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How to Get the Most out of Online Casino Gaming

Jackpot Capital online casino has been around for about 25 years.  We started out as a desktop online casino and we steadily added new gamers every day.  The reason so many gamers came to Jackpot Capital casino in those early days and every day thereafter was because we offered, and still offer, great gaming!

Great gaming includes a large selection of excellent games, many bonuses and other promotions, a happy gaming environment, attentive customer service and a lot more!   Jackpot Capital has always been at the forefront of all new developments in online casino gaming.

And Then Mobile Casino Gaming Began!

By now everyone knows that mobile gaming will be king for a long time to come.  Jackpot Capital has come to be known as THE mobile jackpot casino.  But mobile was not always king.

In the beginning, the mobile technology for gaming and everything else mobile was, shall we say, not as good as it is today.  Older gamers will recall that the first mobile phones, which we all called cellular phones, were giant, clunky monstrosities.  They barely fit into a woman’s handbag much less a pants or shirt pocket.

Gaming was okay but not great!  We at Jackpot Capital saw that we needed to get better technology for mobile gaming because we could see that mobile gaming would outstrip desktop gaming in the future.  The only thing lacking was the technology.

A Technological Boom Comes Forth

We are now many generations advanced from the early days of cellular communication.  Advances in technology have so far surpassed the old mobile tech that it is comparable to the difference between travel by stagecoach and travel by supersonic jet!

It is almost as if the modern smartphone or tablet has evolved into a new species of cellular or mobile device thus proving the Theory of Evolution once and for all!

Let’s Take a Look at a Few Statistics

  1. Not so long ago, almost all online casino gaming was dome on laptop or desktop computers.  Today well over 75% of all online casino gaming is done on mobile devices.
  2. About half of all searches done on search engines for online casino gaming are specifically for mobile platform and games.
  3. There is some evidence that playing gambling games on mobile devices helps keep the brain young and the Alzheimer’s or dementia away.
  4. Game providers for online casinos now develop games exclusively for mobile devices and then reformat them to fit the larger desktop screens.  The result is super clear and sharp images on mobile gaming platforms.
  5. Gamers love mobile gaming because of the enormous flexibility.
  6. Mobile gaming platforms actually help gamers stay within their monetary and time budgets for gaming.

There are many more interesting statistics surround the fast and massive growth of mobile casino gaming at Jackpot Capital and other online casinos but we have decided to segue here to a short discussion about the latter two points in our list.

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Mobile Gaming is as Flexible as a Contortionist

Well, maybe not quite as flexible but very, very flexible!  We will return to this idea in just a moment.

Mobile Gaming Can Help Gamers Stay within their Budgets

This is a big advantage of mobile casino gaming.  We always suggest strongly that gamers follow a monetary and a time budget for gaming.  That’s because when you play at Jackpot Capital, it is highly unlikely that you are at a land based casino!  You are at home or in transit to or from home.

We want all of our gamers to see our casino as one of many ways to pass the time!  This is the essence of having a time budget.  If you decide to play for an hour every other day, you should count the few minutes you play when you are taking a break from work during the day.

Having a time budget for gaming is a major part of responsible gaming.

Mobile gaming also can help gamers stay within their monetary budget.  This is also a major aspect of responsible gaming.  The thinking might have been that with so many opportunities to play on our mobile platform, some gamers would end up exceeding their monetary budget on a regular basis.

We suggest that gamers use the few minutes they play when they are on a break to go for a progressive jackpot.  The reason is because going for a progressive jackpot requires gamers to bet the maximum on the winning pay line.  This crimps many gamers’ budgets.

So, play for the progressive jackpot for just a few spins every day!

What is the Strangest Place You Have Played Online Casino Games on Our Mobile Platform?

Most gamers curl up on the sofa to play.  This is light years more comfortable than sitting at the desktop even if your desktop chair is as comfortable as can be!  But the sofa is certainly not the strangest place gamers play on our mobile platform.

By the same token, gaming in bed with one’s most significant other is not odd or strange.  In fact, it is fun and can be very romantic.  Many men don’t especially like to play the romantic slots but they do like playing them with Ms. Right!  Conversely, some women might not like playing slots with buxomly women.  But many women are amused at how much Mr. Right likes playing those slots!

So, let’s have some fun and make a list of strange places to play online casino games on the Jackpot Capital mobile gaming platform.

  1. At the top of Mount Everest!  Surely, when you reach the summit, you will need a break!
  2. At a land based casino!  Why, oh why, would you go to a land based casino in order to play on our mobile platform?
  3. When you are recreating the famous scene from Titanic at the helm of the ship.
  4. At Yellowstone National Park while waiting for Old faithful to blow its stack!
  5. In a dressing room while trying on clothes.
  6. At the altar.
  7. At the top of the Empire State Building.
  8. At Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner.

We think you get the point.  Online casino gaming surely has its place!  But not every place is the place to play online games even though our mobile platform goes everywhere!

The fact is that mobile gaming is so convenient and so comfortable that almost every place is a proper place to play!  Now all you need to do is join a great online casino, Jackpot Capital, and experience the best in online gaming!

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