Jackpot Capital Encourages Gamers to Use the Best Strategy when they Play Blackjack

What are a Player’s Chances of Winning at Blackjack?

Jackpot Capital casino has earned the reputation as being a top jackpot casino.  That means that we offer progressive jackpot slots, Caribbean Poker with jackpots as a side bet, and slots with random jackpots built into the regular game play.

With so many ways to win jackpots, gamers sometimes forget that Jackpot Capital online casino offers a few hundred quite varied games. We offer a lot of slots, to be sure, and we also offer video poker in many variations plus roulette, craps, and baccarat as famous and popular table games.  The granddaddy of online casino table games is blackjack!

It has been quite some time since we talked about blackjack so we will eschew talk about slots jackpots and concentrate on blackjack in this article.

The Basic Goal of Blackjack

This is as simple a goal as possible: get to 21 points, or as close as you can, without exceeding 21 points which is called “busting”.  If the player busts, he or she loses immediately.  This is important in both online and land based blackjack but it is even more important at land based casinos since there are usually other players at the table.

If one player busts, he or she loses right away.  If the other players do not bust, then the dealer has to play based on fixed rules.  The players have the option of deciding what to do but the dealer is always limited by the fixed rules.

If one player has busted and the dealer now has to play, she might also bust.  Even if she busts with a higher point count than the player who busted earlier, the house wins that bet and loses to all of the other bets that stopped taking cards before busting.

The fact that the players go first gives the house a distinct advantage.

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What are the Decisions the Player Can Make?

On normal hands, the player has two options:

  1. To take another card
  2. To stand

There are also a few other options palyers have:

  1. To double down which gives the player just one more card
  2. To split pairs
  3. The take insurance
  4. To surrender

What is the Biggest Mistake Some Blackjack Players Make?

Perhaps the biggest mistake blackjack players make is to avoid busting at all costs.  This leads a lot of blackjack players to stand with 12 or more points at all times.  This is a mistake.

Why is that a Mistake?

It’s a mistake because the best blackjack strategy, as proven by computers analyzing millions of hands, requires gamers to look at the dealer’s up card.  The dealer has to stand on 17 or more points so, if she is showing a seven or better card, she might have 12, 13, 14, points beat already!

Best blackjack strategy tells players when to hit when the dealer is showing any card that might already give her the nuts, to borrow a term from poker!  When you see such a situation, you have to hit which means to take another card.  If you don’t, you will be playing into the house’s advantage rather than relying on statistically proven reality which gives you reasonable chances to win a hand even when you hit with 12 points.

What if the Dealer Has 10 Points and I Have 19 Points?

This is taking an idea to an extreme.  In that case, you would stand with 19 points.  The chances that the dealer will have 20 points are good but the chances that you will get either an ace or a two are very poor.

There is a blackjack ploy called surrender.  Unfortunately it is not offered very often.  That is a situation where the casino gives a player the option to surrender the hand at the cost of half their original bet.

When is Surrender a Good Idea?

Let’s take a common example.

The player has 14 points and the dealer has 10 points.  If the player stands, the dealer will win outright with a 7, 8, 9, 10 point card, or an ace.  Even if the player has a holding of 10-4 for 14 points, there are still 14 10 point cards (the dealer already has one and the player has one).

In addition, the dealer will win with as we said a 7, 6, 9, or ace which is 16 more cards.  That leaves 30 cards that will win the hand outright for the dealer.

Since 4 cards are already out, the odds that the dealer would win outright are 30/48 which gives the house a 60% advantage in that particular hand.  The player also has some winning chances such as if she gets a 6 or a 7.  The odds are that the player will not get those cards and therefore in that situation the player should surrender rather than taking a card or standing.

Are Players Always Doomed to Lose at Blackjack?

Indeed, not!

The return to player rate in blackjack is about 99.5%.  It is even higher in games that allow surrender.  The player has to use the best statistical strategy on every hand.  This leads to one of several reasons why online blackjack at Jackpot Capital casino is better for the player than playing at a land based casino.

Online Blackjack is Very Flexible

When people spend a few hundred dollars to get to a land based casino and book a room in the hotel for two or three nights, they have a natural tendency to play casino games even when they are very tired, hungry, need a bathroom break, or are just no longer on there A game.

When you play blackjack online, you can stop any time!  Since blackjack requires close attention to detail on ever hand, it is important to have no incentives to carry on when you should stop.

The Other Players are a Nuisance at Land-based Casinos

An experience that all blackjack players who use best strategy discover when they play at a land based casino is that the other players at the table usually are not familiar with best strategy.  Therefore, if you hit with 12 points and as the cards come out, they lose because of your decision, they will blame you for their loss.

Blackjack Lovers Abound at Jackpot Capital

Aside from slots, blackjack and video poker are the most popular games at Jackpot Capital.  Both blackjack and video poker have close to a 100% return to player rate!  There is also a well-researched best strategy for video poker.  So, we suggest trying these games out when you


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