Jackpot Capital Invites Gamers to Hit the Casino Jackpot

How Many Ways Can a Person Hit a Casino Jackpot?

Of course, as an online casino, we at Jackpot Capital feel that one very good way to “hit the jackpot” is to hit a casino jackpot!   The biggest casino jackpots are in progressive slots.  These jackpots can reach seven figures!

Are Progressive Slots the Only Games with a Progressive Jackpot?

No, indeed not!

There are other progressive jackpots that are quite a bit smaller.  For example, the three Caribbean Poker variations, Stud, Hold’em, and Draw share a single progressive jackpot.  It grows until someone gets a Royal Flush and wins it.

Now, a Royal Flush comes up about once in 40,000 hands.  But with many tens of thousands of people playing Caribbean Poker from all over the world, a lucky gamer wins the jackpot pretty often!

As a result, these jackpots are relatively small.  In addition, a player with a high hand but mot a Royal Flush will win part of the progressive jackpot.  Thus, the big jackpot in Caribbean Poker is quite a bit smaller than the progressive jackpots in slots.

Progressive Jackpots in Slots May Also be Shared

The really big jackpots in slots are run by the game providers.  In the case of Jackpot Capital Online Casino, that means that SpinLogic runs our big progressive jackpots.

The game provider has a much wider reach than Jackpot Capital has so it can draw on literally many millions of gamers to grow the jackpot one penny at a time!

The big difference between a progressive jackpot in slots and a progressive jackpot in Caribbean Poker is that poker is based on a deck of 52 cards.  As long as the odds are of getting a Royal Flush are, they are still better than the odds of winning a progressive jackpot in slots which is based on a far different algorithm, namely the random number generator.

Some Slots Have Smaller Internal Progressive Jackpots

We know these smaller jackpots by various names such as “mini”, “midi”, “minor”, “major” and so on.   A slots game may have two, three, or four internal jackpots.  A lot more gamers win one of these jackpots than win a seven figure progressive jackpot which is why the smaller jackpots are so popular.

Are There Other Ways to “Hit the Jackpot”?

Yes, there are!

In fact, hitting the jackpot has become a metaphor for great success in many areas.

Many people hit the jackpot in the stock market or in business.  anyone who was paying attention and bought Google when it was really cheap to buy “hit the jackpot”.  The same is true of the Disney Corporation which twenty years ago was selling for less than $15 a share and recently reached about $200 a share.

It is true that Disney has taken a big hit recently party owing to its political stance on some sensitive issues.  As an online casino, we avoid talking about politics so we will segue now into greener pastures!

Walmart, FedEx, Mars Candy, Facebook, Twitter, and hundreds of other companies started very small.  Steve Wozniak worked in his garage on ways to cool the prototype of the personal computer and Apple followed!

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Sports Teams can Hit the Jackpot

Especially in professional sports, where there are draftees of amateur athletes, many teams hit an unexpected jackpot.  In American football, the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady, was drafted in the sixth round as a backup quarterback.  He soon proved that the New England Patriots had hit he the jackpot by drafting him!

In a similar vein, Kurt Warner was considered a backup quarterback at best.  He bounced around several American football leagues and even worked for a time as a bagger in a supermarket.  The St. Louis Rams signed him after he showed signs of unexpected talent.  The team’s starting quarterback was injured in the pre-season and Kurt Warner stepped in and instantly was ten best quarterback in the league!

Hitting the Jackpot in Love

It is hard to see into the crystal ball and see how one’s choice of spouse or partner will work out.  Still, many people do hit the jackpot with a spouse who they stay married to for many decades.

Hitting the Jackpot Professionally

In modern society, many young people have no real idea what they will like to do for a living for fifty years or so.  Some people do make a professional change at around age 40 to 50.  Some doctors become carpenters and some carpenters go back to school to become doctors!

Being able to make a living doing what you love best is a form of hitting the jackpot!

Many people try their hand at business.  It is very hard to stay in business!  There are many stories of people who started a business that somehow was exactly what their community needed!  We can remember that the head of IBM in the 1940’s saw computers as being of little value!

Hitting the Jackpot in Writing and Publishing

Very few people know that the first Harry Potter book was rejected many times.  At that time, J.K. Rowling was an unemployed single mother.  As we all know by now, Harry Potter is a publishing industry in itself and both the publisher and the author hit the jackpot with the Harry Potter books.

Many other famous books were rejected, some a few times and some many times.  Moby Dick was rejected five times; Dune is still considered to be the best science fiction book ever written but it was rejected about twenty times; Stephen King’s first book, Carrie, was rejected some thirty times; Gone with the Wind was rejected by 38 publishers who didn’t give a……..; but Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance was rejected a whopping 121 times!

The man who finally decided to publish Zen (with a small first printing that quickly sold out) said “it forced me to remember why I went into publishing”! We might say that all of these authors and writers hit the jackpot when they wrote and published books that became giant hits!

Hit the Casino Jackpot by Gaming at Jackpot Capital

We feel that gamers cannot do better than to play online casino games at Jackpot Capital.  Even if you don’t play to win a progressive jackpot, you will hit the jackpot with our selection of 300+ games, easy and safe banking, excellent customer service and much more.


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