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What are the Big Drawbacks to Casino Betting Systems?

In gaming, everyone wants to get an edge, even if it’s just a small edge.  There are many betting systems for casino games and their advocates all claim that their systems is “guaranteed” to bring big wins at a progressive jackpot game or at many other games at Jackpot Capital casino.

We have always said that every betting system is flawed.  The main reason they are flawed is basically because they assume that you will win and return to the start of your bankroll before you run out of money.

Since every betting system adds money on the next bet after a loss, a short losing streak will wipe out your money quickly.  The systems might seem to work in the short run if you win one and lose one and that often happens in even money bets.  However, even money bets in roulette eventually lose to 0 or 00.

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What if I Have a Lot of Money?

If you start out with a very large bankroll and you make bets that are commensurate with a smaller bankroll, then you might be able to play with a betting system for a long time.  Eventually, however, you will have to end ypur gaming session here at Jackpot Capital online casino for whatever reason and you might be very far behind at that precise moment.

If you are playing on a mobile device as a short break from work, betting systems are almost always losing propositions.  If you are playing while on a smoking break, the same problem might occur: you’ll be far behind and you won’t want to risk the big bet the system dictates that you have to make on just one spin or hand.

So, starting out with a big bankroll may sustain you if you use a system for the long run but in the short run these systems are almost always guaranteed to lose more than you might have lost otherwise, they take away from the fun side of online gaming, and they are a lot less realistic than simply playing the games.

In any game that uses a random number generator, every hand or spin is entirely independent of the hands or spins that came before it.  Most gamers are not independently wealthy and most would not want to risk a big bet on a single hand or spin knowing that the “odds” favor a win but the random number generator isn’t as aware of that fact as you might think it is!

The Labouchere System

Let’s look at one system since it seems a bit different than the others.  The Labouchere System uses a slightly complicated method of determining your next bet so its advocates recommend that you use pencil and paper to keep track of the next bet.  This system works only on even money bets.  That alone should indicate its flaw as we said above: the 0 and 00 in roulette will eventually beat every even money betting system.

How the Labouchere System Works

You first decide how much you’ll bet on each spin in roulette or throw of the dice in craps.  The system requires you make these bets equal as a guidepost even though your bets will be higher or lower as the round unfolds.

So, let’s say that you are willing to start with a $50 bankroll.  You set out ten bets, each for $5 and you use whatever symbol you like to indicate each bet.  These ten bets are in a line on your sheet of paper and you can write them in any way you choose as long as it makes it easy to keep track of the next bet.

The Bet

Each bet is always for the sum of the first number and the last number.  So, your first bet will be for $5 + $5 or $10.  If you win, you put a line through the original first and last numbers.  You have won $10 and you still have a new set of first and last numbers so your next bet will also be for $10.

If you lose that first bet, you add a number on one end that is the amount of money you lost.  Can you see that now your next bet will be for $15?  That’s because you lost $10 and have to bet it now since it is now the number on one end of your line of bets.

The hope is that you can put a line through all of the bets on your sheet.  If you do so, you will have won!  The problem is what if you lose?  After losing the first bet, you put a $10 mark at the end of the line and bet $15.  What if you lose again?  Keep in mind that you are making even money bets in increments of $5 and you have lost only two bets in a row.  You put $15 on the end of the line and bet $20.  Let’s say that you win this spin.  You get back $20 but you still have to bet $15 because the $10 is now at the end of the line.

If you have just a little bad luck, you will have bets that you have to make that are a lot more than the bet size you had decided on at the outset of the session.  The Labouchere System, like all betting systems, can get wildly out of hand very quickly.

Why Do People Follow Betting Systems?

There actually is a deep psychological reason why some people follow betting systems.  We always tell our gamers not to follow any betting system at all.  The best way to play at Jackpot Capital is to play for fun, to see gaming as form of entertainment, and to always set a financial and time budget and to stay within those budgets.

The main reason that some players follow betting systems is that they don’t look at online casino gaming in these three ways. 

First, any player who doesn’t see gaming as a fun activity probably should not be playing at all!  They should be looking for an activity that is fun for them!

Any player who doesn’t see gaming as a form of entertainment needs to look elsewhere for entertainment.  An online casino must be a place you go to to be entertained.  We all understand the idea of entertainment.  We disagree on what is entertaining: one person loves football and another is bore d stiff by it.  One person love art museums and another begins to cry within five minutes of having been dragged to an art museum.  If gaming isn’t entertaining, it isn’t gaming and if it isn’t gaming, you should look for a game you like.

Third, some players try and fail to set limits on their gaming.  If you are one of the players who exceeds your limit even a few times, it probably means that you should stop playing casino games.

All of these problems, if they are extreme enough to be problems, are even more exaggerated at land based casinos because many gamblers get “trapped” there early on a long weekend and then buy more chips or units just to have “something to do”.

The Last Word

We said it all above but it bears repeating here at the end:

  • Always play for fun.
  • Always see gaming as a form of entertainment.
  • Always set financial and time budgets on your gaming and stick to them!

If you do these three things, you won’t need to follow a betting system and you’ll enjoy gaming a lot more!

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