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How to Look Back at 2020 and Forward to 2021 and Beyond

This past year has certainly been one for the record books.  Records were set for most packages of toilet paper bought in a panic mode!  Records were set for most people enduring lockdowns that lasted weeks.  Records were also set for the number of people availing themselves of the Jackpot Capital casino signup bonus.

A lot of gamers came to Jackpot Capital casino when their favorite land based casinos closed their doors temporarily, or in some cases, as we learned later, permanently.  Gamers set records for realizing at long last that online casino gaming at Jackpot Capital online casino and others has many advantages over land based casino gaming.

Here are just a few of the many advantages online casinos have over land based casinos.  We will then take a more serious look at the things we learned in 2020 that for many people came as a surprise, a shock, or as a revelation.

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But first that list of advantages online gaming enjoys:

  1. Much lower travel costs.  Online casinos cost exactly $0 to get to while getting to a land based casino and staying for two nights can run into several hundred dollars!
  2. Online casinos offer more games.   Land based casinos have a lot of terminals that repeat a slots game or a video poker variation. 
    At Jackpot Capital, we need one “terminal” for every infinite number of gamers!
  3. Online casinos have higher return to player rates because our operating expenses are lower.
  4. Online casinos offer deposit bonuses because players can work off the wagering requirement at their leisure.
  5. Online casinos offer short gaming sessions as fun pastimes that gamers can access every day if they wish to while land based casinos serve any individual player about once or twice a year for short stretches of time.
  6. Online casinos have more games because they never have to take one game out to “make room” for another game.
  7. Online casinos offer unlimited free play while land based casinos can only offer free whisky which “costs” players a lot more by causing them to make poor decisions.
  8. Online casinos automatically enter all gamers into the comp points promotion.  Gamers at Jackpot Capital never have to remember to bring their player’s card with them and then remember to use it!  At Jackpot Capital, all the remembering is done automatically!

These are just a few of the many advantages online gamers get when they play at Jackpot Capital or any other solid and reputable online casino.  Now, let’s take a slightly more serious angle and look at 2020 from the perspective of what this extraordinary year has taught us.

  1. Sleep is even more important than we thought.  Online gaming is perfect for the short, late night gaming session while land based casinos try to get players to stay on the casino floor long after they should have dropped off to sleep.  Land based casinos do this by having solid walls where normal buildings have windows!

    Sound sleep rejuvenates us.  People who slept well even during lockdown and all of the other pressuresome days that the corona virus brought coped a lot better than people who slept poorly!

  2. It is important to slow down.  So many people caught up in the modern rat race were forced to slow down and a lot of them came to realize, to their utter surprise, that life is a lot more pleasant when we slow down.

    Online gaming is a perfect way to slow down.  It is actually designed to be relaxing especially now that mobile platforms are so good that the majority of online gaming is done on one’s sofa in a curled up position!

  3. One aspect of the desire to slow down is that, along with the chance to work remotely, many people are leaving large cities for the quieter and slower pace of life in small cities, towns, and villages.

  4. Human beings are social creatures and the lockdowns forced us to find alternative ways to connect with others.  We also found that it is much better to Zoom than to text!

  5. One of the most important lessons of responsible gaming is to keep one’s emotions in check when gaming.  Luck is not always a Lady!  But we can control what poker players call tilt.  If there was any crisis that could have produced widespread tilt it was the corona crisis.  A lot of people learned how to be emotionally intelligent and control tilt.

  6. First it was the Italians out on their balconies.  Then it seemed that everywhere people were singing to each other from their porches or balconies.  Singing and laughing are two of the most important things we can do to develop emotional intelligence and many of us learned this only because of the corona virus lockdowns.

  7. Naturally, we also learned the vital importance of play.

  8. We learned never to take the great outdoors for granted.  When we were allowed to go outside and spend time in nature we savored every minute!  We discovered that the great outdoors are indeed great and we came up with reasons just to be outside.

  9. Similarly, we savored every moment we were able to spend with friends and family.

  10. Thanksgiving is a national holiday in the United States and this year many people from other countries found themselves closely identifying with the American Thanksgiving custom of large family get togethers.  Even when travel was restricted, Thanksgiving became the symbol of counting one’s blessings and expressing gratitude.

  11. This one came as a big surprise to parents and especially to kids: Kids like school!  They don’t especially like arithmetic and boring lessons but they like the social interactions that only school can give them!

  12. We learned just how important it is to have a hobby.  Gaming, when done in moderation, is a great hobby.  Online gaming can be a hobby while land based casino gaming can never be a true hobby.

  13. We used to divide the activities we performed at home into two categories: chores and hobbies.  We learned that even the most tedious household chore can be turned into a hobby of sorts.  This, by the way, is one of the central ideas in the great book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

  14. As a good example of combining finding any reason to get outdoors and at the same time turning a chore into a hobby of sorts, many people found themselves enjoying weeding their garden - or planting gardens they had neglected before!

  15. We have found to our great amazement that sports without fans in the stands are not particularly interesting!

  16. The Gesundheit Institute has been trying to teach us that, as The Reader’s Digest also claims, laughter is the best medicine.

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