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How to Act Your Best at a Land Based Casino

Jackpot Capital online casino has enjoyed several months of ever-increasing players and gaming during the closures caused by the corona virus.  We feel that many of the gamers, who discovered online gaming for the first time during the lockdowns, will stay at Jackpot Capital casino in the long run.

For one thing, everyone enjoyed their share of the Jackpot Capital welcome bonus.  New gamers have learned about the fantastic convenience of online gaming, mobile gaming, and the long line of promotions we run.

Still, we are realistic folks here at Jackpot Capital and we know that many gamers will go back for at least for some of their casino gaming to newly opened land based casinos.  We feel that the general quiet that accompanies online gaming may produce an equal and opposite reaction among gamers who can finally return to the land based casino of their choice.

In other words, we feel that an article on casino etiquette may be in order!

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Do You Mean We Have to be Quiet at Land Based Casinos?

Certainly not!  The roaring 21st century will quickly return to the roulette and craps tables.  Players will exhort the casino gods to shine brightly on the next spin of the wheel or the next throw of the dice.

There will be much raucousness at these tables as soon as the casinos reopen and players are allowed to stand around the table.  Even if the whooping and hollering is muffled by the de rigueur masks, casinos across the nation and across the world will be filled with cries of joy emanating from the roulette and craps tables!

But there is a lot more at land based casinos than roulette and craps!  And for the many gamers who play other games, we offer this article on casino etiquette.

Show Respect

There are two primary category of casino people that you have to show respect to: casino workers and fellow gamers.

Casino workers have a very difficult job.  They have to watch out for players trying to cheat, for dealers trying to cheat and steal, and for gamers who have had too much to drink and are acting out or are just acting out “on their own” and are harassing other players.

Casino workers have to be on the lookout for the man who makes a nuisance of himself to women.  And the casino workers are supposed to jump in when the first woman is harassed; they are not expected to wait until a player harasses a second woman.

Dealers and Croupiers

These people have possibly the most boring jobs in the world.  It looks glamorous but, while a gamer will spend two, three, or four days at the casino, the dealers go to work dealing blackjack every day.

It is considered honorable and culturally expected to leave a tip for the dealer.  Aside from the tip, we owe it to these unsung heroes of the casino for making the games flow smoothly.  But they are also only human and once in a while a dealer or croupier will make a mistake.  When that happens, we should be forgiving.

Fellow Players

Never hassle a slots player to give up his or her game.  There are no rules that say that a slots player or a video poker player has to give way to the person waiting.

If you take a few free drinks while you are playing, be sure to maintain self-control.  You will be escorted out of the casino if you show that the alcohol is seriously affecting your behavior in a negative way.  If you know yourself well enough to know when to leave the casino because you have had too many drinks, then it is up to you to leave the casino.

If you don’t leave of your own volition, you will surely be forced to leave and if you resist and become abusive, you could be arrested.

Let Blackjack Players Play Blackjack

One of the most common places where fellow players are showed disrespect is at the blackjack table.  Please, do not be one of those players who ends up yelling at a fellow player for making such stupid plays and “costing” them a hand.

Most blackjack players don’t play with the top strategy.  As a result, they often stand when they should hit, double down when they should just play the hand, and make many other mistakes.  One of the most common mistakes is always standing with a busting hand.

If you are playing blackjack at a land based casino and you hit with 12 points when that is the correct play, another player may blame you for everyone else’s losses on the hand.  You can either take it or leave the table but never argue back.  A scene is almost certain to ensue.

Tilting, Tilting, the Casino Doesn’t Need No Tilting

A corollary to the advice to respect fellow players and casino workers is that if you feel yourself gong on tilt, leave the casino.  Go get some ice cream or some other comfort food.  Take a walk and get some fresh air.

Tilt is the bane of both players and casinos.  A casino that has a big, burly man going on tilt will have to restrain him as soon as possible, sooner if possible!  A big, burly man on tilt is a danger to every other person in his immediate vicinity.

Never try to help the casino staff when they are dealing with a tilting customer or someone who needs to leave the casino for any other reason such as too much alcohol.  The casino doesn’t want you to get hurt.  You don’t want to get hurt.  So, in the event that the casino staff is dealing with a problem customer, GET OUT OF THE WAY!

Cocktail Waitresses

These women deserve a section of their own because they get harassed more often than a nice looking player does.  Do not call the waitress “honey”.  Do not try to flirt with her; she is working and cannot be seen by the pit staff as flirting with gamblers.

Absolutely do not touch her.  Do not tell her that she’s beautiful even if she is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen! 

And in the End

The love you take is equal to the love you make. 

That was true long before the Beatles put the words to music.  Behave well at the casino and you will have a good enough time.  Of course, we think that online casino gaming is superior to land based casino gaming in most cases and for most people.

But we recognize that land based casinos have a certain attraction to them.  Our fervent hope is that you will have a good time at the land based casino and that will make you appreciate Jackpot Capital online casino all the more!

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