Sure, you love to play your favorite online casino games, that’s why you’re here, right?! Of course! While this much is obvious, have you ever considered what your player personality is? Probably not, so here at Jackpot Capital, we have narrowed down the 3 most common gaming personalities, where you can then define your playing style, with the goal of making your winning potential even better (by playing the games which suit you most!)

player type

The Happy-Go-Lucky Player

Not necessarily in it for strictly the winning potentials, this player type is someone who genuinely just loves to play games online, and if they can make some wins along the way, that’s even better! This type is most likely to opt for the fun, care-free slot names, also likely avoiding the table games all together, as this may be a bit too serious for them. Does this sound like you?

The Happy-Go-Lucky Player would most definitely suit slot titles like Crystal Waters, where the atmosphere is calm, relaxing, while maintaining a definite thrill factor, or perhaps the Lucha Libre slot, which brings a very easy going atmosphere that is most importantly, fun! If you fall under this player type, may we recommend you to grab a bonus from us and get ready for gameplay!

The Ultra-Strategic Player

Always thinking ahead of the game, like a seasoned chess player, the Ultra-Strategic Player is someone who is definitely not in it just for fun - they want to win! They very likely may be a person who actually makes a living playing at online casinos, so naturally, every game they play is work, and requires careful planning in all of their gameplay; Sound familiar?

If our description rings a bell, then you are most certainly the Ultra-Strategic Player - which is pretty impressive! You basically play like it’s your job, and that take a whole lot of focus and commitment… not to mention, luck and a careful eye! You would be most suitable playing strategic games like European Blackjack or Baccarat, or perhaps some Video Poker, channeling all of your focus on big wins!

games to play

The High Roller Player

We all know one of these people (or, perhaps, you are one!). They know the games they play, and they often find themselves a winner, going for all the best progressive jackpot slots (and, of course, always going for the Max bet!). If this sounds like you, you are definitely the High Roller Player, making wins any mother would be proud of, and looking good while doing it!

For this player type, the best selection of games is an easy one, as if you’re a High Roller, you don’t like to waste time and go directly for the big wins - and those lie in the progressives! Test your winning chances on the both challenging and thrilling Spirit of the Inca or Megasaur, where the progressive jackpots are just waiting to be triggered!

Whichever playing style and personality you fit, the most important part, is that you have a great time playing and are both safe and responsible. Here at Jackpot Capital, we only promote quality gameplay, and to compliment that, we have an array of plentiful bonuses waiting for you - true satisfaction, no matter what your playing style! Take advantage now and get in the game!

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