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Blackjack is possibly the world’s most popular table games. The reason for this is very simple: it is a game full of strategy, decision-making but most of all FUN! Whether you are a professional online Blackjack player, or just enjoy the odd game of 21 every now and again, here at Jackpot Capital Casino we offer you the chance to start you journey into the fast paced world of wonder. It may be an online game, but through our clever software and great graphics you will feel like you are playing in a real casino.

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We pride ourselves in offering you a wide variety of different Blackjack games, covering all the most popular styles! To understand the rules of blackjack it is important to understand the history.

Blackjack’s original name was Twenty One, which has often made it difficult to pinpoint an exact time to the beginnings of the game. The first reference that can be found to the game we know and love today was in the novel ‘Don Quixote’ written by Miguel de Cervantes in the 1600s. As the author was Spanish and the book mentions the game having been played in Spain, this has lead to many historians believing that the game originated from that part of the world. Although we may never know how and when the game came into being, it does appear that it has not changed much in 400 years.

In the 1700s the game found its way to American shore and was an instant hit within the gambling houses. It was the mix of strategy and common sense that made it a popular alternative to poker. It was here in America that the first bonus handouts were made, if a player’s hand consisted of the Ace of Spades -thus the game we know and love had become complete.

“When you’re playing, everything around you takes on a new meaning. If they’re playing rap music and I’m winning, I want to hear more rap.”(Max Rubin, Professional player)


One of the reasons that many play for fun players have turned pro is that the rules, game play and strategy haven’t changed much over the years. Here at Jackpot Capital Casino, we know how important having a basic understanding of your game play is, so if you are considering trying blackjack, here are the general rules.

The main principle is that you need to have a hand value that is closer to 21 than that of the dealer, without going over 21.You and the dealer are dealt an initial two-card hand and add the total of your cards. What you need to do is just to concentrate on your cards and the ones of the dealer, which you are able to see. Don’t worry about the other players’ cards; they will not influence your game. If you a risky person, you can call for another card and be closer to 21, but if you feel sufficiently confident, just sticking to your initial cards, hoping that it will be enough to beat the dealer’s hand. The decision is up to you, it is your game!

To become a skilled player and earn real cash you need a practice and in a simple casino you will lose all your money during this time. That is the reason why Jackpot Capital gives you possibility to get practice for FREE, playing in practice mode without any expenditure. Relax and enjoy the game as long as you need to become real pro of blackjack!

“You changed your shirt, Mr Bond. I hope our little game isn’t causing you to perspire.”(Casino Royale)