Why Does Jackpot Capital Discourage Gamers from Using a Betting System?

Why Does Jackpot Capital Discourage Gamers from Using Betting Systems?

We have spoken about betting systems in roulette in the past and every time we have said that online casino gamers should not use betting systems as these systems don’t work.  Jackpot Capital casino has focused on the Martingale System.  We have heard from gamers who would like us to cover some other betting systems so that will be the purpose of this article.  Let’s start by comparing the Jackpot Capital casino signup bonus with roulette betting systems!

How Can a Betting System be Compared To the Jackpot Capital Signup Bonus?

A betting system can be compared to both a sign up bonus at an online casino and ongoing deposit bonus offers from the casino.  The comparison always works in the favor of the bonuses rather than the betting system.  Even though they both refer to money won or received from the casino, there is one amazing difference between them.

The signup bonus and the ongoing deposit bonus offers are sure things!  A betting system is fraught with doubt and uncertainty!

Will I Always Win with a Bonus?

Unfortunately, no.  But you will be able to play with Jackpot Capital’s money for a time.  With a betting system, you will lose in the short or long run and you won’t be playing with the casino’s money unless you have taken a bonus.

And if you have taken a bonus, you should be playing games that give you good or very good return to player rates instead of the losing rates found in betting systems.

Why is the Martingale System A Poor Choice?

The Martingale System tells gamers to make even money bets and to double the bet after a losing roulette spin.  The Martingale System cannot be used in games without even money bets.  First let’s look at two bets where the gamer loses the first spin, doubles his or her bet, and wins the second bet.

Let’s also assume a $5 first bet.

  1. Bet 1 is $5 and the gamer loses.
  2. Bet 2 is for $10 and the player wins.

You can see that the player has a $5 win in her pocket!  This is what made the Martingale System so popular.  But the flaw is that there are losing streaks in roulette.  What happens if you lose five spins in a row?  Here are the bets you have made and lost:






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Now you have to bet $160 in order to win $5!  As any poker player can tell you, these are horrible pot odds!

For this reason, the Martingale System is fatally flawed.  We urge you to avoid it!

Fibonacci System

This system follows the Fibonacci sequence.  It has the same flaw as the Martingale as it requires gamers to follow the sequence and to increase bets after losses accordingly.  Let’s look at five losing spins in a row.  Here we will start with a $1 bet.






You have bet $12 but your next bet is for only $8.  Eventually, your bankroll will disappear if you follow this system.

D’Alembert System

This betting strategy was named after a famous French mathematician of the 18th century, Jean-Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert.  This system is similar to the Martingale and the flaw is, as usual, that there are losing streaks in roulette.  In the d’Alembert System, you raise your bet by one unit after every loss and decrease it by one unit after every win unless you win the first bet where the bet would stay the same.

What would happen in the d’Alembert system of you were to lose five spins in a row.  We will start with a $5 as in the example for the Martingale System.  In five losing bets, these are your bets:






You now bet $10 and, if you win, you will be $25 in the hole!

What is the Best Betting Strategy in Roulette?

We feel that the best strategy is to accept the house’s edge and, since roulette is almost entirely a game of chance, accept that over time you will lose a small percentage of your money.  You can make bets on single numbers and, if the spins follow simple statistical variety, you would lose all but one spin out of 37 spins.  The return to player rate for the spin you would win is 35 times the bet so you would lose 2/37 of your bet every 37 bets.

However, roulette is not a game that follows statistical expectations perfectly.  In fact, if you bet only on your favorite number, you might hit it three times in 37 spins and come away with a handsome profit!  Equally as likely, is that you would lose 37 spins in a row!

So, we always urge all gamers to play within their means and to pay to have fun rather than play to get rich quick.  Very few gamers get rich quick but every garner is capable of having fun!

What is the Best Game to Play at Jackpot Capital Casino?

This is a highly subjective question but it does have some application for those players who want to use a sure-fire winning system or strategy.

It could be that roulette is not the game you should be playing.  If you are anxious to play a thinking gamer’s casino game, you might be better off playing blackjack or video poker!

Both of these games require gamers to make decisions on every hand.  There is statistically proven strategy for every possibility.  If you play with perfect strategy, your return to player rate will be just a fraction less than 100%!  Since you are almost assured of coming close to breaking even and that you will win many sessions, you can play these two great casino games for fun!

Does Jackpot Capital Offer Variations of Blackjack and Video Poker?

Yes, we do!

We offer several variations of each game.  We also offer unlimited free play so you can play as you learn with no financial risk at all!  We feel that the many articles we publish can help gamers tremendously.  They are just one of many reasons to join Jackpot Capital!

We offer about 300 excellent games, promotions galore, tournaments, and much more!

Sign up NOW and enter the great world of online casino gaming here at Jackpot Capita Casino!

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