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Dr. Winmore Online Slot

When you're sick of losing, you make an appointment with DR. WINMORE. He specializes in the type of medicine that cures boredom and fills bank accounts. No wonder he's so popular!

Don't worry – at Jackpot Capital, there's no appointment needed. You can play RTG's brand-new DR. WINMORE Online Slot anytime, anywhere. And you should, because this is one of the most unique games you'll ever play. In fact, it's the first of its kind!

Yep, history has been made - which often happens under the supervision of mad scientists like DR. WINMORE.

Start the game by setting your wager, but no need to choose paylines. In this Slot, they don't exist! Instead, this is a CLUSTER BASED game that pays out based on horizontal and vertical groupings. Instead of lining symbols from left to right, you watch pockets of symbols send winnings pouring into your account.

But the action doesn't end there. This is also a CASCADING SLOT. That means that every time you win, those symbols melt away, the ones above them drop down, and still more pour in from above. This is a nutty laboratory that's not for the weak of heart, especially when you play it with bonuses and free spins from Jackpot Capital. Luckily, there's a doctor in the house!

And if you thought this WINSithologist wouldn't have robot assistants - you'd be crazier than he is. These special symbols randomly appear - and move other symbols out of the way. Why? To give DR. WINMORE more space to help you win more, of course! Whenever the robots appear, expect a CASCADE to follow close behind.

This guy is a genius (and so are the designers at RTG), so there's of course one more element that makes this Slot fantastic: the climbing multiplier.

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Every time CASCADING SYMBOLS rain down from above - probably from some sort of weather control device - the multiplier goes up. Win again? Those symbols disappear, there's another cascade, and the multiplier goes up AGAIN.

You can climb all the way up through 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x to a 6X MULTIPLIER on one spin.

Are you already imagining all the winning potential? Then you're a visionary - and you and DR. WINMORE are going to get along just fine. Actually, way better than fine. This doctor is so nice, you'll want to see him twice. And a few dozen more times after that!

You can visit the DR. WINMORE Online Slot on Mobile, Download, or Instant Play. What doctor is more accessible than that! Enjoy cascading symbols - wins that can be multiplied by 6 every spin - and cluster payouts that offer a wild change of pace.

Give him and his robots a try at Jackpot Capital today!

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