How to Pick the Best Gaming Platform at Jackpot Capital?

At Jackpot Capital Casino, we offer you four excellent gaming platforms.  Each of our platforms is great in its own right.  Whichever system you choose to play in, you’ll love the fun and entertainment we provide in each gaming form.

You might find the download platform to be best for you.   You might go instead for our Instant Play casino platform.  Both of these platforms work well with our desktop casino.  The mobile casino gives you instant access no matter where you are!  So, even if you play at your desktop most of the time, you’ll love being able to access all of our fine games on your mobile as well.

Finally, no matter where you are and no matter which platform you choose to use to play our great games, we offer unlimited free play.  So, we also call our Free Play system a gaming platform of sorts.

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Graphics Make the Online Casino World Go Round

At this point, we have to say a few words about the graphics on each of our platforms.  In fact, we’ll be saying a few words about the graphics a few times over again in this article.  That’s because graphics are the essential element in the world of online casinos.   

Jackpot Capital platforms all feature the best graphics available for online casino gaming.  Our games provider, Real Time Gaming or RTG, works overtime and diligently to incorporate the best and newest graphics into every new game they come out with.

RTG comes out with at least one new game every month so you can see the fantastic graphics in every new game every month!  Graphics will play a prominent role in the discussion about the downloaded casino and they’ll also be the biggest story when we go into more detail about the Instant Play and the mobile casino platforms.

For now, sit back and enjoy as we talk about each of our superb gaming platforms in greater depth.

Download Jackpot Capital

The download casino software we use here at Jackpot Capital Casino does two very important tasks.  First, it makes the entire download process quick and simple.  Second, it makes gaming at Jackpot Capital immediately available to you even if and when your internet server is down or its signal is weak for some reason.

Here are the benefits of downloading Jackpot Capital and the one drawback that leads many gamers to choose to play in our Instant Play platform.

Once the Casino is in, it’s In

That means that after you download the casino to your hard drive, you can play all of our games unless, of course, your area is having a power outage.  Well, it could happen! 

In some areas that we serve, and we serve the entire world, it is much more common for internet access to drop from time to time.  In those areas, it is best to download the casino to your hard drive so that you have access to Jackpot Capital even when the internet is temporarily down.

Another aspect of the download platform is that it always works at the same speed.  That means, if the speed of the internet service in your area can go from quick to snail-like, you will benefit tremendously from having the casino safely ensconced on your hard drive for quick, easy, and reliable gaming.

After you have downloaded the casino, all that’s left to do is to sit down at the desktop or relax with your laptop and you can enjoy all of our 300+ games.

Graphics Return

Once again, the graphics on this platform are a major part of the story.  Many gamers tell us that the graphics in the download platform is the best of the three main platforms we offer you.  We and RTG have worked together to make sure that the graphics in both the Instant Play and mobile platforms are as good as they can be.

We have a theory as to why some gamers say that the downloaded casino platform has the best graphics.  It might be that some long time gamers remember when there wasn’t even a mobile platform.  You might also remember that the graphics in the so-called instant play platform of the time was, let us say, not as good as today.

Certainly, in the early days the graphics in the download version were the best available.  Nowadays, without a doubt, the graphics in each of our gaming platforms are equally superb.

Instant Play Platform

In our discussion about the download version of Jackpot Capital, we did not talk about two advantages the Instant Play platform definitely has over the download platform.

If you believe that either if these two advantages may apply to you and your computer, then the Instant Play platform is absolutely for you!

Instant Play Doesn’t Take up Space on Your Hard Drive

This is a really important aspect of choosing between the download version and the Instant Play platform.  It depends on the generation of your desktop computer and the storage capacity of your hard drive.

We have a lot of gamers who have very powerful computer memory but still prefer to play our casino games in the Instant Play platform.  Why?  Because the memory on their hard drive is not infinite.  They prefer putting movies, pictures, and music on the hard drive for quick access and as a result prefer to play our games in the Instant Play platform.

The fact is that the Instant Play platform at Jackpot Capital is so good that for many gamers, it pays to play there.

Instant Play May be Faster than Your Computer

We spoke above about a possible advantage for the download platform if your internet server runs slow at times.  Here we are talking about your computer being so overloaded with other things that it may run slow for casino gaming.

In that situation, you should definitely play in our Instant Play platform.

