Jackpot Capital Explores Interesting Casino Strategies

Excellent Strategies for Online Casino Games

It turns out that there is a lot of written material about strategies for the many different games offered at either online jackpot casinos or at land-based casinos.  So, in this article, Jackpot Capital will try to look at the concept of gaming strategy from different points of view that perhaps have never been mentioned in all of the casino gaming literature.

Games of Chance and Games of Skill

All casino games can be divided into these two very basic categories.  Slots are the quintessential games of chance while video poker and blackjack are the most well-known casino games of skill.

Simply by categorizing slots as a game of chance and video poker as a game of skill does not mean that there is no skill in slots or no chance in video poker.  The best strategy for all of the casino games offered here at Jackpot Capital are combinations of chance and skill.

Skill in Slots and Other Games of Chance

The main skill gamers can use when they play games of chance is all about sound money management.  In other words, every spin in slots or roulette are independent events and rely entirely on chance.  But how you manage your gaming bankroll is entirely a matter of skill.

Here are a few examples.  Progressive jackpot slots require the gamer to make the maximum bet on the winning payline in order to qualify for the big progressive jackpot.  Making the maximum bet may be too expensive for gamers who have a relatively limited bankroll.  It takes some skill to be able to restrict oneself to, say, five spins at a progressive jackpot and then go on to another slot or other game altogether.

Incorporate Good Money Management

A second example involves the average size of an average bet in slots or in other games of chance.  Some slots have 25 or more fixed paylines.  It takes some skill to moderate one’s bets so that they can play as many slots as possible and still maintain the integrity of their bankroll.

Use our Technology to Enjoy Gaming More

A third example has to do almost entirely about online casino gaming here at Jackpot Capital or at any other reputable online casino.  You see, we offer Instant Play which gives gamers the chance to go from game to game playing on their internet server without having to download the entire casino.

We are calling this a skill, to make the effort to sample all of the more than 200 games we have on offer, most of which are slots.  This is a “skill” of online slots since most players at land-based casinos play one or two slots even over a long weekend!  Hoarding a terminal is common at land-based casinos and NEVER happens at Jackpot Capital since as many gamers as want to play a single slot can do so in cyberspace!

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Gamers at Jackpot Capital Do Not Have to Place a Bet on Every Game

A fourth example involves unlimited free play.  It does take willpower , which is a type of skill, to refrain from adding money to one’s budgeting gaming bankroll if the budget runs out before the time they have allotted for gaming runs out.  A player who wants to continue playing without risking more money can play in free play mode.

Volatility is Not Reserved for the Commodities Markets

The fifth example of “skill” in playing games of chance involves awareness of the volatility of different slots.  Volatility is a function of the number of wins and the average size of those wins.  A slot with high volatility will have fewer wins but each win will be for a relatively large sum of money and a slot with low volatility will have many more wins for substantially less money per win!

The skill side of this aspect of slots play is that the return to player rate might be the same for both types of slots!  In the slots of high volatility, all of the winnings will be divided among fewer gamers while in the slots with low volatility many more players will share in the winnings.

Always be a Gamer, Not a Gambler

Recognizing and avoiding the Gambler’s Fallacy is a skill that gamers can use when playing either games of chance or games of skill.  The Random Number Generator, which determines every outcome of every spin or hand at all online casinos and at all terminals at land-based casinos, has no memory at all!  The Gambler’s Fallacy states that we can predict an outcome based on what has transpired in the past.

This is a very big mistake that many gamers still make!

How about Chance in the Games of Skill?

It is a given fact that if a gamer plays video poker or blackjack based on their hunches rather than on the statistically proven best action on each hand, they will lose money almost every time.  In other words, it is a given that to win at either blackjack or video poker, a gamer needs to use the best strategy on every hand.

The best strategy has been known for quite some time as computers went through millions of hands and determined the best strategy for every hand.  With the best strategy, the return to player rates in both blackjack and video poker are about 99.5%.  This means that even in sessions where the gamer loses money, they will use very little if they employ a top strategy on every hand.

The reason that players do lose a bit more often than they win at these games is because there is some luck involved!  If strategy calls for the gamer to hit with 12 points in blackjack, it doesn’t mean that he or she will not get a 10-point card!  Sometimes they will!  But statistically, they have a much better chance to win by following the best strategy than to guess what the outcome of the hand will be!

How to Avoid Tilt

Avoiding tilt is also a skill that many gamers have to learn to avoid!  It is a lot easier to avoid tilt while playing at an online casino: you close the casino and go do something else!  At land-based casinos, it is a lot harder to avoid tilt since players are there to play and closing up is never considered a good option at land-based casinos.

The bottom line is to play exclusively at an online casino such as Jackpot Capital!  There are simply too many advantages of playing at an online casino over playing at a land-based casino for there to be any real doubt as to which venue is better suited to give gamers more entertainment.

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