The Games at Jackpot Capital Show the Popularity of Online Casino Gaming

This is a common question we hear from gamers and that we see on social media. Yes, Jackpot Capital follows social media almost as closely as you do! We like to know what gamers want to play when they are not spinning slots for a casino jackpot. The answer to this simple question might surprise you.

Slots Head the List of Popular Games

This is the same at online casinos such as Jackpot Capital and land-based casinos. There is a major twist to this dry fact that shows how much better online casino gaming is over land-based casino play.

Jackpot Capital offers about 200 slots with a huge range of themes and storylines. A land-based casino may even offer more slots but the average player at a land-based casino will play perhaps three slots over the course of a long weekend at the casino. The reason is simply that to go to a different game, a land-based casino player has to give up her or his seat.

There is none of that at Jackpot Capital. Not only do we offer some 200 slots, we make it easy to go from one slot to another and back again. No one ever has to give up a seat at Jackpot Capital. In fact, we don’t even have any seats!

How Many Terminals Will a Land-based Casino Have of a Popular Slot?

There may be 10. There may be more. If there are 10, that means that 10 players can play that very popular slot at the same time. In contrast, thousands of gamers here at Jackpot Capital and all over the part of cybersphere occupied by online casinos can play any slot at the same time!

Hmmm! Ten or thousands. This seems to be a big advantage to online casinos!

Wouldn’t You Know it: There’s More!

When a land-based casino brings in 10 terminals of a new slot, it has to take out 10 other terminals. Land-based casinos have to use every inch of space unlike online casinos which appear to occupy unlimited space. Thus, online casinos can keep the classic slots that relatively few gamers play but that those who do play them love them!

The Most Popular Games Online are Not the Most Popular Games on Land

Here we will show how a seeming disadvantage of online casinos is turned into great advantages for online casino gamers!

We are talking now about “after slots” games that online and on land gamers differ on.

At land-based casinos, craps and roulette are super popular while most online casinos recognize that the online manifestation of these games cannot compete with the land-based versions. The reason is simply noise! Players at the roulette or craps tables whoop and holler on every spin of the wheel or every throw of the dice.

Knowing this, online casinos have to do things that land-based casinos cannot or do not do.

Online Casinos Offer European Roulette

A roulette table takes up a lot of space on the casino floor. Land-based casinos can barely afford to have one roulette table even as popular as the game is. So many if not most land-based casinos, especially in the United States, offer only American Roulette with both 0 and 00. The house edge in American Roulette is about 5.5%.

Online casinos can offer both American and European Roulette. Putting aside why any gamer would play American Roulette, we have to acknowledge that the house edge in European Roulette is half that in American Roulette.

This is another big advantage to online casino gamers.

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Roulette and Craps Have Many Bets

Both of these games have a very wide range of bets. This is in contrast to every other game at any casino. In slots, you bet and spin. In blackjack, you bet, get cards, and then decide how to proceed. In video poker, you get cards and then decide how to proceed. The rules for baccarat, bingo, keno, Fish Catch and Banana Jones are all easy to learn in one minute’s time.

Not so in craps and roulette.

So, Jackpot Capital and all reputable online casinos offer free play for gamers to learn the nuances of these games at no risk. Land-based casinos are all about players accepting all of the risk.

How Does Jackpot Capital Make up for the Lesser Popularity of Craps and Roulette?

We offer many variations of blackjack and video poker. We also offer Fish Catch and Banana Jones which we will get to soon.

First, what does it mean to offer many variations of blackjack? Just as a roulette table does, a blackjack table takes up a lot of space. A land-based casino cannot afford to have empty blackjack tables taking up a lot of space. Also, given that the return to player rate in blackjack, when the player plays correctly, is about 99.5%, all land-based casinos would much rather have another bank of slots rather than another blackjack table.

But we have no space restrictions so we can offer many different ways to paly blackjack. We also pay 3-2 for a blackjack whereas many land-based casinos now pay 6-5.

Jackpot Capital Offers Caribbean Poker and Pai Gow Poker

These games are great fun for poker lovers. There are three Caribbean Poker variations. The trick is to continue on many hands that might not seem so good but the dealer cannot win unless she qualifies with a minimum hand.

In Caribbean Poker, you can win your ante bet even if your hand is weaker than the dealer’s hand if he didn’t qualify.

Pai Gow Poker is a game with seven cards. You have to make a five-card hand and a two-card hand. The bigger hand has to be better than the smaller hand. Strategy often involves breaking up a powerful five-card hand to make a lesser five-card hand and a powerful two-card hand.

These games are probably offered on a terminal at many land-based casinos. There might be a Pai Gow Poker table at larger land-based casinos. But the casino has to decide whether it is worthwhile having a table that will likely be empty or nearly empty most of the time instead of having some more of those slot machines.

Also, if a casino has one terminal for Pai Gow Poker, only one person can play at any given moment while here at Jackpot Capital, we can accommodate thousands or even millions.

What are Fish Catch and Banana Jones?

These games, to a certain extent, are what online casinos are all about. Even if a land-based casino had a terminal of each of these great games, they would be tucked away in a corner and few players would see them.

Gamers at Jackpot Capital see them in the course of sampling all of our games.

Fish Catch is a fishing game that you can play with people from around the globe.

Banana Jones is a spoof of Indiana Jones and a retro reworking of the great 1950’s game Chutes and Ladders. Playing Banana Jones is worth it just to hear Banana go whoo hoo, whoo hoo whenever you win!

Jackpot Capital surely brings casino gaming to life!


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