Does Jackpot Capital Run Any Promotions?

Do we ever!!!  A good place to start the happy story of our many promotions is how the promotions at Jackpot Capital work. And it is advantageous to you to be sure to come in to Jackpot Capital frequently to be sure you've grabbed up the latest bonus.  It could be free cash, could be free spins, could be extra comp points, and the list continues on and on.

There are many differences between gaming online at Jackpot Capital Casino or at a land based casino.  Among the many differences are the way promotions are handled.  JC gives you more playing time - more fun - more winning possibilities.  Land-based casinos give you free drinks to dull your senses and disturb your good gaming strategies.

And then there is the difference in playthrough requirements - but let's leave that for later, and dig right into the Jackpot Capital promotions offered.  Let's start with our welcome bonus for new players.

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Jackpot Capital Says Welcome with a Smile and a Bonus

When you join Jackpot Capital, we start you off with a super welcome bonus - get a 100% bonus up to $100 plus 100 free spins on the slots game, Achilles.  From that point on, we send you notices of the rest of your welcome package of bonuses through your email.  The welcome bonuses can total a full $1000.

But, that is only the beginning of bonuses here at Jackpot Capital.

The Next Generation of Bonuses

Keeping with the special benefits that bonuses afford you at online casinos such as Jackpot Capital, we have a recurring bonus every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.  Here are the details:

Tuesday on the Go

Every Tuesday, we randomly choose 30 players who have made a small deposit and bet at least $500 while playing on their mobile device in the previous seven days.  Each of these randomly chosen gamers receives a bonus that often reaches $100.

Let’s look at this promotion a little more closely.  It comes almost in the middle of the week.  It assumes that you are fully enmeshed in the activity of the week.  Businesspeople are busy growing their businesses or working toward growing the corporation that employs them.

At this point, most people need some quick entertainment.  You don’t have time to catch a show or movie.  You may not have time for a long restaurant meal.  But you do need to blow off some steam.  Right there in your pocket or handbag is a casino!  When you play, even for a few minutes, you qualify for the Tuesday on the Go bonus.

Mobile has certainly come a long way, baby.  Cell phones used to be giant monstrosities.  No more!  Today’s smartphones and tablets are sleek and light but they have the capacity to provide quick entertainment.  Jackpot Capital invites you to join up this moment to make sure that you always have our casino with you wherever you are!

Friday Bonus Draw

Every player who makes three minimal deposits in the week before the draw qualifies for a random draw every Friday.  As with the Tuesday bonuses, these bonuses can also reach $100.   We award at least 30 bonuses every Friday.

We understand that you might have a full schedule for the weekend.  Our intention is to get you set up for a great weekend even if you don’t play our casino games until the following week!

The same idea is the reason we run the next huge bonus promotion on Saturday night!

Saturday Night Fever

This is the name of a relatively new bonus we are running every Saturday night.  It is a sizable deposit bonus that can get as high as $1000.  If you’re planning on making a deposit and can wait until Saturday, it might be best to wait and use this promotion to expand your bankroll in a very big way!

  • A $50 deposit gets you a 50% bonus so you play with $75.
  • A $100 deposit gets you a 75% bonus so you play with $175.
  • A $200 deposit brings a 100% bonus so you play with $400.
  • A $400 deposit brings a 150% bonus so you play with a cool $1000.

What about Wednesday?

Yes, we skipped Wednesday for just a moment because on Wednesday we actually run two bonus promotions!  The first is called Hump Day and features a single-humped camel who sets you up with a surprise bonus.

The second Wednesday bonus is a surprise bonus that can reach as high as $150.  You deposit $25 and play a favorite game on Monday and Tuesday and you have qualified for the surprise bonus!

Game of the Month Bonus

This bonus may change from month to month.  At this moment, the bonus is for 100% up to $700.  Gamers have been able to take advantage of this awesome bonus every day this month!  The bonus might change for the next game of the month but the bonus will always be huge and the opportunities to take advantage of them will run from often to every day!


This is a promotion to help gamers on a streak of poor luck to get back on their gaming feet.  If you have lost at least $100 since your last withdrawal, and your account is close to empty, you qualify for a 25% cashback.  We don’t like when our gamers run their accounts down to empty so we make every effort to help you out if that happens to you.  The cashback promotion is so good that we have a separate set of terms and conditions for it.  We always suggest that gamers read the terms and conditions.  We also write them in very clear language so they are easy to understand.

Comp Points

The idea behind a comp points promotion is simple.  We have devised yet another way to return money to you.  In this promotion, we convert every bet you make into comp points.  When the number of comp points grows high enough, you can reconvert them into casino credits.

