If you’ve ever looked for the ultimate thrills with your gameplay, giving you an experience like none other, quite literally, from another world, then our brand new slot is one you’ll be sure to find your match with! To complement such an experience, it would only be appropriate to put your ultimate skills to the test with a plentiful bonus offer, too! Alas, we bring to you our brand new 5 reel 20 payline slot, Zhanshi, giving you the chance to embrace your inner Japanese warrior, whilst embracing an important part of history which some of us could never even imagine!


Zhanshi was a Samurai warrior who fought for the ultimate honor, no matter what bloodshed he had to encounter, and when it comes to optimal gameplay, there is just no better attitude to embrace than the “do or die” mentality! While this slot is certainly going to get your blood rushing, it’s not just painstaking thrills here, as there are some serious wins to be had, and here at Jackpot Capital, we embrace every moment to win - no matter who we must battle for it! Isn’t that what great gameplay is about, after all?!

With the chance to play this brand new slot on either Download, Instant play for Mobile, the time to fight has never been more convenient, allowing you the chance to experience the ancient Asian culture without even leaving your home, which is quite the highlight, if we can say so! Immerse yourself in a world all of your own with Zhanshi’s thrilling bonus features, including a Progressive jackpot, which is only the tip of the mountain top when it comes to the cash-filled opportunities to come!

Suit up your Armor, Prepare for Bonus Battle!

The world of Zhanshi throws you headfirst into the world of feudal Japan, where you finally get that chance to be a hero in battle, no matter what the consequences reveal (but we have a hint, those consequences hold something very plentiful for you, in the form of regular and VIP bonus offers - just keep reading!).

Once you decide it’s time to ready for battle, you’ll see, far in the background, holds the ancient city where the siege is about to commence, and that means you have to be ready for absolutely anything, especially the abundance of cash you may find along the way!

The Warrior (Wild symbol) is one to surely pay attention to, after all, you’re here for a fight! The Warrior can turn up on any of the 5 reels, where 5 Warriors on the reels grant you the ultimate trophy of a 10,000x win, with even more to come, as the paylines cross each other; 4 Warriors give a 2500x payout, while 3 Warriors offer a 500x payout, all the way down to the lone 1 Warrior, giving you still a 2x reward!

What other types of symbols may you expect to find on the reels? Well, perhaps the glorious Temple (Scatter symbol), which plays quite the bonus battle role whilst you’re spinning away on the reels, paying out a generous amount based on your total bet. If you happen to come across 5 Temple symbols on the reels, you’ll gladly walk away, undefeated, with 500x your total bet, and as you may imagine, that is quite the victorious win! With 3 or 4 Temple symbols, you’ll find yourself activating one of two bonus features, adding even more to the excitement!

If you like free spins, get ready for the excitement to ensue! Discover 10 free spins when you spin 3 or more Temples (Scatter symbol), where you can add a 2x multiplier to the mix, retriggering the feature when either 3 Warriors or 3 Temples (or a combination of both!) tumble upon the reels.

The clear focus on an action-packed slot gives much to anticipate, and in combination with its high-paying symbols, modern and ultra-realistic graphics, with all of the special battle gear to go with it, you can really live a fantasy you may only see at the movies; where else can you get this type of experience?! And the bonus gear doesn’t stop there, either...


Fight to Ultimate Wins with our Special Bonuses!

What’s the perfect addition to a battle that pays big, beyond what a true warrior could ever imagine?! Here at Jackpot Capital, that means exclusive bonuses, which give you only the best of reasons to try out a brand new game; wouldn’t you agree?! Bonus cash and free spins are always something to take advantage of, especially when every move counts whilst you’re in battle, so why not scoop up one of our special bonus offers as a way to test out this new (soon-to-be) hit slot?!

Take a look at the Special Offers we have for your playing pleasure on Zhanshi:

Regular Offer:

75% (up to $250) bonus + 50 free spins


New Player Offer:

100% (up to $250) bonus + 50 free spins


VIP Offer:

100% (up to $500) bonus (only 25x wager requirement!)


You can immerse yourself in the world of Zhanshi using one of the above offers from March 16th - April 4th, giving you no reason not to try the thrill of a lifetime! No matter if you’ve never even signed up with us, if you’re a regular player, and especially if you’re our VIP player (and if you’re not, you should be!), we’ve always got an option for great gameplay! We hope you’ve prepared your gear, because the battle starts now, and you best not miss out!

Not only do we prepare for battle with our monthly New Games, but we’ve got a whole lot more where that came from! Make sure you bookmark our blog and visit regularly for the best gaming experience (and best bonuses!)

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