Jackpot Capital Extols the Health Benefits of Playing Games

The Importance of Games

Most gamers are not aware at the moment they sign up to play at Jackpot Capital casino and accept the Jackpot Capital casino signup bonus—their first bonus of many more to come—that they are entering a world that psychologists and social scientists have studied for many decades.

In short, almost everyone in the world, from the very young to the very old, plays games.  The scientists have long asked themselves: Why are games so important to people’s emotional and psychological well-being?

That’s an Easy One to Answer!

You might answer that spinning a few slots to unwind after a long day at work is a good way to calm down.  That is true as we at Jackpot Capital Online Casino have always known, but the scientists might say that it’s a lot more complicated than that.

As Dizzy Dean once said: “Who woulda thunk it?”

What Do Studies Show?

Studies show that for the cohort between 18-24, games are at least as important as music!  This shows that games are VERY important to the people who play them!

There is also evidence that at least 25% of adults feel that games are more important now than they were before the corona virus landed on many country’s shores.  In countries such as Mexico and the United Arab Emirates, the number of people who say this may be as high as 60%!

This Has Been Our Experience for Two Years

Here at Jackpot Capital, we are very aware of the importance of games since our gamership rose quite fast at the beginning of the business shutdowns.  Big Box stores were allowed to stay open as were supermarkets and pharmacies.  But many avenues of entertainment were shut down including theaters, gyms, parks, and stadiums.

The need for games never wavers but is channeled into acceptable avenues and online casino gaming became one such acceptable channel starting in January 2020 and continuing today.

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Is There Any Difference between Online Casino Gaming and Playing Board Games?

There is, indeed!

The single biggest difference for almost all adults between playing board games and playing casino games online is that when they play casino games online they make a bet on the outcome of the game!

Even though we allow unlimited free play and even though gamers could bet among themselves on the outcomes of board games, relatively few gamers exclusively play free games here at Jackpot Capital and relatively few people bet on the outcome of a game of checkers.

Games are Important as a Marketing Tool

Marketing through games can be described as creating brand loyalty through entertainment.  This fits in perfectly with the way we at Jackpot Capital try to create loyalty to our casino through entertainment. Here is a short list that fits in with this concept:

  1. We offer a wide range of games.
  2. We offer unlimited free play.
  3. We offer promotions almost every day.
  4. We publish helpful articles (such as this one) to educate and entertain gamers and to help them win.
  5. We do our best to maintain a healthy sense of humor.
  6. We encourage gamers to see online casino gaming as a form of entertainment.
  7. We emphasize the importance of time and money budgets and limits on casino gaming.

It has been our experience that emphasizing fun has been a much better path to brand loyalty for Jackpot Casino than pushing get rich quick games such as progressive jackpot games.

Online Gaming Leaves Time and Money for Many Other Activities

We have spoken in the past about the importance of taking “real vacations” as opposed to long weekend excursions to a land-based casino.  The single thing that a land-based casino can market that an online casino cannot produce is the atmosphere in the casino.

However, the atmosphere quickly gets covered over by long hours at the slots terminals as players are leery of trying something else and want to hold onto their seat as long as possible.

The convenience, comfort, and easy control gamers have when they play at an online casino goes a long way to supporting in terms of both time and cost an excursion to the mountains or to the beach (depending on the gamer’s preference) or to a great State or National Park for hiking, boating, fishing among many excellent activities.

These activities are also games of a sort!  It is a lot better to partake of a wide range of games, especially in the company of friends and family, than to spend endless and mindless hours spinning slots in a faux exciting land-based casino.

Gaming is to the Soul as Sport is to the Body

We are not here making a dichotomy between mind and body; we will leave that to the metaphysicians.  But we do realize that there is little cardio-vascular benefit from playing online casino games!

Our games are excellent as a calming activity.  We live stress-filled lives and the long corona virus pandemic has not made our lives any less stressed.  In fact, the opposite is true!  We read about draconian measures taken in places like Australia and New Zealand and Austria as signs that our lives will become more rather than less stressed.

A few spins in slots or roulette, a few hands in blackjack or video poker may be enough to calm the soul.  Some people achieve this inner calm by reading.  Some by taking slow, long walks.  We feel that all three of these avenues (and many more) are valuable for maintaining a healthy mental state.

As such, online casino gaming has a role to play!

What Does Jackpot Capital Do to Help Relieve Stress?

We carry a wide range of great games from SpinLogic.  It is easy to go from game to game so gamers can play every one of our games over time.  We offer safe and secure banking since all transactions are protected by the best encryption software available.

We use a powerful random number generator to guarantee fairness and randomness in game outcomes.  We have powerful software that changes gamers’ accounts in real time after every spin, hand, or other game.  We offer download and Instant Play for easier gaming.  We offer a very strong mobile gaming platform for relaxing gaming on the sofa, in bed, in transit, or in a queue.

In short, Jackpot Capital offers great gaming in a format that will reduce stress and increase pleasing moments.

In order to get started by redeeming your Jackpot Capital signup bonus, all you need to do is register and JOIN JACKPOT CAPITAL ONLINE CASINO!

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