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We say that online blackjack play is better than playing blackjack at a land-based casino.  We will talk about blackjack as a great online casino game and blackjack as a great game to keep one’s mind supple and young.

Online Casinos Can Offer Many Variations of Blackjack

The simple reason is that Jackpot Capital has no space restrictions in cyberspace.  At a land-based casino, a blackjack table takes up a lot of space.  Land-based casinos need to use every inch of floor space to generate revenues because of their enormous operating costs.

An empty blackjack table at a land-based casino is a huge waste of valuable floor space.  So, for the many variations of blackjack, a land-based casino may offer the game as a terminal.  These terminals may also lay unused as blackjack players at land-based casinos like to sit at a table and slots players concentrate on slots!

How Many Variations of Blackjack Does Jackpot Capital Offer?

Here is a list of all the blackjack variations we offer here at Jackpot Capital:

  1. 21 Blackjack.  This is the standard blackjack we have been speaking about.
  2. Pontoon.
  3. European Blackjack.
  4. Super 21.
  5. 21 Face Up.
  6. Suit em Up.
  7. Match Play 21.

Jackpot Capital Retains the 3-2 Payout for a Blackjack

The 3-2 payout for a blackjack has been standard for many decades.  Still, some land-based casinos have changed tradition and are now paying only 6-5 for a blackjack.  This looks okay to many players because of the 6 but 6-5 is like 3-2.5.  In other words, gamers lose money on every blackjack they get under the 6-5 format.

There is No Cost Playing Blackjack at Jackpot Capital

There is a cost in playing the more limited number of blackjack variations at a land-based casino.  Most people still fly in to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or the coast of Mississippi to play at a land-based casino.

With the proliferation of standalone land-based casinos in the last 20-30 years, many people can now drive to a casino and drive home at the end of the day.

In whichever way a gamer gets to a land-based casino, there is a cost.

There is also the hassle of dealing with air travel circa 2024 which is huge.  There is the hassle of possibly facing heavy traffic going to or coming home from a land-based casino in your area.

Then there is the real cost of taking those free alcoholic drinks land-based casinos offer.  Alcohol makes people make mistakes and when you are playing casino games for real money, a mistake can be quite costly.

Make a cup of coffee and walk to the living room.  Curl up on the sofa with your laptop or mobile device and enjoy an hour or so of blackjack and any of the 300 or so games Jackpot Capital has on offer.

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Playing Blackjack Online Means That You Don’t Have to Play Just Blackjack

Of course, this is the same at a land-based casino with one very significant caveat.  Players at land-based casinos tend to get rooted to a single table or terminal.  At Jackpot Capital, and all good online casinos, gamers get “rooted” to the fun and excitement of playing online casino games with a very strong emphasis on games!

There is never any waiting to play a game so gamers can move from game to game without “giving up their seat” which doesn’t even exist anyway in cyberspace!

Blackjack is a cerebral game so, if and when a gamer needs a break from the mind game that is blackjack, he or she can spin slots, play craps or roulette, or visit Banana Jones!

Jackpot Capital Offers European Roulette

Both roulette and craps have basic bets and more complicated bets.  We suggest that gamers stick with the simplest bets in these games until they fully understand all of the more complicated bets.  In European Roulette, there is only one 0, not the 0 and 00 that is used in American Roulette.

As a result of taking away the 00, the house edge in European Roulette is lowered by half to about 2.5%.

What Can a Gamer Do with the Money He or She Saves by Playing at Jackpot Capital?

Here we are talking about the travel money gamers save.  You still have to set sound money management parameters for online casino gaming.  We also recommend playing short sessions since Jackpot Capital will be available tomorrow, and the next, and so on ad infinitum.

With the money gamers do not spend traveling to a land-based casino, they can take what we call “real vacations”.  What makes up a real vacation for gamers is a very subjective subject.  A lot depends on the season, one’s age and fitness level, and one’s free time interests.

Some people like to go to a state park. There will be hiking, biking, bird watching, boating, fishing, snowmobiling, and so on!  Every state has many state parks.  Many people live near the state parks of neighboring states as well.

Big City or Small Towns

People from the big city often like the quaint attractions of small towns.  Small-town folks like the excitement of a big city.  Even modest-sized big cities have much to offer!

Blackjack is a Brain-Healthy Game

By now, most people are aware that scientists say that the more active we keep our minds the healthier we are and the less likely we are to develop a disease such as Alzheimer’s.

The return to player rate in blackjack is about 99.5%.  This assumes that the player uses the best strategy on every hand.  This is where blackjack becomes a gym session for the brain!

Blackjack strategy is a synergy between the cards the gamer has and the up card the dealer has.  At a land-based blackjack table, there inevitably will be a player who always stands with 12 or more points.  He or she will berate the player who follows the principles of correct strategy and hits with 12 points when that is called for.

It takes time to be able to recognize the correct play on every hand of blackjack.  The mental challenge is what makes blackjack a fitness workout for the brain.  Making the right decision on hand after hand also gives gamers a sense of self-confidence that can be taken from the blackjack table to the workplace!

Jackpot Capital Offers Gamers the Finest in Online Casino Gaming

We have a lot of games as we have said.  We run many promotions that put bonus money and free spins in gamers’ accounts.  We use the best encryption software to make sure your money is safe in your casino account.

All in all, gaming here at Jackpot Capital is a great way to have fun and get in some repetitions for the brain!


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