Jackpot Capital Excels at All Aspects of Online Casino Gaming

We know how much gamers like to access bonuses using our Jackpot Capital no deposit bonus codes!

In this article, we would like to start with bonuses and other promotions and use them as a stepping-off point for a discussion of what a gamer should look for and expect from a top-level online casino.

Look at a Casino’s Promotions

All online casinos have a lot of games. Slots lead the way followed by table games, blackjack, video poker, and specialty games. It is in the area of promotions that an online casino can stand out.

Here at Jackpot Capital, we try to run a promotion every day. Of course, the comp points promotion has been running every day since we landed in cyberspace!

What Promotions Do We Run?

Well, it depends on what day it is!

The Sunday Fun Day promotion gives gamers a 250% bonus plus 100 free spins on Cash Bandit 2. This promotion is directed at new gamers and is offered once to all new gamers.

Wednesday is Hump Day because you “get over the hump” on Wednesday. So, we send to gamers’ email our special Hump Day bonus of 40 free spins on Cleopatra’s Gold on their next deposit. You can use the bonus on any weekday and the minimum deposit is only $45. In other words, you can get 45 free spins with a $45 deposit!

Saturday Fever (Morning, Noon, and Night!) gives gamers a tiered bonus offer. The bonus rate for a $50 deposit is 50%. The rate for a $100 deposit is 75%. The rate for a $200 deposit is 100%. Finally, the rate for a $400 deposit is 150%.

The Saturday Night Fever bonus is so good that many gamers wait until Saturday to deposit! Gamers know that they can use their bonus money any time they want to! It’s just that when you deposit on Saturday, you get as high as a 150% bonus!

Would You Like a 166% Bonus?

This is the bonus rate in our New Game promotion. In addition to the giant bonus, gamers get 25 free spins on Big Cat Links!

Are Promotions the Only Thing to Look for in an Online Casino?

Of course, not!

Really the first thing you want to know is that your money is safe and secure in your online casino account. The way Jackpot Capital secures the safety of gamers’ money is with encryption software.

In fact, internet commerce could not happen without encryption software. In fact, the newest deposit method is bitcoin which is called a cryptocurrency because it uses encryption software to keep all transactions, safe, secure, and absolutely private.

Encryption Software Keeps All of Your Information Private

For example, you play a game and win some money. How does Jackpot Capital know that you won? And how does Jackpot Capital keep your winnings in your account and not in a different gamer’s account?

The answer is a combination of a huge databank run by a lot of computer power plus encryption that maintains the integrity of not only yours but many thousands of accounts, all in real-time!

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Do All Online Casinos Have the Same Computer Power?

Unfortunately, no.

So, you have to do some due diligence and read casino reviews. That is the best way to feel confident that the online casino you choose to play at is truly safe and secure.

Jackpot Capital works as hard keeping your money and personal information private as we do making sure that our library of games is updated.

Where Does Jackpot Capital’s Library of Games Come From?

We use the great creative teams at SpinLogic to create at least one new game every month. We run a promotion for every new game as we detailed above. The new game is almost always a slot.

SpinLogic employs creators who understand what online casino gamers like in a slot. Every slot has a theme. But that is not enough. A modern video slot uses color, graphics, and animation to make the storyline real.

Animation is most prominently on display in the way the wild symbols work. Here are just a few of the ways SpinLogic uses the wild symbols:

  1. Walking Wilds
  2. Grouped Wilds
  3. Expanding Wilds
  4. Stacked Wilds
  5. Sticky Wilds
  6. Multiplying Wilds
  7. Exploding Wilds

We invite all gamers to check out all of our 200+ slots to see how many ways our wild symbols make slots ever more fun and interesting!

What Does it Mean that All Modern Video Slots Have a Theme?

Old-fashioned three-reel slots had the same symbols. Modern slots all have different symbols. A symbol from a slot about undersea exploration would not work on a slot about ancient Mayan culture!

There are so many theme categories in slots. Some themes come about simply because the creative teams at SpinLogic were fooling around with ideas and “stumbled” across an entirely new idea for a slot!

Blackjack at Jackpot Capital Always Pays 3-2 for a Blackjack

A lot of gamers do not know−even players at land-based casinos who are affected by this insidious change do not always know−that 3-2 for a blackjack has been the standard since blackjack was developed as a casino game.

However, many land-based casinos now pay only 6-5 for a blackjack. This increases the house edge and removes the 99.5% return-to-player rate gamers enjoy at Jackpot Capital! This return to player rate happens when gamers use the best strategy on every hand.

Jackpot Capital Always Pays 9-6 in Video Poker

This means that we pay 9 coins for a full house and 6 coins for a flush. Did you know that a lot of land-based casinos now calibrate their video poker terminals t pay 8-5, 8 coins for a full house and only 5 coins for a flush?

This lowers the return to player rate in video poker! If you play video poker at Jackpot Capital−and we urge you to do so−your return to player rate will be 99.5% just as it is in blackjack!

Learn Correct Strategy

These high return-to-player rates are available to all gamers who use the best strategy on every hand! Land-based casinos offer free alcohol to fog players’ brains and make it extremely hard for them to follow the best strategy on every hand!

Come to Jackpot Capital for Great Gaming

Jackpot Capital makes it easy to play hundreds of casino games from the comfort of your loving room sofa or in bed. We know that many gamers use gaming as a romantic interlude or prelude with their significant other.

Of course, you can also play while on the go with our stellar mobile gaming platform.


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