Have you ever noticed or wondered why women (if you happen to be male!) seem driven to play at the sots, passing all other game options, while men (if you happen to be female!) always runs for the instant-fun table games like Blackjack or Roulette? Perhaps this thought has never crossed your mind, and rightfully so, but one thing’s for sure, you’ll definitely start noticing this the next time you’re playing. Keep reading and see what you think about the 5 reasons women just love to play slots, and if you agree! Slots up!


Women LOVE Slots

Studies show that those who play the majority of slots on mobile are more likely to be women, while men are more likely to play table games, peaking some curiosities. While this is certainly a stereotype and like all, should be taken with a grain of salt, the data shows this result, so we wondered if there was something to it!

One may not be surprised at the idea that slots have a way of capturing people’s attention; come on! The flickering lights, the spinning reels, the delightful jingling of the coins once you strike a win on the reels… How couldn’t you be distracted?! Obviously, there’s a real truth in the fact that we love slots (and all the rest!) because there’s an entertainment appeal which just works for some of us, not to mention, you may turn up more than cash positive once it’s said and done.

When it comes to the ladies? Well, we’re never one to go differentiating genders, but perhaps there are some factors which make women more prone to slots than men? Let’s see!

1. Go for a Quick One!

Don’t jump too quickly to conclusions - It’s not what you think! Looking into why the idea of women loving slots, many women quoted that slots were a great way to fill their time while doing tasks which have the inevitable wait time; on your lunch break at work, waiting in lines, waiting for laundry - whichever! Connect fast and get your game going; sounds like a plan! While certainly men may tend to do the same, apparently this activity is more popular amongst women (are you surprised?).

2. All About Superwoman!

Rumour has it, a lot of women who play slots, specifically, the many Superhero-themed slots, admit they tend to play these games because of their mate or boyfriend; Let that sink in a little bit! While it certainly isn’t true for all, rumour has it that many women in relationships with men who prefer the “Superhero Mentality” in both games, entertainment and movie choice tend to be more drawn to slots of such nature. An interesting take? Perhaps women are more intrigued and interested in such games due to the fact that there are now very many powerful female characters, something not so common in the past. Can you say “Girl power”?!

Women LOVE Slots

3. Luxury Ladies Like to Party!

Those ladies out there who enjoy the finer things in life have proven to be very receptive to the concept of playing slots at an online casino. Considering their usual hobbies are likely having a night on the town, with the girls, drinking cocktails and throwing some coins at the slots, this comes to no surprise! For the luxury ladies out there, kicking in and staying home for a night of pampering, champagne, and a few bonus rounds is becoming more and more popular (so perhaps you spend your next Friday night staying home!).

4. Vegas Memories

For most of us, especially the older generation, our first casino experience was likely to take place in an actual casino - not necessarily online! Especially for the many women out there, going to Vegas or going to any thrilling casino evokes memories of fun, time out with the girls, drinks on the town, and so on. Many women who admitted to playing slots (in favor over other games) stated that spinning the reels, hoping for that next big win at an online casino gave them those same feel-good endorphins experienced when they were in Vegas, the real deal!

With absolutely no coincidence, Jackpot Capital is also known as your “online Vegas”, making it the perfect place to play (and win!) when you have that itch to game!

5. Keep it Simple!

With the most sensical and straight-forward point saved for last, although potentially the most important one, is the factor of simplicity. While a lot of these observations are based on player feedback and the stereotypes involved, this factor has some backing behind it. A defining factor between women and men players, are that men often look for the more focused games, like Roulette or Blackjack, which will inevitably take longer to play and require more attention. Women, on the other hand, go for slots because they are fast to begin, playing requires minimal attention (you can always use Autoplay!) and the features provide constant stimulation.

Could this be because us women are such great multi taskers? We’re simply used to having our attention in multiple places at once, whether with the kids, or at work? The mind is certainly a mysterious thing! Whether you agree with our findings or not, it’s definitely an interesting thing to think about - where you can then decide if the next best thing is to come on over and grab a bonus with us!

What’s more? Of course, time to play some slots! Check out our Games page, and see if there’s something you like, and don’t forget to bookmark our blog and come back for more - We’ve always got something happening here at JC!


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