Jackpot Capital Gives Tips to Craps Players

A Few Tips about Playing and Winning at Craps

After so much time away from land-based casinos, and finding great gaming at Jackpot Capital online casino, there are quite a few gamers who have returned to land-based casinos or are considering doing so at least for a long weekend.

Land-based Casino Camaraderie is Still in Hibernation

One of the things returning players will find at most land-based casinos is that the camaraderie that once existed at these casinos, however artificial it was, no longer exists to anywhere close to the pre-corona virus degree.

There are a Few Interesting Reasons for this Phenomenon

One reason is that there are fewer players allowed around the loud craps and roulette tables as one of the prerequisites for being able to re-open was that land-based casinos would enforce some strict social distancing.  Another reason is that there are still fewer players at land-based casinos than there were before the pandemic.

One of the effects of the pandemic has been to open the eyes of many gamers who never, or almost never, played at an online casino such as Jackpot Capital.  Since online casinos were the only game in town for many months, most of these gamers have discovered the many benefits of gaming at an online casino and have continued to do so even after the land-based casinos re-opened.

Delving deeper into this issue we find that because of the need for social distancing, there are simply fewer tables for table games at land-based casinos.  This takes away a lot from the atmosphere at these casinos and the lost atmosphere cannot be replaced.

What Tips Can Jackpot Capital Offer to Craps Players?

First, let’s take a look at craps as an online casino game.  We fully acknowledge that craps are a lot less popular at Jackpot Capital than are slots, blackjack, video poker, and Caribbean Poker.  Still, a lot of players would like to play craps but are somewhat intimidated by the apparent complexity of the betting options in craps.

Now, let’s look at a few tips we can give craps players in general.  Some of these tips affect all craps players and some are actually more intended for land-based casino players than for online casino players.

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Start out by Playing the Simplest Bets

It is true that the betting in craps can be a bit complex.  It isn’t rocket science, of course, but there is the possibility of starting your betting in the middle of another shooter’s game.  So, before you try to play advanced craps, play simple craps.  The simplest craps bets are Come and No Come and after the point is set, Point or No Point.

The Dice Have no Mind of their Own

At a live craps table, there will always be a player who thinks that he or she is calculating the odds of a specific roll on the next throw of the dice.  This is not good reasoning.  The dice are just objects.  While after a million throws, the number of sevens will almost always exceed the number of sixes and eights there is no guarantee that the statistics will bear out exactly as they “should”.

For online casino craps players, the similar mistake in thinking is to ignore the reality of the random number generator.  The RNG is software that determines every outcome in every online game and at all games played at a terminal in land-based casinos.

Just as the dice have no mind of their own, the RNG has no mind of its own.

This means that the odds on any given throw of the dice is the same for every throw of the dice.  Even though seven is the most frequent number thrown, with one out of every six throws statistically “supposed” to be a seven, there are many cases where ten or more throws are made with nary a seven!

Follow the Odds and Avoid Hunches

The point here is that even though the odds are not a guarantee, playing by hunches such as “seven is due” or “we haven’t seen snake eyes in a long time” is even less guaranteed.

There are times when a hunch is a valuable feeling, but playing by hunches is at the heart of using betting systems in casino gaming.  Betting systems are losing propositions.  The most famous system is the Martingale which “guarantees” that you will win back your lost bet by doubling your next bet.

This system does work if the next bet, in an even money situation, is a winner.  The problem with the Martingale system is that you can only win back the first losing bet even if you have to double your bet several times in a row.  At that point most players won’t want to bet $320 to recover $10!

Craps Can be Fun Even at its Simplest Form

We are not here trying to teach all of the possible bets in craps.  We want to encourage gamers to enjoy the game by making only those bets that they fully understand.

Players who like craps will study the other bets until they understand them well enough to either make these bets or to avoid them.  Keep in mind that the more complicated bets in craps are also the bets that are best for the casino!  In short, craps can be a lot of fun at its simplest level.

Jackpot Capital Offers Great Online Gaming

We offer a large assortment of games including craps.  We also know that craps is one of the least played games here at Jackpot Capital.  For us, that’s okay since we offer so many other games that are wildly popular!

We would like to say something about craps at a land-based casino.  Players who finally decide to travel to a land-based casino may also choose to play craps.  We urge everyone to avoid being swept up in the atmosphere at a land-based casino craps table.

There may be an obnoxious player who ridicules you for making the simplest bets.  There may be someone who “challenges” you to make a more risky bet.  You might get caught up in a shooter’s winning streak.  Remember that the dice are inanimate objects with no mind of their own.

We also reiterate that not spending money on an excursion to a land-based casino will free up money for a real vacation!

So, if you have not yet registered here we urge you to JOIN JACKPOT CAPITAL ONLINE CASINO NOW!

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