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We have tons of games available for your playing pleasure here at Jackpot Capital, in fact, we have over 250 for you to enjoy! One of the most crucial factors when deciding where to play your next few game rounds, is, of course, what games do they have, and are they fun?! When choosing which online casino to play with, many factors are important, such as bonuses, payment options, wager requirements, and so on, but above all, the biggest factor will rely on which games are available. The seasoned casino player wants to make sure there is enough variation with game themes, from having a cute and classic slot game, or a jacked up slot with plenty of special bonus features. The characters, the sound effects, the mechanics - All of these factors are important! We believe to have quite a good variation of games, keeping our players happy, but which are our top 10 games?! Good question! Based on our percentage of player bets, we’ve listed and reviewed are most popular games!

10. Lucky 6

In our number ten spot, we have Lucky 6, a relatively new slot game at Jackpot Capital which embraces the concept of ‘The Luck of the Irish’! No surprise, you’ll have a happy-go-lucky Leprechaun playing along with you, and with every color of the rainbow, you just can’t help but feel at ease when you play this light-hearted slot game. The sweet sounds of flutes in the background definitely helps the laid back vibe! You may not want to get too relaxed, though, there’s plenty of action in this Irish-themed game! You’ll find the very lucky advantage of Wild Multipliers, free spins and plenty more Scatters and Multipliers, to be discovered. Do you have a special lucky charm? If so, chances are you’ll find it amongst the reels - This slot has ‘luck’ embedded in every part of the game!

9. Naughty or Nice

This sexy Christmas-themed progressive slot apparently holds high popularity all year round, not just during the holidays! Naughty or Nice is definitely easy on the eyes, with two of Santa’s sexy elf helpers greeting you, once you start your gameplay. Could it just be these beautiful characters that attract so much attention? Possibly, or it could be the fact that there are plenty of gift-worthy bonus features to try out! Be sure to bring your stocking, because you’ll need plenty of room with all of the Wilds, Scatters, Multipliers, Free Spins and Free Games feature! Watch out for that Mother Christmas, she may be after Santa with her rolling pin, after she’s seen how he looks at those sexy elves!

8. God of Wealth

The God of Wealth slot is jam-packed with bonus features and progressive jackpots, living up very soundly to its name! Like many of our favorite slots, this game follows the popular Asian slot theme, with the inevitable lucky features awaiting a lucky player! Based on Chinese folklore, you’ll be playing your way through the land of the Orient, in search of that progressive jackpot, along with plenty of free games, Scatters, special bonus rounds and so much more. This game definitely keeps you entertained, as you just never know what the next spin will bring, keeping the suspense at an all-time high - In a good way! Golden ingots, the Chinese Dragon, and all of the other lucky symbols await you, peacefully but ready for bonus battle!

7. Goldbeard

Our Goldbeard slot is filled with surprising bonus features, making it an incredibly thrilling game to play if you want some serious action. With a fun and light-hearted pirate theme, you can hop on board the ship and head out to sea, looking for treasure - And if you stay long enough, you’ll certainly find some! The biggest treasure of them all is most certainly the progressive jackpot, but otherwise, you’ll find plenty of Wilds, Multipliers, Scatters, free spins and much more in old Davy Jones’ locker!

6. Enchanted Garden

If you’re anything of a fantasy fanatic and appreciate a good story, you’ll love Enchanted Garden! This is one of the most unique and favored slots from Real Time Gaming, so much so that they even released a sequel, Enchanted Garden 2! The fairy characters in this slot are beautifully designed and give you a real feeling of ‘bliss’, experiencing the feeling of escaping the regular world for something much more majestic! Sounds ideal, right? It gets better - This game offers a progressive jackpot! While you’re playing through this adventure of a game, you’ll be able to pick up your fair share of free spins, Multipliers, Scatters and all the rest, in hopes of striking the ultimate prize - Eternal bliss, and that progressive!


 top 10 slots Ceasar's Empire

5. Caesar’s Empire

Going way back into the times of the Romans, Caesar’s Empire will keep you entertained and on your toes from the moment you start playing this fantastic slot! With an obvious Ancient Rome theme, this game brings plenty of action to the table, with all of the symbols you’d expect - Cleopatra, a Sword and Shield, the Coliseum, and of course, the Trojan Head. This slot game is an oldie, but a goodie, with a very tempting progressive jackpot and plenty of chances at scoring some free spins along the way. Of course, it has plenty of the regular features, such as Wilds, Scatters and Multipliers, but you’ll want to keep your eye on that big prize..!

4. Achilles

The great Greek hero, Achilles, is yet another classic from Real Time Gaming that players just can’t get enough of. Going way back to the time of the Trojan War, this famed slot will give you the chance to embrace that ‘inner warrior’ we all have within us, and not to mention, it’s very rewarding. With a progressive jackpot, you’ll be more than entertained while you play, in hopes of triggering this big win. In addition, there are two thrilling free game bonus features, topped off with your regular Wilds, Scatters and Multipliers. Time for battle!

3. Crystal Waters

One of the cutest games of them all, Crystal Waters is a easygoing underwater-themed slots with plenty of those adorable fish characters we’d gaze at, in awe, if we ever happen to be scuba diving in the middle of the Caribbean! Luckily, you won’t have to go that far to see these sweet creatures, and when you do spot them, they’ll be rewarding you with plenty of bonus catch! In one of the special features, you’ll have the chance for up to 15 free spins with all wins doubled, and a chance of an up to 8x Multiplier! Grab your gear and head for the waters, you won’t be disappointed!

2. Regal Riches

Back in the days when the rich were draped in red velvet, jewels, gold and everything ‘posh’, Regal Riches is our second most popular game in all of Jackpot Capital! Based on the Medieval time period, this classic slot is everything players want out of a game - Plenty of bonus features, and that long awaited progressive jackpot! Aside from the ultimate prize, this game has plenty of free spins and special bonus features, with the free spins feature giving you a chance for an up to 50x Multiplier! ‘Rich’ is certainly a correct term to use with this slot, you’ll see!

1. Cleopatra’s Gold

And now, our most popular slot out of our top 10 games! Taking influence from the Ancient Pyramids, Cleopatra’s Gold is most definitely a slot worth trying out - It clearly has made many happy players! Not only is this slot clean and simple, with great graphics and a pleasant soundtrack, but it’s filled to the brim with great bonus features, and most importantly, this slot has a progressive jackpot! In hopes of triggering it, you can have a blast with the free games feature, with the chance of also triggering the 1000 coin jackpot when you spin 5 Scarab symbols! This is the slot players love the most, so if you haven’t tried it, now’s the time!

Which slot is your favorite? Did you find something new you want to try out and play?! This is the perfect chance to try something new, so if you have the urge for some quality entertainment, go ahead a grab a bonus with us and let the games begin!


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