Up to 80% of Jackpot Capital Casino's Gamers Play on Mobile

In the modern world, there are four distinct venues for casino gaming.  They are:

  1. Land-based casinos.
  2. Desktop online casinos.
  3. Laptop online casinos.
  4. Mobile casinos.

In this article, Jackpot Capital will talk about the great value in gaming at a mobile jackpot casino such as Jackpot Capital.  As you can see, land-based casinos are giving way to alternative ways to play casino games.

Convenience Heads the List of Mobile Casino Advantages

This advantage has been discussed many times in our articles section.  It is also very intuitive that mobile gaming would be more convenient than all three of the other venues for casino gaming.

Since convenience is so obviously an advantage of mobile casino gaming, it is often overlooked and taken for granted as a powerful reason for the great rise in mobile casino gaming in just the last 15 years.

The Grand Irony of Mobile versus Land-based Casino Gaming

When anyone plays casino games at a land-based casino, they had to have travelled to the casino.  The only exception is for people who live where the casinos are!

The vast majority of players at a land-based casino travel to get there.

The irony inherent in desktop and laptop casino gaming is that there is no travel involved.  Walking from the kitchen to the computer room or living room doesn’t count!

Now, there is also a massive irony between mobile and laptop gaming and land-based casino gaming.  It is that while at a land-based casino a player has to travel to the casino, with laptop and mobile casino gaming, people can take the casino with them.

This last point cannot be overplayed as to its significance!

So, Laptop and Mobile Casino Gaming are Basically the Same?

Actually, no!

Laptops can be very heavy with inconvenient cords.  For the ultimate in casino gaming convenience, nothing comes close to mobile!

Imagine travelling to the seashore with a bulky laptop or with a slinky tablet or smartphone!

Imagine going skiing with a bulky laptop or a slim tablet or smartphone.

Wherever you can play with a bulky laptop, a tablet or smartphone makes the gaming better!

The Great Irony of Land-based Casino Hotels

We have all experienced the massive irony of being in a nice hotel or motel with cable television, hundreds of channels, and NOTHING TO WATCH!

Some land-based casinos have noticed the dearth of watchable television and, combining that observation with the growing popularity of mobile gaming, these hotels have added an in-house mobile gaming platform so casino players can have the “great” experience of travelling to a casino and playing on their mobile device!

Mobile Casino Gaming Makes Setting Limits and Budgets Easy

One of the big draws of online casino gaming from the first online casino in 1994 was that these casinos were available at all times.  That meant that gamers could easily set 30-60 minute time limits on their gaming and a monetary budget in concert with their entertainment budget.

Gamers enjoy the same advantage when they play at home on mobile.  In addition, mobile gaming has the singular advantage of affording very short gaming sessions while gamers are on vacation!

Let’s Go on Vacation and Spend All of the Time Playing Casino Games


No one wants to go on vacation and spend too much time playing mobile casino games.  Mobile has the advantage of being easy to handle and always available so gamers can use the mobile gaming platform to wind down after another day of heavy vacationing.

Online gaming found a quick and loyal gamer population from the outset because it was available for just that treason: to unwind after a long day at work.

This was the exact opposite of what so many people experienced and still experience at land-based casinos where they spend so much money just getting to the casino that they want to get their money’s worth which translates into a lot of time on the casino floor!

The mobile casino gamer’s lesson is that getting one’s money’s worth is often to play less and enjoy it more!

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Mobile Casino’s are Connected to Parent Online Casinos

This means that everything that is still great about desktop online casinos also applies to their mobile casino app.  This includes all of the safety measures casinos use to protect their gamers’ assets since online casino gamers leave their money in their casino accounts for the next gaming session, probably in a day or two.

Mobile casinos offer the same excellent promotions as do the parent casinos.  If a gamer takes a deposit bonus from the parent casino, his or her gaming on the mobile platform, as well as gaming on the parent casino, goes toward working out the wagering requirement that accompanies every deposit bonus.

A gamer earns comp points at both the parent casino and the mobile casino and all comp points are collected in the same account.

All offers that come from the parent casino apply equally to gaming on the mobile platform.

Aren’t the Graphics and Animation Better on the Desktop Casino?

At one time they were, but the graphics and animation on both gaming platforms have improved so much that gamers prefer mobile gaming over desktop gaming by a large majority.

The improvements in graphics and animation are probably the most important factor that has sparked the exponential growth in mobile casino gaming.

The Return to Player Rates are Better at Online and Mobile Casinos

Land-based casinos have huge overhead costs that online casinos don’t have.  Just consider how much it costs to operate a top-level hotel. The biggest land-based casinos also have theaters that need constant maintenance.

There are many casino games where the return to player is the same at online casinos and land-based casinos.  These include blackjack, video poker, Caribbean poker, roulette, and baccarat, among others.

Can you Guess What Popular Game is not on this List?

Yes, it’s slots!

Every game that gamers play on a terminal uses a random number generator to determine the outcome of every hand in video poker and every spin in slots.  Video poker cannot be manipulated by the casino in terms of the RNG so many casinos simply pay less for made hands.

Jackpot Capital carries the full pay scale so the return to player rate is close to 100%.

In slots, the RNG determines every outcome so many land-based casinos calibrate the RNG to return less to their players than Jackpot Capital returns to our players.

Gaming is Calibrated at Jackpot Capital to Maximize Fun

A major part of this calibration is in the excellence of our mobile gaming platform.  Mobile gaming is convenient, comfortable, portable, romantic and much more!


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