Mobile is the Giant Wave of the Future

Wow!  Are you old enough to remember the first cell phones?  Are you old enough to remember the very first generation of smartphones?  If you are a millennial, you don’t remember but you may have heard all of the “horror stories” from the early days of mobile communication!

To say that the first cell phones were giant monstrosities is a gross understatement!  To say that the speed and service of the first smartphones was far less than today’s smartphones is stating the obvious.

Not only are mobile devices far faster and stronger than the mobile devices of yesteryear, but the graphics are so far ahead of that time that it isn’t even a matter of discussion!  There was a time when a casino like Jackpot Capital didn’t need a mobile platform because everything about it was inferior to the desktop or even to the Instant Play platform of that time.

Casino gaming on your mobile device is already the most popular way for gamers to play!  Here are a few bullet points to show you the many reasons why this is so.  Then we’ll talk about each one.

  • Convenience.
  • Comfort.
  • Control.
  • Great graphics.
  • Number of games.
  • Pure fun.
  • Romance.

Should we talk about romance first?  You didn’t know the extent to which our mobile platform can enhance your romantic life!  Actually, the romantic side of mobile gaming is a direct function of all of the other benefits of mobile gaming so we’ll go into the romantic details at the end!


Obviously, no one needs to tell you about the convenience of mobile communication.  When the first monster cell phones came into the market, many people thought that they would never even want to drag around such a cell phone.  But, the technology kept getting better and better.

Cell phones got thinner and lighter.  The price came down.  More and more people bought one.  If you were one of the last to buy one, you did so after you saw how convenient they are and how happy your family members, friends, and colleagues were with their cell phones.

Now let’s fast forward to today.  The mobile casino is just soooo convenient.  Take out your phone and play a few quick hands or spins while you wait in some kind of line somewhere.  Or anytime you have a few moments for fun and relaxation.

Playing a few quick hands or spins is just the beginning of the mobile platform story!


So many gamers have discovered that the mobile platform is superb that they now play on that platform even when they are at home!  This is a rather recent development.  It means that you can play all of our casino games from the comfort of your most comfortable chair or sofa.

You can play while you’re out on the porch or sitting by the pool.  As relaxing as online casino gaming is for so many gamers, the simple comfort that playing on our mobile platform provides enhances the feeling of relaxation.


Many gamers have come to realize that online casino gaming is also good in short sessions.  Mobile has been the driving force in creating this new online gaming mindset. 

When you play at a land based casino, you almost always play for a very long time.  We encourage all of our gamers to find the happy medium between playing for fun and playing too long.  Certainly, mobile makes it easy to stop playing if you’re tired. 

Gamers who play on the mobile platform at home also find that it makes it easy to set gaming limits.  In that way, you always have the time to take care of all of your other responsibilities.

In truth, online gaming in general helps you control your gaming activity but mobile, being so flexible and so….mobile, is probably the platform that best helps you stay in control.


Here we are again, talking about graphics.  At the risk of repeating ourselves let us point out that the graphics on our mobile platform are millions of light years better than the graphics were ten or more years ago.  And the graphics continue to get better.  For that we can thank RTG and the computer whizzes all around us!

More and More Games

When mobile gaming started, all the games there were refitted desktop games.  Now RTG develops games primarily for mobile because so many gamers use the mobile platform exclusively.

Pure Fun

We are aware that some gamers will play too long.  We are dedicated and committed to responsible gaming in every aspect.  The overall advantages of the mobile platform make it easy to play for the sheer fun of it.  When you are curled up on your cushy chair or sofa, you are in a fun moment.

Our goal is always to maximize the fun side of online casino gaming.  That’s one reason we have three great gaming platforms.  Oops!  Didn’t we say that we consider free play to be a platform of sorts?  How does that work?

Unlimited Free Play

We offer unlimited free play because we can afford to do so and because we want you to enjoy gaming to its fullest.  We want you to know every game you play before you make a bet on the outcome of a hand or a spin.

Only at an online casino like Jackpot Capital can you play blackjack for free!  Where is the land based casino that would pay a dealer his or her salary to deal blackjack for free?

Did We Also Forget Romance?

This was the last bullet point in the talk about mobile.  We segued into free play because it was appropriate and now we will finish by talking about the romantic value of mobile gaming.

Curl up on a sofa or in bed with your bestest friend or lover and you will instantly understand why we talk about pure fun and romance in connection with our mobile platform!

We wish you hours of fun and happy gaming here at Jackpot Capital!

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