Slot Games

It is safe to say that the Jackpot Capital slots are the mainstay of our great casino. Slots are so much more than they were before the advent of video slots! Once upon a time, slots were all mechanical machines. Video slots are digital and offer a lot more possibilities for slots fun.  

What Exactly ARE Video Slots?

When slots were mechanical, a person actually pulled the arm to get the reels spinning.  The digital age brought about slots that are run entirely by computer software.  Even at land based casinos, most of the slots are video slots these days.

Jackpot Capital Slots Have Special Characteristics

We also feature many bonus slots in addition to the slots with a bonus!  You’ll see as we proceed that slots are unique among casino games and our large selection of online slots are so good that you can play forever and you’ll still come back for more!

Story Lines

The first thing that all new gamers discover about video slots is that they all have a story line.  This means that you can play one with a theme based in an ancient civilization and another set in a science fiction future.  The next night you can take a beachside vacation and come back to a hair-raising adventure.

In fact, the possibilities in the story lines are truly endless.  Real Time Gaming, our great games provider, comes out with a new slot every month.  We often run a promotion based on that slot.  So, gamers get to play a new slot every month and we add an extra element of excitement to the discovery stage of playing a new slot.

Many new slots become instant classics!

Theme Categories

We have slots in so many themes that it is hard to list them all.  So, we will divide them up into unusual categories:

  • Tongue in cheek
  • Very serious indeed
  • Rollicking fun
  • History buff

Tongue in Cheek

In this category, we find Hillbilly Cashola which is loosely based on the Beverly Hillbillies tv series from waaaaay back in the 1960’s.  There isn’t a single American who grew up watching them hillbillies who can’t still sing the introductory song!

The slot will take you on a grand quest for a progressive jackpot.

Another tongue in cheek slot is Fruit Frenzy.  Fruit plays a big part in many Real Time Gaming games.  Fruits are colorful, juicy, sweet and tart, and everyone loves them!  Fruit Frenzy slot is one of the slots that players play when they need to turn that frown around!  Had a difficult day at the office!  Fruit Frenzy will frenzify your evening and you can’t resist smiling!

There are a lot of slots that fit this category so we will mention only one more.  Jumping Beans became an instant classic the moment it hit the “silver screen” of your computer or mobile device, that is!!  As you can imagine Jumping Beans is all about, well, jumping beans.  The great creative people at Real Time Gaming produced graphics for this slot that are simply stunning!

You would expect fantastic graphics in a slot about jumping beans and you got it!

Very Serious Indeed

We recommend you try out Pirate Isle, mate.  The pirates are not your run of the mill Hollywood pirates who might break into song at any moment!  These pirates mean business and the business is the treasure everyone is searching for.  Just be careful and you might get a pirate bonus in this very serious slot!

Secret Jungle is set in, you guessed it, a jungle.  If you have ever tried to make your way through a jungle, you know that it is very serious business, indeed!  This jungle has many secrets not the least of which is the bonus you might get when the jungle begins to look favorably upon you.

Finally, among the many serious indeed slots is Voodoo Magic.  We won’t tell you to be careful; you are sure to be careful when you open a slot all about voodoo and magic.  OOOOOOH!

Rollicking Fun

This category is bursting forth with great entertaining slots.  The Naughty or Nice series is very naughty and very nice.  The Three Stooges make a couple of appearances in our slots collection. Moe, Larry, cheese!  Let’s not forget Hen House for some egg-cracking, cluck clucking fun!

History Buff

We can take you back to Egypt, Rome, Greece, the Aztec, Maya, or Inca eras, to the time when the Vikings ruled the world, or to the Native American culture of the Rain Dance.  Even the most serious history buff will enjoy our playful forays into history and bygone cultures.

What Special Features Do Video Slots Have?

The two most important features are the wild symbol and the scatter symbol.  The scatter wins in all positions.  When you get three or more of these beauties, you go directly to the free spins bonus round.  There’s no need to “pass go” because the free spins bonus rounds have reputations for creating really big payouts!

The wild symbol is like a wild card in poker.  However, the wild symbol in slots is better!  It often carries a multiplier so your win is multiplied.  In the regular game, the multiplier is usually 3x but in the free spins bonus round, it usually goes way up.  Hit a win with a wild in the bonus round and the screen showers you with gold coins.

And that’s even if you weren’t playing a treasure hunt slot.

There’s more!  The wild symbols can get bigger to spill over into the next reel.  They can grow up and down to cover more slots on the reels.  They can sometimes cover an entire reel!  In the bonus round, you might have sticky wilds that stay on the reel until the bonus round ends.

Imagine the wins that can come your way!  Better yet, play these slots and see for yourself the many ways that the wild symbols can create big wins for you!

Stay in Your Seat

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: at Jackpot Capital Casino, you can play all of our more than 200 slots without giving up your seat to anyone who is lurking behind you like the lurkers lurk in land based casinos!

At Jackpot Capital, we aren’t held back by walls.  We understand that building codes require that land based casinos have walls.  But we exist in freewheeling cyberspace where the byword is “wall, walls, we don’t need no @#&*%@ walls”.


The graphics keep getting better and better!  Real Time Gaming is always in the lead when it comes to online gaming graphics.  Our players look forward to every new release from RTG because they know that the game will always be intriguing, engrossing, imaginative, encouraging, and for the history buffs among us, enlightening!


Graphics are the straw that stirs the mobile gaming drink.  Our Jackpot Capital mobile platform carries graphics to a new level.

So, come on board and get settled down in your comfortable chair or sofa and take a ride with our big selection of great RTG slots!