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5 Best Jackpot Capital Slots from September

You have come to Jackpot Capital online casino and have availed yourself of the sizable Jackpot Capital welcome bonus.  Now, you have some of your money to play with and some of the casino’s money to play with.  What games should you play?

Why Not All of Them?

The simplest answer is also the correct answer generally: you should traverse the casino and play all of the games we have on offer!  This will take some time since Jackpot Capital casino has about 300 games on offer. 

So, here are a few of the best reasons for joining Jackpot Capital: the casino is always available to you; you can play any time you are free to do so; you can play for as long or as short a time as you wish or as your busy schedule allows; and, finally, you can find out for yourself why some games are as popular as they are!

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The Five Most Popular Slots in September

We would now like to introduce you to the five slots that earned the most spins in September!  In one manner of speaking that makes them the most popular slots for the month of September!  We are sure that you will find it interesting that gamers chose to spin these slots cumulatively more than any of the many, many other slots we offer.

Cash Bandits Has its Tongue Firmly in its Cheek

Not only one of the cash Bandits slots, but two of them make the popularity list for September: Cash Bandits 2 and Cash Bandits 3!

Cash Bandits 2 was released a few years ago.  It took Cash Bandits and added wrinkles that have made it one of the most popular slots in our entire library of Real Time Gaming slots.  First of all, the game offers two random progressive jackpots: the smaller one is called the minor and the larger one is called the major.

Random jackpots have proven to be enormously popular as you can win one totally at random at the end of any spin, even a losing one!

Cash Bandits 2 also offers up to 190 free spins with a maximum multiplier of 17x!  The game also offers amazing animation and graphics.  Finally, the game takes the idea of the bank robber and treats it with a giant dollop of humor.  Thus is one of the hallmarks of great slots: that they can take serious subjects and make us smile!

Cash Bandits 3 took all of the best elements that made both Cash Bandits and Cash Bandits 2 so popular—large random jackpots, huge multipliers, a tongue in cheek approach, and great graphics and animation—and increased them all!  The biggest win is fully 115,000x your bet!  The multiplier is up to 23x and the number of free spins available to lucky gamers is up to 390.

We see by the number of spins gamers made on these two slots that random jackpots, huge multipliers, and a massive dose of free spins offered alongside fun visuals is a winning combination for slots.

Plentiful Treasure

This is another slot with jackpots.  There are four jackpots in this game!  First, the game has a Chinese motif.  Developing slots with motifs from many different cultures is one of the hallmarks of slots generally.  Real Tine Gaming has slots with Irish, Chinese, Japanese, American, and many other cultural elements.

RTG also goes back to historical cultures.  This is one of the most popular aspects of slots!

Plentiful Treasure has two wild symbols.  The Boa symbol, which means treasure in Chinese, is the more common wild symbol and the pearl is rarer. The pearl also has a 5x multiplier so gamers love spinning for it!

The gold coin bonus arrives when a boa and a pearl wild symbol appear together on the center reel.  Then 12 gold coins appear.  Your task is to find three matching symbols hiding behind the gold coins.  The jackpots that you can win are appropriately named the Mini, the Minor, the Major, and the Grand!

We can see a pattern emerging: gamers like to play slots with jackpots!  They also like slots with creative themes, excellent graphics, appealing game play and an overall high level of entertainment value.

Achilles Deluxe

We said earlier that RTG likes to go back into history for slots themes.  Well, Achilles Deluxe takes for its theme the Battle of Troy which we all learned about in school as the Trojan War.  Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world, is here.  She was taken from Athens by Paris of Troy who truly loves her.

It is the job of Achilles and his brave warriors to rescue Helen!  History never tells us if Helen wanted to be “rescued” but the attempt to free her from the Trojans led Achilles and crew to create one of the greatest stories ever told!

Gamers love historically themed slots and in Achilles Deluxe they get that plus two random jackpots, free spins, large multipliers, scatters that act as if they were wilds, and wilds that act as wilds.

We should not be surprised that Achilles Deluxe remains one of the top five slots for September!  It has so many elements that gamers love: history, a popular hero and a popular heroine, wilds and scatters and surprises.

Diamond Fiesta

This is the fifth in our list of most popular slots at Jackpot Capital for September.  Diamond Fiesta is another Mexican themed slot.  The rich history, colorful traditional attire, vibrant culture, and exotic customs of Mexico make for great slots themes and have done so for decades! 

Diamond Fiesta follows in the wake of Mariachi 5 which chronicles the music and pageantry of the many Mariachi bands that serenade tourists and natives alike from the thousands of plazas that dot the urban Mexican landscape.

One of the stranger Mexican cultural icons is called The Day of the Dead which is the basic theme of Diamond Fiesta.  Day of the Dead, while featuring ghoulish symbolism, is actually a day of feasting in memory of and in honor of one’s dearly departed ancestors. 

Diamond Fiesta also features a non-progressive jackpot that is worth 800x your wager.  The skeleton wild symbol doubles as the scatter symbol.  Three scatters send you to the free spins bonus round which is unlike any other bonus round.  The bonus round is played with diamonds only.  The diamonds are sticky, so you accumulate diamonds on every spin.

If you fill the corners of the grid, the reels expand.  The reels can expand into an 8 by 4 grid.  Every time you get a diamond in the free spins bonus round, you get another free spin.

We imagine that Diamond Fiesta will continue to be one of each month’s top five slots for quite some time given the great graphics, exciting game play, large jackpot, and vibrant musical score.

Gamers at Jackpot Capital Love Jackpots

If there is any common denominator among these five slots, it is that they all have big jackpots.  Some have a progressive jackpot while others have random, non-progressive jackpots.

In addition to the jackpots, each of these five slots tells an exciting story.  We visit ancient Greece and Turkey in the Trojan War.  We travel vicariously to China and we laugh at the exploits of the goofiest bank robbers in all of slotsdom!

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