Jackpot Capital Has 300 Downloadable Casino Games

This has become a question a lot of new online casino gamers are asking.  Here at Jackpot Capital, we offer both download and Instant Play options.  Instant Play allows gamers to play directly on their internet server.

A Full Casino Download May Use Too Much Hard Drive Space

Even though modern desktop computers are a lot more powerful than computers were a mere generation ago, most people use a great deal of that space for things other than casino games!

It was really for that reason that computer tech was developed to allow such advances as Instant Play.

If you have a really strong computer with a lot of space, you may choose to download Jackpot Capital to your hard drive.  Keep in mind that a download is not necessary.

How Good is the Electricity in Your Community?

Electricity is one of the great luxuries of the twentieth and now the twenty-first centuries.  An amazing fact about electricity, as reported by Robert Caro in his biography of Lyndon Johnson, is that Lyndon Johnson, the President of the United States in the 1960’s, was a grown man when electricity was brought to the central Texas area where he lived!

This was in the 1930’s!

So, electricity is not a given!  There are power outages driven by bad weather and also by excess demand especially for air conditioning in the hot days of summer.  If there is an electrical power outage, you won’t be able to paly either on Instant Play or on the download!

How Good is the Internet in Your Area?

While 5G is coming to many large urban areas, there are still many places where even 1G internet is an on again off again matter.

This would indicate a preference for downloading casino games in areas with sporadic at best internet service.

How Many Games from Jackpot Capital Can Gamers Download?

All of them!

Gamers can download casino games for real money at any time.  Even if you started out playing on Instant Play, if you feel it would be better to download the casino, you can!

Mobile is Today’s Real Download!

While we have been talking about the quaint and somewhat old fashioned casino download to a hard drive, the real download in the third decade of the 21st century is to a mobile device!

This certainly comes as an odd bit of news to gamers who remember when mobile gaming had just stared and it was like trying to play casino games with King Kong!  Mobile devices circa then were giant and clunky monstrosities!

Well, the times they are a-changin’!  Today’s mobile devices are sleek, powerful, and can hold hundreds of apps.  A download of a mobile casino platform such as Jackpot Capital’s is simply another app!

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Most Online Casino Gaming (and some casino gaming at land-based casinos) is Mobile!

We are sure you are wondering what that reference to land-based casinos is all about!  We will get to that a bit later.

These days, as much as 80% of all online casino gaming is done on mobile!  We think you would like to know why!


The simple reasons are comfort and convenience!  Technology for mobile gaming certainly is part of this equation.

With your mobile device, you can play at comfort on your sofa or in bed.  As such, mobile gaming has a romantic element that lovers can share.  We really have to focus on comfort a bit longer.

People Seek Comfort in Many Areas of Life

When we look to buy a car, we sit in it.  Is we feel that it is not as comfortable as we want, we won’t buy it even if all of the comments say that it is the best in its price range.

The same is true when we buy a mattress, furniture, or even something as “minor” as a pen!  If the pen doesn’t sit right in your hand, you won’t buy it.  People love to take hotel pens with them but if the pen is not “right” most people leave it in the drawer!

How many people will spend an extra couple of hundred dollars to fly overseas because the cheaper airline has uncomfortable seats?  How many people refuse to go to a popular restaurant because it is so crowded as to be uncomfortable?

Mobile Casinos Travel with You

Where once it was necessary to travel to a land-based casino to play casino games, today, with mobile downloadable games, gamers can take the casino with them!

This is far from a trivial point.  Gamers, even in a great vacation, often want to spins a few slots or play a little video poker or blackjack late in the evening.  If you are travelling with your significant other, you might find gaming on your mobile device to be a very romantic way to set the tone for the rest of the night!

Can Land-based Casinos Compete with Mobile Casinos?

They certainly can try!

One of the oddest developments in casino gaming is that some land-based casinos now have an in-house mobile gaming platform so their customers can continue to play even after they have retired exhausted to their hotel room!

Players at land-based casinos do go back to their rooms exhausted since these casinos have no window or clocks!  Players easily lose track of time and suddenly it is 3:00 in the morning!  But rest assured, there is mobile gaming available in their room!

“Hey!  Let’s go to XYZ Casino for the weekend.  They have mobile gaming!”

Is it Better to Download the Casino or Play on Mobile?

This question is impossible to answer.  It depends on the amount of space on your hard drive.  It depends on whether or not the smaller screen on a mobile device, even a modern tablet, might be less comfortable for you than for an average gamer.

It also depends on how you would like to play: on the computer, on the sofa, on the road, or in bed!

Given how mobile gaming technology has fueled a veritable revolution in online gaming, we might say that downloading to a hard drive is passe and downloading the mobile app to one’s mobile device is de rigueur!

Downloading our mobile app is possible only after you sign up to play so….JOIN JACKPOT CAPITAL ONLINE CASINO NOW!

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