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We sure do love our online slot games here at Jackpot Capital, as we have a huge variety with over hundreds of titles, but what about our table games? Have you taken a break to try your hand on one of our many exclusively selected table games available? There are plenty to choose from! Everything from the traditional games like Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, to more speciality games like Pontoon and Match Up (among many others), there’s something for everyone to enjoy - And find a new favorite! Whether you’re very familiar with our great table games, or if you’re a complete newbie, you’ll be thrilled to check out what we have in our portfolio, starting with our top 5 table games at Jackpot Capital!

1. Suit 'Em Up™

If you’re after the traditional Blackjack experience, but with a side bet twist, then you can ‘bet’ that Suit 'Em Up™ Blackjack may be your next player favorite amongst our top 5 table games! Played with either 2, 6 or 8 decks of cards, this table game follows most of the standard rules of Blackjack. Some rules you may want to be aware of are, the Dealer must ‘hit’ on a soft 17, you, the player, are allowed splitting both the decks, Split Aces only receive one card, you may Double down on any two card value, and of course, Insurance pays 2:1. For the rest of the regular rules, in regards to overall objective, stand and hit, stay the same as any traditional Blackjack game. So, what makes this game so great, keeping our players happy? The side bet feature, of course! Before each hand is dealt, you have the option to make an additional bet, based on your certainty of the outcome, paying variable outcomes - from 2:1 (Any 2 Suited cards) or 60:1 (Suited Aces). The game’s name speaks for itself - Suit ‘Em Up - so as you may expect, it’s all about suited anything!

2. Tri-Card Poker

Whether we’re sitting on our mobile, or around a table, with some cold beers (or cocktails!) and a solid group of friends, don’t we all love a proper game of Poker?! If you ask any of us here at Jackpot Capital, that’ll be a big “Yes!”. Tri-Card Poker from Realtime Gaming is a great online poker game to test your luck at, whether you’re a Poker pro, or just want to test the waters. The name kind of gives you an automatic clue - This game is played with 3 cards, hence the ‘Tri-Poker’. Receiving 3 cards on the table, you then play against the dealer for the best 3-card hand possible. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is - And that’s likely why players tend to flock to this game. Skill and concentration always required, this game plays on the feature of ‘simplicity’, which can go a long way if you’re in for a serious match. One tip for the future ‘Poker Stars’, when playing Tri-Card Poker, make a Pair Plus bet, ensuring a win, no matter what your hand!

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3. Let ‘Em Ride

This Poker game is, for sure, an interesting one - For many reasons! Let ‘Em Ride, another Poker hit from RTG, manages to keep it simple, while also bringing plenty of game variations for players. Some of the features that stand out and make this game so in demand, are the graphics and sound effects. Clearly, much work has gone into making this Poker game as realistic as possible, and while they keep the ‘classic’ touch from the way-back days of casino, Realtime Gaming ensures that the game remains modern in technology; it’s really the perfect combination. Furthermore, and most importantly, this game contains a progressive jackpot if you make a Royal Flush (paying 10% of the accumulated amount), which could very well be the reasoning for why so many players love this table game (ya think?!). If you manage to hit Four of a Kind, a Full House or Flush, you will also be rewarded in a large sum, so your odds look pretty good with this top 5 table game pick!

4. Blackjack

Everyone likes to try ‘something new’, but on other occasions, we just like to stick with what we know - And that’s a perfect time for Realtime Gaming’s traditional Blackjack! There’s absolutely no frills with this one, just straight-on good gameplay, as you work to beat the dealer in reaching “21”. Blackjack is, literally, one of the oldest casino games out there, and there’s a reason why it has stuck around so long: It’s simple, challenging and rewarding. In RTG’s version, it’s everything you know and love about the game, no matter whether you’re a seasoned professional, or a total newbie. For those who just want to get their “feet wet”, you may just want to play for fun and avoid any strategy (from the beginning, at least), but if you’re more extreme in your skills, you may want to try to ‘split’ or ‘double’; after all, you want to make the most of those cards! In this basic Blackjack game, you’ll have four 52-card decks to play with, maintaining a general range of $1 to $250. If you’re new to the world of table games, this is definitely your go-to game!

5. Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker™

Last, but certainly not least of our top 5 table games, is Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker™ from Realtime Gaming - Another treat for the Poker Pros, or another challenge for the rookie Poker player! This game is all about beating the Dealer with your best 5-card hand, using only your own 2 cards, and the rest being chosen from the Community cards. The Dealer will try to beat your hand, which can only be made from one 52-card deck, no Wild cards. Based on your 2 cards, and the Dealer’s, you’ll decide whether to fold or bet - Then, let the results be revealed! Naturally, if you fold, you lose your Ante, but if you bet, your Ante will double. This Poker game is relatively simple to play, with the option to also play on the Flop (showing 3 cards), with the additional option of a side bet, if you’re feeling daring!

All of our top 5 table games have been selected based on the amount of player bets, so your choices have spoken! Clearly, the most popular amongst the many table games we have, are different variations of Blackjack and Poker, which doesn’t surprise us - They are the most common table games, after all! Was your favorite in the list? Take a look at our Games page in order to see more of what we have to offer, and instead of opting for a slot during your next gaming bonanza, go ahead and try something different!

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