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How to Decide whether to Play at Jackpot Capital or at a Land Based Casino

The covid 19 virus closed almost all land based casinos.  It sent a lot of gamers to Jackpot Capital online casino and to other online casinos.  Here these players learned all about what Jackpot Capital casino has to offer.

It’s a lot!

So, now the question is: Will these players stay at Jackpot Capital or will they go back to playing casino games at land based casinos?  In order to answer that question we have to see what Jackpot Capital offers and what land based casinos offer.  Then we can make an informed guess as to what the future holds for both Jackpot Capital and the land based casino business.

Jackpot Capital Offers Gamers an Entire World of Great Fun

There are several aspects to playing online at Jackpot Capital or any other top online casino.  One such aspect is that you most likely do most if not all of your gaming AT HOME!  No suitcases!  No airports, airlines, long waits, taking off your shoes, getting patted down for forgetting something in your pocket, and all of the other inconveniences that airports and airlines are known for!

No hotel reservations.  No misfiring air conditioners, smelly bathrooms, cold water pools, uncomfortable lobbies not to mention inconsistent Wi-Fi and television signals.  The casino hotels want you to spend all of your waking hours in the casino so they make the rooms just good enough.  Some hotels are excellent and therefore very expensive.  Your home is free.

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Jackpot Capital Has Hundreds of Games

There is a simple truth when we talk about the games at Jackpot Capital and the games at any land based casino.  At Jackpot Capital, gamers can play every one of the games we have on offer.  Most gamers play every game over the course of time.

No one plays all of the games offered at a land based casino.  First, there simply isn’t enough time.  Players usually come to a land based casino for two or three days.  This doesn’t give them enough time to play even a small fraction of the games the casino offers.  Second, players at land based casinos hoard their seats and therefore play one or two games on a long weekend and that’s it!

The gamers at Jackpot Capital can move from game to game easily.  They can come back to the original game whenever they want to.  Gamers at online casinos never have to wait for a seat.  This is a major reason why players at land based casinos play for hours long after they should have stopped for food and rest and gamers at Jackpot Capital play for a half an hour to an hour and then go on to any of several other activities they enjoy or have a responsibility to do.

Jackpot Capital Has an Excellent Mobile Gaming Platform

Most of our gamers now play the majority of the time on the mobile platform.  This is a major breakthrough on the technological side of online gaming: the mobile platforms at online casinos are light years better than they were twenty and even ten years ago!

So much casino gaming is now done on mobile platforms that some land based casinos are now offering their own mobile platforms!  Why would anyone travel to a land based casino, incurring large travel costs, and end up playing on a mobile platform?

Actually, this question is part of the larger question which is: Given the manifest advantages of online casino gaming, why would anyone go back to gaming at a land based casino?

Atmosphere and Free Whisky

We understand the appeal of the atmosphere at a land based casino.  There are bells and whistles and the pinging sound as players spin the slots.  This pinging sound is totally different than the sound one hears in a supermarket as cashiers wave barcode after barcode across the scanner!

If there is a crowd around the craps and roulette tables, they will be whooping and hollering for their numbers to come up.

Yes, there is a potent and vibrant atmosphere at land based casinos.  Is it enough to draw players away from online casinos?  Some players, no doubt, will go back to playing at land based casinos almost entirely.  Others will continue to do most of their gaming online.

We expect that all of our loyal gamers will stay with Jackpot Capital and that most of the gamers who came to us when the land based casino shutdowns began will continue to play at Jackpot Capital even as they make a few weekend excursions to land based casinos.

Land based casinos also offer free alcohol as we will talk about in a moment.

What Should Gamers Look for in Land Based Casinos?

The first thing to look for is any game you came to the casino to play.  Call the casino in advance of your trip to make sure they still carry the games you want to play.  Land based casinos have had to take out some terminals and tables to comply with social distancing regulations.

They have had to take these tables and terminals out because they are limited by their structure and the physicality of their environment.  We, on the other hand, were entirely digital and remain entirely digital.

They may have taken out the slots you like to play, the video poker variation you enjoy the most, or the blackjack table with the bet range that suits your bankroll best.  A quick call before you reserve a flight and a room will tell you if that land based casino is still what it was before the virus hit in full force.

At Jackpot Capital, you can reach a customer service representative on a 24/7/365 basis.  You should be able to do the same at any land based casino.  If not, look elsewhere.

Land based casinos may have more slightly drunk players or fewer.  Only time will tell.  Land based casinos have long given away free alcohol since the gambling returns from players who got free booze easily made up the cost of the drinks.  With fewer games on the casino floor, casinos might increase their offers of free alcohol hoping to recoup the losses from fewer games and fewer players.

So, if being accosted by a somewhat to very much drunk person at a casino is not exactly your biggest reason for getting out of bed, maybe it would behoove you to hold off on that long awaited trip to a casino and continue gaming here at Jackpot Capital.

In the meantime, you might celebrate being released from covid 19 prison with a “real vacation”, a trip to a state or national park for a long weekend.

Jackpot Capital is Always Redy to Serve

We feel that online casino gaming is still the wave of the future.  There are other avenues for people to get “atmosphere” that might even prove less expensive than gambling at a land based casino.

If you have read this far and are not yet a member of the Jackpot Capital family of gamers, we urge you to sign up NOW.  If you are a long time or a short time gamer here, we encourage you to continue to play at Jackpot Capital where gaming is first, second, third, and forever FUN!

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