Jackpot Capital Offers Progressive Jackpots in Slots and other Games

Is There a Secret to Winning a Progressive Jackpot?

Actually, the only secret involved in winning a progressive jackpot is luck! We at Jackpot Capital casino would like to talk about progressive and non-progressive jackpots since they are among the most popular pursuits at all casinos be it a land based casino or an online casino.

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

These jackpots grow bigger and bigger until a lucky gamer wins it and then the jackpot resets at a pre-determined level. Some progressive jackpots are funded by the game provider, which in the case of Jackpot Capital casino is Real Time Gaming.

Why Do the Game Providers Fund Progressive Jackpots?

Real Time Gamming provides slots and many other casino games to a very large group of casinos. As wide as Jackpot Capital’s reach is worldwide, the reach of a top game provider such as RTG is much wider! They can easily shave off a few pennies from every bet made all over the world and that’s how they fund the progressive jackpots!

Which Progressive Jackpots are Funded by the Casino?

Some jackpots grow until they are won but they grow slower and start at a lower dollar level so they are much easier for the casino itself to fund them. There are a few progressive jackpots in table games such as blackjack and the three Caribbean Poker games share a progressive jackpot.

When the jackpot pays generally in five figures, it is probably funded by the casino which also shaves off a few pennies on each bet and grows the jackpot accordingly.

How Often Do Progressive Jackpots Hit?

This is a difficult question to answer since jackpots rarely follow the statistical averages before hitting. Some of the bigger progressive jackpots, the ones funded by the game provider, take longer than expected to hit and then they are worth several million dollars. Some hit relatively quickly and these are worth low seven figures or high six figures.

Statistically speaking, the same occurs with the progressive jackpots funded in-house.

Why is the Win Rate in Progressive Jackpots so Varied?

All progressive jackpots are run by games controlled by the random number generator. The RNG is software that is constantly running and is programmed to “stop” at a specified interval after a garner presses “spin” or “deal” or any other command.

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The RNG does not know anything about statistics. All it does is stop at a specified interval of time to create an outcome in a game. So, a progressive jackpot might be won twice in one week or once in a very long stretch of time!

Is Playing for a Progressive Jackpot a Good Bet?

This depends on your bankroll and how long you play. One of the rules about progressive jackpots is that in order to qualify to win it, the garner has to bet the maximum on the winning payline. Most progressive jackpots follow the pre-established paylines which means that even if five of the winning symbols appear on the screen, if they are not on a payline, they won’t trigger the progressive jackpot.

Some statisticians have tried to calculate the odds of winning a progressive jackpot but their findings are wildly different one from another. So, let’s just say that a progressive jackpot has a very small chance of hitting on any spin.

This indicates that a gamer should play for a progressive jackpot only if they can easily afford to do so. This gets back to a mantra here at Jackpot Capital that online casino gaming should not be about getting rich quick; it should be about relaxing, winding down after a long day at work, or simply as a fun activity.

How Can an Average Gamer Play for a Progressive Jackpot?

This question refers to players with a limited gaming budget and who are determined always to play responsibly. One of the many benefits of mobile casino gaming—and there are many benefits—is that mobile gaming is so flexible that gamers can play a few spins on a progressive jackpot slot while waiting in line somewhere! Playing just a few spins is usually within the means of the average gamer.

There are also some progressive jackpots that require a smaller amount of upfront investment. The jackpots in the Caribbean Poker games are shared by all three of those games. You qualify for the progressive jackpot by making a aide bet. One of the benefits of these bets is that you can win a portion of the big jackpot by getting lesser hands. So, you can win a portion of the jackpot with a flush or higher hands.

Random Jackpots

There are many modern slots that feature a random jackpot. We carry a large number of these games. The random jackpot is relatively new feature in slots. One of the features of slots in general is that they are very popular across all demographic and gender groups.

As a result, there is a great deal of competition among the many top level game providers to innovate in slots. The random jackpot is the result of this competition. Of course, all of the good game providers adopted the idea of a random jackpot as soon as the first slot with this feature hit the screens!

Learn the Rules

Every slot with a random jackpot has its own set of rules as to how to win it. Random jackpots are lower than progressive jackpots. In fact, they are much lower! One reason is that the random number generator for those slots is calibrated to create a random jackpot win a lot more often than a progressive jackpot is calibrated to win.

It’s simple to see that if a jackpot is won more often it will, of necessity, be for smaller dollar amounts. This is a good thing! Random jackpots make these slots a lot more accessible to gamers with limited budgets.

The Evolution in Slots

Of course, slots are constantly evolving. The great popularity of slots is all about innovation and entertainment! Try out our last 20 New Slots and you’ll see just how innovative Real Time Gaming is in slots! RTG is innovative in all games as well! Blackjack and video poker are quite “linear” in their play so RTG has improved the graphics and animation in these games to make them more amenable to modern gamers.

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