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How to Stay Safe at a Land Based Casino

We here at Jackpot Capital online casino are realistic about casino gaming.  As much as we have enjoyed welcoming the many gamers who flocked to our cyber doors during the lockdowns that affected land based casino gaming, we understand the desire of many gamers to go back to their favorite land based casinos as soon as they reopen.

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We would like everyone who is determined to spend some time at a land based casino in the near future to remember just how good your gaming was at Jackpot Capital casino.  From playing high paying jackpot slots to the many table games, video poker, and Banana Jones, we have the full slate of great gaming fun.

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And gaming at Jackpot Capital casino is perfectly safe!

This is the idea behind this article: we would like everyone to stay safe at the land based casinos they go to so we here offer some advice toward that highly desirable end.

Avoid Alcohol

This is the first and possibly the most important area of concern for land based casino gamers.  It involves both the alcohol you consume and the alcohol other gamers consume.

First, the casino will be only happy to bring you free alcohol.  They won’t even water down the drinks.  Land based casinos know that poor judgment from just one drink and increasingly as the number of free drinks a gamer consumes will return to the casino a lot more revenue than the cost of the drinks.

This covers your consumption of alcohol.  We like to imbibe as much as the next person but we restrict our alcohol drinking to after gaming!  In that way, you can enjoy the drinks without letting your impaired judgment cost you money.

Even if you don’t drink while you’re gaming, other people will.  Never get into a disagreement with someone who has obviously had too much to drink.  If you sit down at a blackjack table, or you take up a spot around the roulette or craps table and it becomes clear that one of the players is a bit drunk, leave the table and give the dealer a nice tip.

If an inebriated player tries to hit on you, walk over to a floor manager or a security person.  Don’t try to defuse the situation on your own.

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Leave All Your Money in the Safe

This assumes that you will stay in a room with a safe.  Never book a room at a hotel or motel without confirming that they have a safe in the room.  When you go to the casino, take only the amount of cash you have budgeted for gaming.  Leave your credit card and all other cash and any other valuables including your telephone and watch in the safe.

What’s Wrong with Taking the Phone?

If you plan on playing all night and you think someone might want to get in touch with you, then you should take your phone.  Otherwise, the phone draws attention to you.

You want to do everything you can to be anonymous on the casino floor and thereabouts.   Wear nondescript clothes.  Make sure your hair is kempt.  Shave before you go to the casino floor.  Even brush your teeth a bit longer than usual so you don’t attract anyone’s attention with your breath!

If you have expensive shoes, leave them at home!  Wear older clothes but not ratty ones.  On the casino floor, being invisible is a good thing.

The casino cannot control everyone who walks into the casino.  In these days of virus crisis, a lot of people have lost jobs or income.  Some might go to land based casinos to find an easy mark.  Don’t take anything to the casino floor that a pickpocket might take without your knowledge.

Sit at the End of the Blackjack Table

Once again, you need to be aware of the other people in the casino.  We assume that you will be playing blackjack with the best strategy.  That means that you will hit with 12 or more points quite often.  If you do so in “early” position, someone will be likely to blame you for causing them to lose hands.

If that happens, leave the table.  But it is always better to sit in the last seat so that you can avoid any argument about your play.

Take in Your Surroundings

A lot of slots players concentrate only on the game they are playing.  We suggest that you pay at least enough attention to what is happening on the casino floor to know if now is the time to leave the casino.

This takes a mere second or two and it keeps you safe!

Treat the Security Personnel Like they are the Police

In the casino, they are the police!  Never get into an argument with a security person.  Leave the casino if you have to but stay out of the way of security people unless you need them if someone is hitting on you or otherwise hassling you.  As much as you might need a security person sometime, keep in mind that their job is primarily to prevent people from stealing from the casino.

Be Extra Aware in the Parking Area

A lot of land based casino gamers drive to the casino.  Be sure to park in a well-lit area.  It would be best to leave the casino when there is still daylight.  Many robberies at land based casinos occur in the parking lots.

Be Aware of Other People in the Elevator

If you are staying in the hotel, you will need to use the elevator to get to your room.  Just be careful in and around the elevators.  It might be a good idea to let others waiting for the elevator to get on ahead of you.  There is nothing wrong with waiting for the next elevator.

If Something is Too Good to be True, it isn’t True

In keeping with what we said earlier, a casino cannot police everyone who walks into the casino.  Some people try to sell things to gamers.  These are mostly casino-related items such as player cards.  Never buy anything other than chips in a casino.

Don’t Show Off

At Jackpot Capital casino, when you win, you withdraw your money.  The money goes directly to your credit card, bank account, or eWallet.  We use the top encryption software to make sure that your money arrives safely.

At a land based casino, you collect winnings in cash.  The casino’s responsibility ends at the door.  So never show off how much you’ve won.  Don’t show off your bankroll even if you are a high roller.  In short, don’t show off!

Online Gaming Has So Much More to Offer

We think that most gamers who had previously played exclusively at land based casinos have had such a good gaming experience at Jackpot Capital that they will continue to do most of their casino gaming online.

We offer bonuses and other promotions and 300 games that you can play easily from the comfort of your extra-soft sofa.

Normally, we encourage readers of these articles to join Jackpot Capital.  We will end this article with the single best line from the great movie ET: STAY!

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