Land based casinos have similar promotions but most of their gamers never play enough to actually be able to turn their comp points into credits.  At Jackpot Capital, we convert comp points into large sums of money every day!  That’s because we are converting the comp points for a large number of happy gamers!

Why Do We Run So Many Bonuses?

This is actually a very good question because it gets into both the interpersonal side of online gaming and it also gets into the philosophical side of gaming at Jackpot Capital.

Some people have not joined an online casino because they feel that they are too impersonal.  We do everything we can to make Jackpot Capital personal.  Every promotion we run is designed to “put a face” on the casino.

We want every gamer—and the number of members of Jackpot Capital runs into hundreds of thousands—to feel unique and special in your dealings with us.  We want you to say “my casino” when you tell your friends, family, or colleagues about the casino you play at.

A cash bonus gives you the chance to score a big win with our money.  We make every promotion special.  We might have simply said here is the bonus promotion for Monday and here is Tuesday’s and so on.  That would be impersonal!

Instead, we make evert effort to encourage you, to draw you into the great entertainment value our games can provide, and to do so with our money.

At Jackpot Capital, we run a casino blog.  You'll find our blog section at the bottom of the homepage.  In the blog are all of our old promotions.  We will mention here just a few from the last couple of years because they show how we relate to all of our players.

In the past year, we ran an Easter Egg Hunt promotion in which we offered up to seven bonuses.  We ran a St. Patrick’s Day promotion with three bonuses.  We ran a Thanksgiving Day promotion.

In addition, you can see all the monthly promotions we ran in the past year.  By now, it should be clear that we never sit on our past successes.  Every promotion we run is designed to produce future success for both you and the casino.

The Never-ending Land Based Casino Play Through Requirement

The wagering requirement is a factor of the bonus and the deposit that all casinos require you play before you can withdraw your winnings.  This requirement was added to all bonuses because in the early days of online gaming some players took the bonus and quickly cashed out.

Here is the key difference between a bonus at Jackpot Capital and a bonus at a land based casino.  At Jackpot Capital, you can play for as many days as you wish before you complete the wagering requirement.  Our wagering requirement is low by the average of the online gaming business at about 30x.

That means that you have to bet thirty times the bonus and deposit before you can withdraw the winnings.  When you play at a land based casino, you simply don’t have enough time to complete the wagering requirement during the long weekend you've travelled to the casino for.

Working with Las Vegas to Combat Food Waste

Naturally, we are in direct competition with all land based casinos.  The world center of land based casinos is Las Vegas so it would seem odd that we, an online casino, would team up with Las Vegas casinos in a promotion.

In fact, we did exactly that last Christmas.  We would like to make special mention of the great promotion we created to help fight food waste.  For the Christmas season last year, we teamed with many Las Vegas casinos to try to combat the problem so many establishments that serve food have: food waste.

One third of all the food grown or produced in the world gets wasted.  It might not be such a big percentage at your house but the percentage is quite high in restaurants and hotels and Las Vegas is full of restaurants, buffets, and hotels.

We salute the gaming industry in Las Vegas for the concern they showed last Christmas season to the less fortunate among us.

At Jackpot Capital, we don’t waste food, of course.  But we want to show how committed we are to returning to the public as much as we can in the form of the many promotions we run.  We also want everyone to make an extra effort to waste as little food as they possible can!

Three Promotions that aren’t Exactly Promotions

We will finish by talking a bit about three promotions that aren’t exactly promotions but demonstrate how important you are to us here at Jackpot Capital.

VIP Club

The VIP Club is for people who can afford to make large deposits and play often.  Only a small handful of gamers can become a VIP.  As a VIP, we treat you like kings.  You get special bonuses, extra comp points, and much more.

At the same time, we want the vast majority of gamers to know that we do everything we can to treat you like kings as well.  We run promotions and bonus offers almost every day.  So, even if you don’t have the financial resources to be a VIP, we want you to know that we consider each and every one of you to be a Very Important Person to us!

Free Play

We offer unlimited free play to all of our gamers.  We do so for a couple of reasons.  First, with the above discussion about VIPs in mind, we know that most of our gamers watch their bankrolls carefully.  You might want to continue playing for the fun of it but you would like to stop putting real money down on the outcomes of the hands or spins.

We offer unlimited free play so you can do so.

The second reason we offer unlimited fee play is that we want every player to know the games they play before they put money down.  We offer unlimited free play so you can learn the ins and outs of every game at no cost whatsoever to you.

Customer Support

If ever there was an area where we could cut corners it would be in the hours of the customer service office.  Well, we don’t cut corners at all!  The customer service office never closes!  Not for Christmas, not for any national holiday, and not for the office manager’s wife’s or husband’s birthday!

We are ALWAYS open to serve you in any and every way we can!  Phone, email, message or chat, we're here for you!

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