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Here is Another Way to Look at the Superiority of Online Gaming

There is a debate going on among casino gamers: where is it better to play, at an online casino or at a land based casino?  At Jackpot Capital online casino, we naturally choose the benefits of online casino gaming.  We also have talked about this in previous blogs!

In this article, we will focus on some of the reasons some gamers give for preferring land based casinos, we will explain why each reason is flawed, and we will then discuss the massive advantages you have when you play slots online over playing slots at a land based casino.

Land Based Casinos Offer Mobile Gaming!’

We start with this so-called advantage of land based casino gaming because it is by far the most pathetic reason to travel to a land based casino.  At Jackpot Capital online casino, you can win playing on our mobile platform at any time.  In fact, we are often referred to as the prominent mobile jackpot casino!

Why would anyone travel just to play casino games on their mobile device?

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Land Based Casinos Have a Lot of Exciting Atmosphere

This is actually a reasonable point until you look beneath the surface.  Human beings are social creatures.  That is a given fact.  However, the social environment at a land based casino is entirely artificial.

At the craps or roulette tables, you are screaming for your bet to win along with a couple of dozen….strangers!  You won’t see them again.  The camaraderie many gamers claim to feel in a land based casino is superficial and fleeting.

You would get a lot of real camaraderie and social interaction by visiting a local pub with a theme.  Does your city have an Irish pub with live Irish music?  Well, many do!  Does your city have a pub with an Old West theme? 

Even the simplest neighborhood bar or pub will have more genuine character than the casino floor at a large land based casino!

Part of the “atmosphere” at a land based casino is the bells and whistles that permeate the air.  It is true that no online casino can replicate these bells and whistles.  However, the term bells and whistles also has a negative connotation; they are there to trick players into thinking that the gaming experience is genuine and fun.  They might trick a lot of gamers but that doesn’t mean that the bells and whistles are not a trick!

People Have a Lot More Fun at Land Based Casinos

The only people who have fun at a land based casino are people who are winning; people who are losing money that they can afford to lose and expected to lose; and people who like getting free alcohol while they play and are happy when they have had a bit too much to drink.

Everyone else at a land based casino is asking himself or herself, “What am I doing here?”  That’s because people go to a land based casino for a long weekend or more.  If they start off on a losing streak, they will have to stop playing as much as they might want to in order to conserve their bankroll.

Many people continue playing hoping to “just get even” and fall further behind and aren’t having fun at all.  If the land based casino you want to go to has a theme, and if there are other themed casinos in the same city, and if you can enjoy the themes without gambling, then gong to a land based casino can be a lot of fun.  It’s called going on vacation!

There may be a few hundred thousand ways to go on vacation.  Once you have done the themed land based casino vacation, why would anyone go back for more?

Land Based Casinos Give Away a Lot of "Free" Stuff

It is true that gamers can get a room for free if they lose enough money gambling!  It is true that gamers can get as much free alcohol as they want until they start stumbling as long as they let the alcohol interfere with their better judgment.  It is true that anyone can get a voucher for a free meal at the buffet.  This is important because when people are losing more than they counted on losing, they often need to overeat to compensate psychologically for their losses!

In other words, online gaming gives you a much better opportunity to stay in control of your gaming.  Since we at Jackpot Capital casino offer gaming at all times of the day or night, you can play for as long or as short as you like.  You can always come back the next day, the next week, or the next month if your many other responsibilities and activities take precedence.

At Jackpot Capital casino, you can also play for free for as long as you like!

We also recommend saving your alcohol drinking for after you play our hundreds of casino games!  We say this quite often: drinking alcohol impairs your cognition which means that you might make poor decisions.  Save your drinking for later; go out to a pub or just hang with your pals but do so after gaming!

And if you're looking for something free - and who isn't? - check out our promotions page full of fun bonus cash to extend your playing time.

Some Casinos Still Allow Smoking

That’s a very good reason to play casino games at home!  Jackpot Capital casino considers smoking to be your business but if you smoke at a land based casino, it becomes the business of everyone around you!

Going to a Land Based Casino is  Great Excursion

We touched upon this idea earlier.  There are hundreds of thousands of great excursions all over the world for every pocketbook and every vacation preference.  Ironically, most land based casinos will also direct you to day trips near the casino!  If those day trips are so good—and most of them are very good—then why not string together a few day trips and forego the casino altogether?

After all, Jackpot Capital is always at your fingertips!  So, if you get bored by the beautiful mountain landscapes; or the sparkling clear waters of a river, lake, or ocean; or the charm of a small town; or the sense of history at a place of historical significance; or perusing the local arts and crafts area; then you might take Jackpot Capital out of your pocket and play a few games!

At Land Based Casinos You Get to Sit in Many Different Seats

NOT!  This is the last point in our list of advantages of land based casinos! The reason you get to sit in so many seats at land based casino is because you have to let someone else take your seat when you go to play a different game or even to go to the bathroom!

The only criterion for comfortable seating while playing at Jackpot Capital is to have a comfortable seat!  Many gamers play on their mobile device even when they are at home not only because the graphics, sound, and animation are so good on modern mobile devices but also because everyone has a comfortable sofa to lounge on while they play a few games!

Jackpot Capital Extends an Invitation

Come to Jackpot Capital for a wealth of gaming fun!  We offer hundreds of games, great promotions, great bonuses, and a lot more.  We also free you from the draw of land based casinos so that you can have real vacations!

Come aboard!

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