Why Do so Many Gamers Decide to Join Jackpot Capital Online Casino?

What Should Gamers Look for in an Online Casino?

At one time, way back when, there were just a few online casinos.  In fact, in those days there were just a few of anything online!  Today there are thousands of online casinos so new gamers have their work cut out for them deciding which casino to join.

So, we at Jackpot Capital online casino decided to put down a few points gamers should consider before they join an online casino.

Welcome Package

The Jackpot Capital sign up bonus is just the first of many bonuses gamers can enjoy when gaming at Jackpot Capital.  We give our sign up bonus in $100 increments so gamers are never tempted to bet it all on a single spin of the roulette wheel or throw of the dice in craps.

We also like to compare our overall attitude to casino gaming with the attitude presented by the average land-based casino.  We emphasize fun while land-based casinos emphasize excitement.

Gamers Have Fun, Fun, Fun at Jackpot Capital

It’s easy to say that we emphasize fun; the real question is how do we do it?  Here at Jackpot Capital we are very realistic.  We know that the kind of excitement players experience at a land-based casino cannot be replicated online.

So, we emphasize fun!

We also emphasize comfort and convenience!  There is no casino chair at a terminal at a land-based casino that is as comfortable as the sofa in your living room, your favorite armchair, or your bed!  In a similar vein, there is nothing a land-based casino can offer that is as convenient as making the long, arduous journey from your kitchen to your living room instead of going through hoops at the airport or driving for hours to get to a land-based casino!

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Online Casino Gaming is a Form of Entertainment

We state this as often as we can!  As realistic folk we know that our gamers have many other interests and responsibilities that they want to and need to do.  We never push gamers to make excessive bets on a game.  We take our commitment to responsible gaming very seriously.

A land-based casino might also say that they take their commitment to responsible gaming seriously but, then, gamers might ask why there are no clocks or windows at land-based casinos.  Is it because the casino would like to “trick” players into staying on the casino floor for as long as possible and beyond?

One might ask why land-based casinos make a point of offering free alcohol.  Is it because they know that even one drink with alcohol reduces players’ self-control?

Promotions Abound at Jackpot Capital

The Welcome Package is just one of many promotions we offer on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  The key element in our promotions is that gamers can play as often as they like even if each gaming session is for just an hour or so.

We keep track of every bonus you take in contrast to land-based casinos which use player’s cards to keep track of their players’ bets and account.  Think about the real possibility that a player might lose her or his player’s card from a land-based arcsine with the impossibility of “losing” the non-existent player’s card at Jackpot Capital.

We have banks of computers that keep track of your account, bonuses, comp points and so on for you!

Gaming Should be about Games

Now, there are a lot of terminals at big land-based casinos.  One thing that may surprise players is that many of these terminals are duplicates since each terminal is meant for one player at a time.

At Jackpot Capital, we have one “terminal” for as many thousands of gamers who want to access that game at the same time!

As a result of the digital aspect of online casino gaming, we can often offer a wider range of game options as a land-based casino can offer.  In blackjack, for instance, you might want to play at the $2 table only to discover that the lowest denomination at their blackjack table (or tables) is $5.

We can offer many variations of blackjack and video poker plus all three Caribbean Poker games as well as a couple of hundred slots.  It is quite likely that we offer more individual games than even a big land-based casino since we have no space restrictions at all!

We also offer tournaments so gamers can just have fun “competing” with other gamers!  These tournaments have either a very low buy in fee or are free rolls with no buy in fee.  With such low buy-ins, the prize money up for grabs is also low.  In other words, the tournaments we run are designed to maximize gaming fun!

We also offer unlimited free play so gamers can become acquainted with any game before they play it for real money.

More Gamers Find Mobile Better than Desktop

As we said earlier, most gamers at Jackpot Capital play on the sofa, a soft chair, or in bed.  In most cases, the gamers play on a modern mobile device.  Mobile is now the most prevalent platform for gaming.  As such, we find it ironic in the extreme that some land-based casinos now offer closed circuit mobile gaming so players who travelled to get there at substantial cost in time and money, can now enjoy gaming in their rooms while at a land-based casino!

Gamers Demand Safety and Security

As much as people like to play the genes and to read about them, they also want to feel secure with the knowledge that their money is safe at the casino!  Gamers need to feel that any money they deposit will be put in their private account.  They need to know that the casino takes perfect records of all transactions including wagering requirements and comp points.

To that end, Jackpot Capital offers excellent banking options and withdrawal protocols.  We keep your money secure behind the most sophisticated encryption software available.

We also offer many banking options.  For every gamer who is comfortable banking by credit card, there will be another gamer that wants to use an ewallet.  We also have arrangements with several ewallets because one size fits all may work with mittens but not with ewallets!

We also operate a customer service office that never closes.  Our well trained representatives can answer almost every question and will find the answer to those occasional questions they can’t answer.

Our Blog

If you are reading this article, you have reached the Jackpot Capital blog.  We have a few hundred articles that gamers can peruse for helpful hints and information.  We add to the blog every week and consider it to be as integral to who we are and what we offer as the games and promotions!

So, the only thing left to say is JOIN JACKPOT CAPITAL CASINO NOW!

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