Jackpot Capital Online Casino Presents a Rollicking Assessment of Online versus Land-based Casinos

We started this article with five things. Then the number kept growing! We are up to 12 things a gamer at Jackpot Capital Online Casino doesn’t have to do that a player at any land-based casino does have to do! Some of the 12 things wound up being included under other headings.

At times this list gets a bit antic. We hope that you stay with us because for every funny item there is a serious item as well!

Get Dressed

Yes, indeed.

At an online casino, you can play our 300 or so games in your skivvies until the cows come home! Not so at a land-based casino. Some women wear an evening gown to go down to the casino! Men might wear anything from a t-shirt and jeans to a formal suit. But dressed thou must be!

Now, as the times they are a-changin’ super fast, this item might change. But for now, dressed it is at a land-based casino.

By the way, a lot of gamers play in bed with Mr. or Ms. Significant Other. In those cases, getting undressed might be the appropriate “attire” for gaming!

Stay Sober

It is certainly possible to get a bit tipsy while gaming at an online casino. We ALWAYS advise gamers to wait until gaming is over to have a drink or two. The scenario goes like this:

  1. Set a reasonable time frame for online casino gaming.
  2. Play.
  3. Finish the session.
  4. Have a drink.

Under this scenario, you can get together with pals for that drink.

Land-based Casinos are Famous for Free Alcohol

It is a lot harder to stay sober at a land-based casino. The casino wants you to drink! Even a small amount of alcohol will inhibit your cognitive function even as people lose inhibitions in other areas.

When a player loses even a smidgen of cognitive function, they make gaming mistakes. In many cases, these gaming mistakes are actually gambling mistakes. Nothing changes gaming into gambling faster than a stiff drink brought to a player at no “cost”.

The Irony Behind Free Alcohol

A land-based casino wants players to play just tipsy enough to affect their betting and decisions in the house’s favor. But the casino wants players to stay away from full on drunkenness. First of all, a drunk will bother other players.

Given that the times they are a-changing’, some of the hassling is done by men towards other men. The classic form of harassing other players is men hassling women. Whether you are a man or a woman, you do not want to be hassled by an inebriated person at a land-based casino.

The safest way to avoid all problems attributed to alcohol at a casino is to wait until later to drink!

Waiting is Part of the Land-based Casino Experience

Now, if you go to a land-based casino in the middle of the week in the off season for that casino’s location, you might never have to wait. Okay, go to a land-based casino in North Dakota in January!

We’ll gladly give you our seat!

Players who go to a land-based casino when almost everyone else is going there, meaning on the weekend, and goes during the best season for travel, will often end up waiting to play the game they want to play!

A land-based casino will bring in perhaps ten terminals of a new slot. Whoop di do for my…..car!! That means that as many as 10 people can play that slot all at the same time. Who woulda think it?!

So, player number 11 has to wait!

The same applies to blackjack. A player might have to wait for a seat to open around the blackjack table. The same happens at roulette and at craps. And you have to be patient while waiting. Once, when we were all kids, if another kid was drinking too much at the water fountain we would say, “save some for the fish”! Lainie Kazan, in an iconic scene in Atlantic City in the great movie Beaches per a hot and steamy summertime day, pushed a little kid away from the water fountain because she had to "have a sip"!

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Respect the Other Players

Obviously, gamers at online casinos have to show respect to others as well. At the casino, however, it will usually just be you or you and your significant other. We assume that your significant other stays significant because of the way you treat her or him!

So, showing simple curtesy is good advice for any situation. However, at a land-based casino, there will be players who spend so much time on the casino floor that everyone around them gets a whiff. Some players are so anxious to get back to casino after a fitful night of sleep that they forget to brush!

It happens!

The fact is that a land-based casino is an entirely enclosed building with no windows. Casinos employ large janitorial staffs to keep the place presentable!

Players who are waiting for a terminal, have to be respectful of the player who is on his or her third hour at the terminal. One of the most common ways to show disrespect in a land-based casino, is when players blame the blackjack player who is playing correctly for all of their losses.

Interactions with the Dealers

In blackjack, you have to follow the guidelines for signaling hit or stand. Dealers will ask you to put your smartphone away. Land-based casinos do not like people recording or taking pictures. You have to obey the dealer when she says no more bets. Place your bets correctly.

And, in the end, the amount you tip will be remembered.


This is the only way to get to a land-based casino unless you live IN the casino or a short walk away. Travel involves a slew of unhappy moments strung together over a period of hours:

  1. Pack a suitcase.
  2. Make reservations online.
  3. Get to the airport.
  4. If you are driving to the casino, drive. It might take a few hours to get there.
  5. In the airport, go through the security check.
  6. Look for a place to sit down so you can put your shoes back on while your pants are about to fall around your ankles since you also took off your belt.
  7. Get to the gate.
  8. Wait. This part is like free play at an online casino; it’s good practice!
  9. Get in line to board.
  10. Board.
  11. Wait for the plane to begin to taxi to the runway.
  12. Pray that there will be no delays on the runway. There are occasionally delays that take even more hours to resolve.
  13. Smack yourself upside the head because you forgot to bring your player’s card!
  14. Finally, you get to the city where the casino is. Get a taxi. Register at the hotel. Are you frazzled yet?

Contrast this with:

  1. Make a cuppa.
  2. Walk to the living room.
  3. Sit down.
  4. Enjoy!

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