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Fun is Key and Here are a Few Fun-enhancing Tips

From time to time, we run an article that we hope sets every gamer on the right track as far as gaming at Jackpot Capital online casino is concerned.  We do so in order to help you have the most fun at our casino!

We understand that playing progressive jackpots slots is a big reason that many gamers play at Jackpot Capital casino.  So, let’s begin by talking about progressive slots and the ramifications of playing them.

Win a Big Jackpot

Everyone wants to win the big jackpot and many gamers say that you don’t have any chance to win the big jackpot unless you play these games!  All true.  However, there is a far more important point that possibly might convince many players to play other games instead of the progressive games.  After all, progressive slots are not the only game in town at Jackpot Capital; far from it!

We will come back to our wide range of games a little later but now we have to talk about money management.  This point is the absolute need on the part of every gamer, including high rollers, to manage their budget well.

Sound Money Management is a Key Part of Gaming Fun

We encourage all of our gamers to set a realistic gaming budget and to stick to it in the strictest manner possible.  This means making bets that you can afford to make.  In a very real sense, this is the same as setting a clothing budget, a restaurant budget, or a budget for going out to the movies.

As the cost of smoking has gone up, many former smokers quit simply because the cost of cigarettes no longer fit their budget!

The same applies to gaming.  We at Jackpot Capital understand that the number one game at the casino by far is slots.  We are so determined to help you play slots and stay within a sensible budget that we offer unlimited free play!

One aspect of sound money management as it is connected to progressive slots is that you have to bet the maximum in order to qualify to win the big progressive jackpot.  The maximum bet may be out of the range of a responsible betting budget so in that case it would be better to play any of the hundreds of other slots and other games we offer! 

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Jackpot Capital Offers Many Games!

Fortunately, we offer a very wide range of games!  Slots players can play 3 real, 5 reel, and 6 reel slots!  You can play high volatility slots which offer relatively few wins but also relatively high payouts or low volatility slots that are the opposite.  They offer more wins but smaller ones.

Some gamers love the bigger wins and are willing to wait for them to come while other gamers like the excitement of getting a small win von a large number of spins!

We also have a large selection of table games.  These may be games of chance such as roulette or games of skill like Caribbean poker or blackjack.  We also offer video poker in several variations plus multi-hand video poker. 

Try them; You’ll Like Them!

The point is that gamers at online casinos often have to be enticed to play all of the games on offer because at land based casinos, where so many of our players started gaming, they played a very small number of games.

At Jackpot Capital you can and should try out every game we offer.  You can always come back to your favorite go to game.  It takes just a second and voila you’re there!

A Pastime not an Excursion

If you started gaming at land based casinos, you know what we mean.  When you went to any land based casino, it was an excursion.  You bought your airline ticket weeks in advance.  You made your hotel reservation weeks in advance.  You spent your sleeping time dreaming about winning a big jackpot, getting a Royal Flush in poker, and in general coming home with a lot more money than you started with.

Often, the excursion wasn’t exactly as you had planned and dreamt about.  Often you had extra time on your hands with nothing to do.  It was the frequent disappointment at the long planned out land based casino excursions that got you thinking about coming over to the online gaming side.

Online gaming is a pastime in the exact same way that any pastime is a pastime.  Some people like to read, some like to do puzzles, some like going to the movies, and some like to play online casino games.

We urge everyone to set a reasonable length of time for an online gaming session.  Be it fifteen minutes, an hour, or longer yet, whatever suits you and is reasonable is fine.  After all, you can always play again tomorrow.

When your long awaited land based casino excursion ended players didn’t say “Oh well, I can always play again tomorrow” until online casinos came along only about twenty years ago!  At this point, there are many gamers who play only online.  Why bother going to a land based casino when an online casino is as accessible as you desktop, laptop, or mobile device?

Use the Mobile App to Enhance Your Gaming Excitement

Put the casino in your pocket!  That’s what happens when you download the Jackpot Capital app.  Then you can play for five minutes or even less when you have some free time and are inclined to spin a few reels.

With the shorter gaming sessions readily available on your mobile device, we come full circle with regard to progressive jackpot slots.  Even if playing such slots for an hour or so might be outside your gaming budget, it might be well within your budget if you are gaming on your mobile device for five minutes or so!

Fun is King

The most important tip we can give you and one we repeat in many articles is simply to see online gaming as a fun pastime.  Play for fun in the same way you do anything else just for the fun of it.

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