Jackpot Capital offers tips to video poker gamers

How to Maximize Poker Fun by Playing Video Poker

We think that it’s time to return to video poker.  Not that we ever left this awesome game but we talk about a lot of things that are connected to gaming, online gaming, and even gaming at land based casinos which you are not surprised to hear we feel is inferior in many ways to online casino gaming.

Before we take another look at video poker, we would like to talk about the Jackpot Capital welcome bonus as a segue into one reason we feel that online gaming at Jackpot Capital casino is better in important ways than land based casino gaming.

Jackpot Capital online casino offers a sizable bonus to new players.  For every deposit bonus an online casino gives, it has to also require a minimal amount of betting before the gamer may withdraw winnings.  This is called the wagering requirement or the play through requirement.

What is the Reason behind the Wagering Requirement?

The reason we ask for this requirement is because without it gamers would have irresistible encouragement to simply cash out and abscond with the bonus.  All this is considered quite fair by online casino gamers since they understand the urge to take the bonus and run.

What is Different at a Land Based Casino?

Land based casinos have a hard time making such large offers since most gamblers at a land based casino would not be able to complete the wagering requirement in the few hours to a few days they will be at the casino.

If a land based casino player does not complete the wagering requirement for a bonus, he or she would have to leave their money in their casino account!  They would not be able to use that money until they came back to that casino which might be….never!

Land based casino players would then have to keep their player’s card—where their money is stored— and remember to bring it with them the next time they come to play at that land based casino.  They would have to remember where they put it months before when they returned home after that long weekend at the casino.

Online gamers have no such memory problem since all of their data at Jackpot Capital or any other reputable online casino is stored digitally.  We wonder how much money might have been stored on players’’ cards when the corona virus waylaid all of the world’s land based casinos!

How Long Does the Casino Give an Online Gamer to Complete the Wagering Requirement?

In a nutshell, as long as they need!

Online gamers can complete the wagering requirement at their leisure since they can always return to the online casino!  We also offer great gaming at our mobile gaming platform so our gamers can work toward fulfilling the wagering requirement in a spin by spin manner.

Land based casino gamblers would not like to feel compelled to make 30,000 to 60,000 dollars in bets in a few hours or in a long weekend!

This amount of gaming can be done in as long as the player needs when he or she plays at an online casino!

Well, enough said about bonuses and wagering requirements as one of the many reasons online casinos have some superiority over land based casinos!  Let’s see what we might say about video poker!

Why is Video Poker so Popular?

Poker is the quintessential card game.  It was brought to North America from France through the port of New Orleans just about 200 years ago, travelled up the fabled Mississippi River, went westward with all the young men, and took over the United States and then the rest of the world!

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Poker is a great game!

The only problem with poker is that someone bluffs on almost every hand.  Any Texas Hold’em player who calls the big blind with 8-2 unsuited before the flop is bluffing!

Video poker gives players who love poker the chance to play five card draw without having to worry about bluffs!

There are some rules changes in video poker over the rules that apply to five card draw friends might play in their bi-monthly weekend games.  These rules changes make the return to player rate for video poker just a sliver under 100% and for Deuces Wild video poker, the return to player rate can even be a sliver above 100%!

Is it any wonder that video poker is becoming more and more popular by leaps and bounds?

Here, then, are a few tips to help you win more and have more fun playing video poker.

Play Using the Best Pay Table

The best pay table pays 9 coins for a flush and 6 coins for a straight if the player has bet the minimum.  This is called the 9-6 pay table.  Some casinos—often land based casinos but also a few online casinos—have changed the basic pay table from 9-6 to 8-5.  This is very bad for players so be sure that you find a 9-6 video poker game!

Always Play According to the Best Strategy

Computers—you’ve heard about these computing marvels, right?—have analyzed millions of hands in video poker and you can print the best strategy for every variation of the game you might want to play.

Some strategy moves do seem odd.  The real statistical result of all the analyses might be a small fraction better than the play an average player might want to make but small fractional differences go into the ultimate return to player rate so follow the statistics and play accordingly.

Practice before Making a Bet

We at Jackpot Capital can offer unlimited free play so we encourage all our gamers to use that gaming mode whenever they are trying out a new game.  Unlimited free play is another reason we feel that it is reasonable to say that online casino gaming has many advantages over land based casino gaming.

Bet the Maximum (if you can)

This tip does require some explanation.

When you bet the maximum, you qualify for the big extra payout for a Royal Flush.  The best strategy in a video poker game when you have bet the maximum is different than the strategy if you have bet less than the maximum.

In most video poker games, the maximum would be five coins or usually five dollars.  While a single five dollar bet on a video poker hand is well within the means of most gamers, it might not be within the means of some gamers.

Now we have to add the extra bet for multi-hand video poker.  We offer up to 52 hands.  That does get into very large bets when the gamer is betting the maximum!  So, we have to make sure that everyone understands the tip to the maximum degree:

  1. Always bet the maximum if you can afford to do so.
  2. Always play multi-hand video poker if you can afford to do so.
  3. If you can afford to bet the maximum but not in multi-hand video poker, play maximum coins in single-hand games.

Be Brave: Break up a Winning Pair if it Means Going for a Much Better Hand

This tip applies mainly when you have a winning pair but also four cards to a flush, a straight, or a straight flush which might also be a Royal Flush.  The reason breaking up the winning pair is good strategy is because you might get another winning pair and if you get lucky and score that much better hand, the payout will be much better than the 1-1 payout for a high pair!

Video Poker is One of Hundreds of Great Games at Jackpot Capital

Gamers who have come to Jackpot Capital have found us to offer a wonderful gaming environment.  We offer bonuses and free spins every day!  Gamers enjoy games in many categories, paly at their leisure for entertainment and fun, and find online gaming to be infinitely flexible!

If you are not yet a member of the Jackpot Capital team, we urge you to join now.  Just as in video poker, there are no bluffs at Jackpot Capital online casino!

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