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How to Get Answers to All of Your Gaming Questions

At our customer service office, which never closes not for holidays or bad weather, we get a lot of interesting questions.  We even have a Frequently Asked Questions section on our site.  However, there are also many questions that gamers should be asking but, for some reason don’t.

So, as a public service, we will ask and answer some questions gamers should ask but don’t.

How Do Progressive Jackpots Work?

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that grows quickly and on every bet.  These jackpots keep growing until a lucky gamer wins it.  There are two kinds of progressive jackpots.  The big ones—the ones worth a million dollars or more—are operated by the game provider, in our case the stalwart folks at Real Time Gaming.  The reason the game providers can afford to run such large progressive jackpots is that they have a lot more reach than even Jackpot Capital online casino.

As many gamers as we have gaming regularly here at Jackpot Capital casino, we are only one casino. RTG, as Real Time Gaming is universally known, has its slots and other games embedded in a very large number of casinos both online and on land.  By shaving a couple of pennies from every bet, RTG can run up a progressive jackpot into the seven figure range.

The second kind of progressive jackpot is run by each individual casino.  thus these jackpots—while they are progressive and grow from eachnet—ae almost never in the seven figure range.  Still, it is always great to win a big jackpot.  Here at Jackpot Capital, we run progressive jackpots in the Caribbean Poker games as well as carrying a few bigger progressive jackpots sponsored by RTG.

What is the Maximum Number of Gamers Jackpot Capital Can Handle at Any Given Time?

This question is inspired by the large number of erstwhile land based casino gamers who came to Jackpot Capital after the corona virus caused all land based casinos to close temporarily.

Gamers who played only at land based casinos were aware that a casino that has walls can get crowded.  That means that these casinos have capacity limits.  We are just now learning about the size of cyberspace so, for the time being, we think that there is no true limit to the number of gamers we can accommodate here at Jackpot Capital at any given moment.

At Jackpot Capital, there is NO waiting, No giving up your “seat” to play another game, and NO obnoxious people bumping into you all the time.

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Isn’t There Also a Lot of Luck Involved in the Games of Skill?

There is most definitely a lot of luck in the games of skill.  In any game where there is an unknown factor, there is some luck.  Games like chess, checkers, GO, and the like are almost entirely devoid of luck since everything is open for both players to see.

In casino games of skill, such as blackjack and video poker, the luck side revolves around the cards you cannot see yet.  However, computers have studied and analyzed literally millions of hands in both blackjack and video poker and we know quite well what the best play is in any situation.

When gamers play these games using the best strategy on every hand, even when the best strategy seems counter-intuitive, the house edge is quite a bit less than 1%.  It takes only a tiny bit of luck to end a gaming session in these games of skill in the black!

What Does the Return to Player Rate Mean?

This infrequently asked question was inspired by the previous answer.  The return to player rate and the house edge are opposite sides of the same coin.  So, in video poker, for example, the house edge might be 0.50%.  This means that the return to player rate, when the player uses the best strategy as determined by millions of hands analyzed by powerful computers, is 99.50%!

The return to player rate may be a bit misleading in games with a jackpot.  Many slots have a jackpot for a unique combination.  Someone wins this jackpot; the jackpot is won somewhere in the world almost every day!  The return to player rate may be 97% as is common in slots but the number of winners will be skewed by the one person who won the jackpot.

So, we tell all our gamers that if you are protecting a modest bankroll and you want to play slots, you should play slots with low or medium variance.

Is it Possible to Play for Free?

At Jackpot Capital, not only is it possible to play for free, it is possible to play for free as long as you like and, in some circumstances, we encourage gamers to play for free!  No land based casino may make such a claim!

We allow unlimited free play for reasons inspired by the previous answer.  Some players like to play slots with high variance.  Some people just like to play slots to relax and don’t want to “have to” place a bet on every spin.  We have enough space on our casino that we can easily accommodate players who choose to play for free.

We also encourage free play for the following reason.  Since we have so many games on offer, and gamers can easily move from game to game, we encourage our gamers to play every one of the games we carry.  We also realize that some games have unique rules.  So, instead of compelling gamers to bet on a game they want to play but are unfamiliar with, we encourage free play to get to know the game!

Is it Possible to Time the Random Number Generator?

No!  The RNG is totally random.  In fact, it is constantly “moving”.  The RNG is software that converts digital impulses into cards if the game is a card game, symbols if the game is a slot, or a pudgy little super-hero if the game is Banana Jones.  It is not possible to “time” the RNG since it moves way too fast to be timed!

The RNG is the single most important software we use during game play.  It gives gamers the confidence that every game outcome was random, fair, aboveboard, and honest.

What Actually Does Encryption Software Mean?

The encryption software may very well be the single most important piece of software we use even surpassing the RNG in importance!  Encryption software protects your money at the casino by scrambling signals to such a degree that hackers cannot get at the information.

So much commerce is done online these days and every business that operates online uses powerful encryption to protect your personal assets and information.  Imagine banking online without encryption!  For the same reason, we are well aware that the very existence if online casinos depends on the sophistication of our encryption software.

Thus, we use the most powerful encryption available!

Why is it Such a Big Deal that RTG Brings out a New Slot Every Month?

There are two simple reasons.  First, we have unlimited space at Jackpot Capital so we don’t have to take out any games to make room for new games.  This happens at land based casinos.  A new slot may have several terminals.  If a land based casino wants to bring in several terminals for a new game, it has to remove several other terminals!

We don’t!

The second reason why it is such a big deal that RTG brings out a new slot every month is because gamers look forward to the new game!

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