Online Video Poker Gives Gamers Maximum Flexibility for Maximum Fun

We decided to return to the discussion about video poker. This is simply a great online casino game that many gamers still are either not aware of or are taken back by the skill element.

Even if you love playing slots, there is a part of you that will love playing video poker especially if you play video poker online!

Why is Online Video Poker Better?

Online video poker play has many advantages over land-based video poker. Let's start with flexibility. There are many different video poker games. Land-based casinos have room for just a few video poker terminals because video poker is less profitable to the casinos than slots are and land-based casinos need all the profits they can muster.

A land-based casino may have a terminal or two of the most popular video poker games. An online video poker casino such as Jackpot Capital has an unlimited number of many different video poker games!

Online Casinos are Free

That means that there are zero travel costs to get to the casino which is sitting on the sofa as you get a cuppa!

In addition to costing no money to get to the casino, Jackpot Capital and all good online casinos offer free video poker games! The main reason is that with so many variations of video poker, we understand that our gamers need some time to get comfortable playing a new variation.

Free video poker is not the only game we here at Jackpot Capital offer for free! All of our games are free games if you choose to play them in free play mode!

No One Will Offer You Free Alcohol when You Play Online Video Poker

Free alcohol is one of the tricks land-based casinos play on their players. This is especially true in the games of skill such as video poker and blackjack. Free alcohol is hard to resist both in the accepting and imbibing and in dealing with the alcohol's effects on one's ability to make good decisions.

Video poker is all about making the best decision on every hand!

Online Casinos Offer Flexibility in Gaming

At a land-based casino, a player can always find a slot terminal even if the game is not his or her favorite slot to play! At Jackpot Capital, gamers can always play whichever game they want to play!

Online casino gaming, in this sense, is a lot less frustrating than traveling to a land-based casino and then waiting for another player to give up the terminal they are paying at!

Online Gamers Can Take Better Care of Themselves

Not only can online gamers take better care of themselves, they do!

There is no reason to wait to drink, eat, sleep, or use the restroom when you are playing online. All of those bodily needs are easily taken care of with a PAUSE in the online gaming action but they cost players their seat at a land-based casino.

Let's Play Video Poker!

Video poker games are all variations of five card draw poker. In video poker, gamers are allowed to exchange all five of their cards! This adds a huge element of advantage to video poker!

The most popular video poker game is Jacks or Better although some analyses show that Deuces Wild has a slightly higher return to player rate!

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The True Return to Player Rate is Important

Let us look at the return to player rate in video poker and in slots. Both might have very similar RTP rates. For slots it might be 97% and in video poker it would be 99.5%.

The true return to player rate in slots is usually much higher or much lower depending on the game's volatility. A slots game with high volatility would return more than 97% to a few gamers and less to the bulk of gamers.

It's different in video poker where the only thing that separates gamers who win a little money and gamers who lose a little money is the gamers' adherence to strategy and the simple luck of the draw!

Play Better Video Poker with Top Strategy

For any experienced poker player, good strategy in video poker is obvious. There is no betting against opponents or against the house so all strategy decisions are strictly against the game itself. Every video poker game or hand presents a unique challenge which is why we offer unlimited free video poker.

Gamers love to play video poker for real money and free video poker gives them the chance to learn the game in depth BEFORE playing it for real money!

The Unobvious in Video Poker is Quite Remarkable

Unlike all casino games that rely entirely on chance, such as slots, roulette, and Banana Jones, video poker relies on good decisions. The most common strange yet good decision is to give up a pair, be it a winning pair or a non-winning pair, in order to try to land a much higher paying hand!

This often happens when a player gets four to a flush or a straight on the deal. Keep in mind that a low pair is not a winning hand. Holding a low pair when you also hold two or three high cards is a mistake since there are only two cards that can give you a three of a kind hand but many more cards that can pair up one of the high cards even if you don't get the flush or straight.

Sometimes it is Best to Trade in All Five Cards

You might have one high card and nothing else of value. You could keep the high card hoping to pair it or you could chuck it in with the other cards hoping to get a better hand with the draw deal.

It is considered better to give up all five cards in that case.

Gamers Love to Play Multi-hand Video Poker

Casinos offer as many as 100 hands on a single deal. The upshot is that gamers really should bet the maximum to be eligible for the big extra win if they get a Royal Flush. This means that a 100-hand video poker hand will coat a few hundred dollars just on the initial bet!

If that is within your means, go for it! On the other hand, gamers can play multi-hand video poker for 10 hands! That is a lot more within the average gamer's budget!

Playing multiple hands is truly just for video poker players who are extremely well-versed in strategy.

Jackpot Capital Makes Video Poker a Great Casino Game

You can start playing with a single small bet. As you gain experience, you will begin to see the potential in almost every hand quickly. You can play many different video poker variants and you can play in free play mode until you are ready to place bets on the hands.

Jackpot Capital has over 300 great casino games, many excellent promotions so you can play with our money instead of playing with your own money.

Jackpot Capital has many banking options including bitcoin for banking ease and convenience. All banking and gaming information is protected by the best encryption software available.



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