers are also playing the slot at that time!

Responsible Gaming

The last sentence brings us to the area of responsible gaming. We touched on this earlier in the discussion on volatility. Here we can only repeat what we said above: set responsible time and money budgets for gaming, see gaming as a form of entertainment, and maximize fun in gaming rather than get-rich schemes.

Online Casino Bonuses are a Form of Jackpot!

Only online casinos can offer bonuses in the thousand-dollar range. This is because of the wagering requirement that casinos have to impose in order to prevent a player from cashing out as soon as his or her casino account is credited with the bonus.

The wagering requirement is a factor of the bonus. The problem for land-based casinos is that people come to them for a day or a long weekend and that is generally not enough time to complete a wagering requirement. So, only online casinos can offer large bonuses.

It makes sense to see a thousand-dollar bonus as a kind of jackpot since it means that the player can play with the casino’s money!

Variety in Gaming

Online casinos have “all the room in the world” so Jackpot Capital and others can offer many variations of popular games that land-based casinos cannot offer. This greater variety in games is another type of “jackpot” that online casino gamers enjoy.

Jackpot Capital says that variety is the spice of life!

Higher Return to Player Rates

Land-based casinos have discovered ways to reduce the return to player rate sin some games. By not doing so, online casinos such as Jackpot Capital offer another kind of “jackpot” to gamers.

The three most notorious reductions in the return-to-player rate at land-based casinos occur in slots, blackjack, and video poker.

In slots, the random number generator can be calibrated to return several percentage points less than the same slot at Jackpot Capital.

In blackjack, Jackpot Capital always pays 3-2 for a blackjack while many land-based casinos now pay 6-5 for a blackjack. The difference makes it functionally impossible to win money at blackjack in many land-based casinos.

In video poker, we always pay 9 coins for a full house and 6 coins for a flush while many land-based casinos new pay 8 coins for a full house and 5 coins for a flush. An 8-5 casino makes it functionally impossible to win money at video poker at many land-based casinos unless you get very lucky and hit a Royal Flush!

Discover Great Online Casino Gaming at Jackpot Capital

In addition to offering great standard and unusual jackpots, gamers at Jackpot Capital has a lot of other things going for them. Take for example our large library of articles!

These articles are yet another type of “jackpots” we offer here at Jackpot Capital!


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