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How to Keep Your at-home Gaming under Control

A lot of people are still working from home.  There is some anecdotal evidence that even after economies reopen a lot of people will continue to work remotely.  Some people love being able to work from home, to stay in pajamas all day, and to grow a beard.

On the other hand, there are people who miss the camaraderie of the work place.  Some people feel that they get more work done at the office than at home!   They say that at home there are too many distractions.  All of these distractions, when put together, actually “cost” workers productive work time!

As much as Jackpot Capital online casino has been a boon to gamers during these difficult pandemic times, we must acknowledge that gaming at a top jackpot casino may be one kind of distraction people mean when they say that they have too many distractions to work productively from home.

Jackpot Capital to the Rescue!

The notion that there are too many distractions at home preventing working from home from being productive is easy to remedy.  The key is to set guidelines, prioritize activities, set a schedule, and stick to your decisions.  This may seem like a big task but it really isn’t.

Let’s use gaming at Jackpot Capital casino as an example and apply the four “solutions” to gaming here.

It is Absolutely Necessary to Prioritize your Activities

The first thing to do is to brainstorm all of the things you want to do and need to do.  It is very important to write everything down.  We also suggest that you leave nothing out.  So, you might write down “take a shower”.  Even if this is an obvious activity you do every day, you should write it down!

The list of things you need to do may have several items:

  1. Shower
  2. Eat breakfast
  3. Eat lunch
  4. Eat supper
  5. Call mother
  6. Do the laundry
  7. Make a shopping list
  8. Attend ZOOM meeting at 1:00 pm
  9. Walk the dog
  10. Work

Most people think that the list of things we want to do would be much longer than the list of things we have to do.  Still, both lists would be quite long if you made them absolutely inclusive.

Having Fun Prioritizing!

We also think that making super long lists would be a fun activity so we propose having a “prioritizing party” for friends!  You will need to add chips and dip to your shopping list, by the way!

Let’s say that you get ten friends together for your prioritizing party.  Everyone secretly writes down ten things for the have to do list and ten things for the want to do list.

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Then we combine everyone’s lists.

You will easily see a lot of repetitions!  So, you set everyone to make second lists of have to do and want to do items.  By the time you get to the third or fourth rounds of list, everyone will be laughing and having a great time and you will have tons of items for your own personal lists!

Then, you really do need to prioritize.

Work before Play

Most people will place work before play.  That is as it should be.  The next step is to schedule your work day.  Anything you need to do before work has to be included in your work schedule!

This might include walking for exercise, taking a shower, preparing and eating breakfast and so on.  Once your work day begins, the only activities that you can allow to intrude on work are coffee, stretching, and lunch.

Even if you are bored by your work, you need to stick with it.  Here is where looking for small pleasures from work can help.  This was one of the many great insights Robert Pirsig has given us from his book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”.  He called these minor pleasures “quality” which was the basis of his entire metaphysics.  Still, looking for small “quality” moments in an otherwise dull job can keep you focused on the big picture which is doing a good job at work.

Learn to Enjoy Life at Home

Most people watch television as a way of passing the time at home.  Online casino gaming is another popular pastime.  As pleasurable as watching television may be—these days streaming is the preferred way to watch television—and as much as we certainly advocate for the fun side of online casino gaming, we feel that there are some activities that you might spend more time on!

We would like to present three more options for spending quality time at home.

These three activities are long term ones similar to a hobby but we all know a lot of possible at-home hobbies such as collecting this or that.  These activities go beyond mere hobbies.

Learn to Cook Exotic Foods

The internet is full of recipes for food from all over the world.  We actually think that using a cookbook is even better than looking from a recipe online.  Most people have cookbooks that they have not yet discarded so look through what you have before looking online.

The idea is to spice up your meals with ethnic favorites from around the world.  Eventually, you would want to invite people (or a special someone) for an exotic meal you prepared from scratch.

There are many benefits to cooking interesting things that are well known in other cultures.  For example, we might learn to develop a taste for foods, condiments, herbs and spices that we may not have “liked” in the past.  The same idea of developing a taste for something might also apply to alcoholic beverages.

Now, we have often said that gamers should not drink and play.  However, gaming sessions end and a drink or two is not an unacceptable activity so long as it is just a drink or two.

Some people learn to like stouts while others may learn to savor and appreciate good whisky.

Read the Classics a Few Pages at a Time

We have heard that people don’t read anymore!  It is certainly true that people read a lot less than they did a hundred or so years ago but that doesn’t mean that people DON’T READ!  It means that people need a good reason to read something.

So, we suggest reading the classics a few pages at a time.  Now, we also realize that some people would prefer to read 21st century fiction over hard to read novels from many decades ago.  The idea is to read serious stuff not the fluff that sells millions of copies but that people forget as soon as they finish the book.

Plan Your Next Vacations

We made that plural so you might plan several vacations.  There are so many good travel sites online, great maps, and a boatload of information.  Even if you can only take a vicarious vacation now, you can plan a great vacation for when the great moment arrives that travel and vacations are once again safe and available.

Online Casino Gaming is a Standout Pastime

Everything in its place is a great way of looking at any activity.  We eat to live but we overeat at great risk.  We drink alcohol in moderation.  We like to drive fast in the highway but not on city streets where kids might be playing.

We like to play slots, blackjack, video poker and the many other games on offer at Jackpot Capital.  Join us NOW and we will do our utmost to give you great gaming and loads of fun!

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