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Pulsar Online Slot

The universe is huge. Its natural wonders are often beyond human comprehension. And somehow, the PULSAR Online Slot lives up to its enormity - with features you'll love - and a top prize worth traversing space for.

RTG and their team of Slot artists have done it again. This outer space-themed, five-reel Slot has 20 fixed lines that pay left to right – and the different symbols include giant planets - and stars that light up night skies from hundreds of lightyears away. The result is an immersive, deep-space adventure that can pay out as big as its setting.

Now let's get to the important stuff: the honeycomb grid of the PULSAR Online Slot holds TWO FEATURES - that act together for unbelievable payouts.

With the CASCADING WINS FEATURE, you can keep winning after every win. Each time you create a winning combination, the multiplier is paid out accordingly. Then, the symbols disappear and get replaced by more symbols – that can create more winning combinations! Again, this occurs every time you score a multiplier!

Now you know why it's considered a Low Volatility game! (That is to say, it's unusual when you're not winning regularly on the PULSAR Online Slot.)

The second of the two features is the NEUTRON STARS Feature. When the neutron star symbol appears, it will have a number from 1 to 3. As you play, the number counts down until it reaches zero – then it EXPLODES!

Four different colors of Neutron Stars are featured in the PULSAR Online Slot, each with their own unique blast pattern. One destroys symbols across the top and bottom, others diagonally, and so on. When they explode, all the empty spaces are replaced with the same, randomly selected symbol - that's sure to trigger some wins.

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If a different Neutron Star is in the blast radius of an exploding one, that one explodes too, and on and on it goes! And when you win, the paying symbols disappear and get replaced by the CASCADING WINS FEATURE. You'll often find yourself sitting back, relaxing, and letting the wins roll in while enjoying the view.

The TOP PRIZE on the PULSAR Online Slot is 150x your bet, so the higher your wager, the more you stand to win. In no time, you'll probably be buying your own rocket ship, heading into space, and seeing if you can't collect all those the real-life resources. Or, you can leave alien planets alone, buy a fancy new sportscar, and play this twinkling diamond to your heart's content.

Today, you can play the PULSAR Online Slot on Mobile, Download, or Instant Play. Whichever you prefer - and wherever you are in the universe - you can expect the same great, nonstop action that will ripple across time and space - and into your bankroll.

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