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What Foods Might Best be Left for after an Online Casino Gaming Session?

These days, most of the people playing the vast library of games at Jackpot Capital jackpot casino play on their mobile device.  This gives them the chance to curl up on their super comfortable sofa or heavily upholstered chair and play.  Some even play in bed with their significant other.

Even those people who prefer playing on the Jackpot Capital download platform—which, interestingly enough, is the preferred gaming platform of a large percentage of VIPs at Jackpot Capital—might have very large screens for their desktop computer and a super comfortable sofa or heavily upholstered chair in their home office so they too can curl up to play.

We Like to Play Casino Games and We Like to Snack

We have spoken often and forcefully that one of the great benefits of online gaming is that there are no scantily bedecked cocktail waitresses coming around offering free alcoholic drinks.  Our firm position on alcohol and gaming is that they don’t mix.

Eating, on the other hand, especially snacking, is a time honored activity.  So, as a humorous counter to the 'no alcohol while playing' message which we reiterate often, we would like to present here a tongue-in-cheek discussion of foods not to eat while gaming!  Of course, you can eat them to your heart’s content after gaming.  They are delicious, of course!

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Spaghetti Bolognese

OMG!  What a mess!  You need two hands to eat Spaghetti Bolognese even at the best of times and if you use two hands to eat, what will you use to play?  A corollary to the no Spaghetti Bolognese edict is no Sloppy Joes!  This one is so obvious we couldn’t give it its own heading!  Just don’t!

There are actually a lot of sandwiches that are giant gaming no-no’s as snacks.  Do we hear tortillas or tacos?  A peanut butter sandwich is fine but leave off the jelly (it tends to slither out)!

The Value of a Man Bib

The reason these bibs for adults are called man bibs is because men tend to by far exceed women in spilling sauce on their shirts, ties, and slacks.  Just as many gamers erroneously think that they can play video poker without a good grounding in the strategy of the variation they are playing, so do far too many male gamers think that they can snack on just about anything as long as they are wearing their trusty old man bib!  Just don’t!

A man bib does have an honored place at the table but not all curled up on the super comfy sofa etc.

Almost Any Kind of Soup

In this category goes any soup you have to slurp with a spoon.  This includes thin soups like chicken noodle as well as chunky soups like Slovenian Mushroom Soup.  It doesn’t help to use a teaspoon to slurp the soup while playing.  Your sofa will still be super comfy etc. even after you spill soup on it but then it will have a soup stain.  Just don’t!

If you can get a clear soup that you can drink from a mug while playing, we can give you a pass but we do suggest putting the slots on auto-play and playing multi-hand video poker.  This will free up your other hand for important cup balancing.

Thin Crust Pizza the Oilier the Better

The type of pizza we have in mind here is a thin crust with a substantial helping of full fat cheese and a large dollop of sauce.  The cheese oozes oil and as the oil slides off the pizza, it takes some of the sauce with it.  The only “good” thing we can say about super oily thin crust pizza is that you will almost certainly have a stain on your super comfy etc. that covers up the stain you made last time eating soup with a spoon!  Just don’t.

In Chicago, they have a time-honored deep dish style pizza.  This is usually just as bad for gaming as the thin crust type.  However, in Chicago they also have stuffed pizza.  This is basically pizza surrounded by dough.  This is still not recommended to eat while gaming if the pizza is still warm to hot but if you’re eating the leftover slices for breakfast the next morning straight from the fridge (a Chicago icon) stuffed pizza is an excellent online gaming snack!  

Crunchy Finger Snack Foods that are Just a Bit Too Greasy

We won’t name names but you know what we mean.  A pretzel is okay.  A cheesy, coated, oily, fingertip staining snack is not okay! 

The Ice Cream Conundrum

If you must have ice cream in a cone, there are two important considerations to keep in mind.  First, only one scoop at a time.  That way, the ice cream will usually stay in the cone and you won’t have to find something to cover up the ice cream stain on your super-comfy-etc sofa.

The second important consideration is whether it’s too warm in your home for a drippy ice cream cone.  If the ice cream will melt before you finish it, wait until after gaming to slurp the delicious dairy delight.  The best solution, and one we highly recommend, and the solution our writing staff approves unanimously, is simply put the ice cream in a cup!  Just do!

Any Very Juicy Fruit

Dried fruit is okay but keep in mind that every raisin is a grape!  Dates, figs, apricots and many other dried fruits are good snacks.  Watermelon, nectarines, and especially mango are no-way, no-how snack foods for your sofa follies.

Corn on the Cob

We douse our corn on the cob in butter.  We used to douse it in margarine.  Then the mantra became margarine bad, butter good.  We love corn on the cob drenched in butter but not on the sofa!

The Piece de Resistance of Foods to Avoid while Gaming on the Sofa

We saved this one for last because we all love it and because it so doesn’t go with a sofa fest gaming session.  We speak about the wonders of fondue.  It doesn’t matter if you are dipping bread into hot cheese, meat into hot oil, or any other fonduesque culinary adventure!  Just don’t!!!

On the Other Hand

We mentioned pretzels and peanut butter sandwiches as okay gaming session snacks.  Have you ever tried a peanut butter and pretzel sandwich?  You won’t know just how good it is until you try it!!

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