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Game Details - Primal Warriors Legacy

Did you know jackpots were around before the Pleistocene and Stone Age Samurais were minting gold coins? Yep! That is according to Primal Warriors Legacy – a game that has big wins for the future… and an eye on the distant past!

In this freshly launched Jackpot Capital online slot there is nothing archaic about gameplay, and the features are anything but fossilised. Besides the usual scatter activated free games rounds, there are OVERSIZED SYMBOLS with the intrinsic payout power of mini mammoths on the grid!

Add a wild warrior that appears habitually on the reels, and typically in a super-stacked formation, and what have you got? An online casino slot that pays out often and in perfect synergy with its medium volatility rating!

That is not the hero effect in the 5x4 slot machine, and not by a long shot. That status is reserved for the HOLD AND SPIN feature, a bonus round that has multipliers, four fixed jackpots and a potential top prize of 75,000 x the payline wager written into the script!

Convert prehistoric pounds into USD and that is a grand total of $18,750 stashed away on the Primal Warriors Legacy gameboard. If you intend to hunt it down you must be brave, battle hardened, and a registered player at Jackpot Capital Casino. That way you can put money on the game!

Game Structure and Payouts

Primal Warriors Legacy is a typical 5x4 video slot with 25 paylines and 10 gaming symbols. It pays out when 3 or more identical game tiles fall on adjacent reels from left to right. Prizes are determined by the number of symbols in a winning combination.

As can be expected, it is the trio of primal warriors who are the highest paying icons in the game. The wild white-haired Samurai and his younger male side kick offer up to 400 x the bet per line for a 5-symbol configuration. The female fighter with her short stabbing spear delivers a maximum of 350 x.

Thereafter the nebulous green icon and blue crystal arrow heads generate prizes of up to 300 x and 200 x apiece. The symbols representing the royal cards in a deck deliver 40 x or 50 x the payline wager.

That is a quick breakdown of the Primal Warriors Legacy paytable. How about what you can really win right now in terms of dollars and cents at Jackpot Capital Online Casino? As with all real money payouts, the prizes are commensurate with your betting stake – or, to be more precise, the bet per payline.

In this game, the betting range is $0.50 to $6.25 per spin. When you divide the available stakes by the 25 paylines you get a bet per line range of $0.02 to $0.25 – and that is what is multiplied by the payouts on the paytable to arrive at the equivalent prizes in USD.

What banging away on the calculator reveals is you can bank up to $100 in regular play. That is for 5 bearded primal warriors in a row. The ‘lady killer’ delivers $87.50 and the remaining symbols pay out cash prizes ranging in value from $10 to $75. Not too shabby!

Primal Warriors Legacy Bonus Features

When you play Primal Warriors Legacy slot online, the first thing you will notice is the frequency at which the wild symbol lands on the grid. That is obviously key in two respects – it completes paying patterns as a standard symbol substitute and offers the highest prizes in the game.

What is notable is the wild often appears in a stacked configuration on the reels. That can and does result in big or even mega big wins! It is one of the reasons why there is always a steady inflow of cash into your Jackpot Capital account.

Then there are 5, 7 or 10 free games triggered by 3, 4 and 5 scatter symbols respectively. During the free spins round the three centre reels merge to create one supersized reel position. That position is filled by 3x3 symbol that changes with every spin.

Oversized symbols have the potential to deliver HUGE WINS of $200 or more. That is enough to cover at least another hour or two of gaming – compliments of the casino! Now that little fact is worth sharing with your friends!

The real gamechanger in Primal Warriors Legacy slot machine is the Hold and Spin feature. It requires at least six gold coins to drop simultaneously on the reels in regular play to activate. During free games, the Hold and Spin feature is triggered when the gold coin appears as an oversized symbol.

What makes the Hold and Spin bonus round the pivotal moment in the game? The fact that every symbol in the round is either a gold coin with a random multiplier value, a jackpot token or a blank tile. At the end of the round, you are awarded the collective value of all the multipliers, and if you are lucky, one or more of the Mini, Minor or Major Jackpots!

When coins fill all 15 positions on the board, you get the largest bonus prize of all – the 1,000 x Grand Jackpot. That converts to a neat $6,250 when the maximum bet is in-play. When you take the top 75,000 x award into account, you really can win a small fortune playing Primal Warriors Legacy slot online at Jackpot Capital Casino – and you don’t have to be a caveman or secret Samurai to cash in!

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