Craps is the Specialty Game Par Excellence

Craps is one of the most popular casino games here at Jackpot Capital.  It is very adaptable to a computer, tablet, or smartphone screen.  Given that online and mobile casino gamers generally play for relatively short periods of time, playing craps online for money is a great alternative way to game when one needs a break from the perennial top three of slots, video poker, and blackjack.

Craps Allows Gamers to Bet in Different Directions

We will try to explain the basic and not so basic betting options in craps.  First, we would like to give a more general overview of the game and how it lends itself so well to online and mobile casino gaming.

Online Gaming is All about Graphics and Animation

At land-based casinos, craps is a live game.  Players crowd around the craps table and exhort Lady Luck to be on their side with every throw of the dice.  Land-based craps is a very visual game as the colors and textures of the table, the dice, the casino itself, even including the croupiers’ uniforms give a special tone and feel to the game.

Online craps, as is the aces with all online casino games, is entirely digital.  So game providers had to find the best graphics and animation to bring craps “to life” online.  The state of the craps interface and game play at Jackpot Capital Online Casino has reached that sweet spot where gamers can play a few rounds of craps in total enjoyment, knowing that they haven’t spent hundreds of dollars travelling to a land-based casino for the craps!

In Craps, There is a Shooter and Other Gamers

The shooter throws the dice.  That establishes the point.  For the rest of the round, the shooter continues to throw the dice until he or she either hits the point, at which time all bettors who bet “with” the shooter win, or hits a 7 at which time all bettors who bet against the shooter win.

Craps has its Own Unique Nomenclature

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of craps so we can become quick experts and we can play the game online in complete confidence.

The First Dice Throw is the Come-out Roll

The shooter throws to dice.  If a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, appear on the Come-out Roll the round continues.  The number the thrower rolled becomes the Point.

Here we have two craps terms: the Come-out Roll and the Point.  In essence, the Come-out Roll refers to the dice and the Point refers to all players.

Players Bet before the Come-out Roll

In craps, we need a way to establish whether players are going to root for the point to appear again before a 7 appears or will root for the 7 to appear first.  There are two bets that players make before the Come-out Roll that establish who is rooting for whom.

These are the Pass and Don’t Pass bets.

I’m Starting to Get Confused

As do so many new craps players!

There is confusion between the Come-out Roll and the Pass or Don’t Pass bets.  The Come-out Roll establishes the Point.  The result of the Come-out Roll determines who wins immediately, who loses immediately, or if the round continues until the shooter rolls the point or hits a 7 first.

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Please Explain

If a player bets Pass, he or she wins immediately if the Come-out Roll is a 7 or an 11 and they lose immediately if the Come-out Roll is a 2, 3, or 12.  All other rolls are the Point and the round continues as we said above.

If a player bets Don’t Pass, he or she wins immediately if the Come-out Roll is a 2 or a 3 and loses immediately if the Come-out Roll is a 12.  If the roll is an 11, it is a push.  Clearly, any other roll becomes the Point.

Now We Introduce the Come and Don’t Come Bets

The first thing to keep in mind is that these are bets as opposed to the Come-out Roll that starts a round in craps.  Here is the kicker about the Come or Don’t Come bets.  They establish a new round of craps that parallels the ongoing round!

Brace for Impact

That means that a Come or Don’t Come BET is the Come-out Roll for a parallel round of craps!

The Come Bet is the same as the Pass Bet but in a parallel universe of sorts.  The same rules that apply to a Pass Bet apply to a Come Bet.

The Don’t Come Bet is the same as the Don’t Pass Bet also in that parallel universe.  The rules that apply to a Don’t Pass Bet also apply to a Don’t Come Bet.

What is the House Edge in Craps?

The house edge for a Don’t Pass or Don’t Come bet is 1.39%.  The house edge for a Pass or Come Bet is 1.41%.  So, these basic bets have a very low house edge.  If a gamer sticks with these basic bets, he or she can play for a long time and win a little or lose a little.

There are Many Bets in Craps with a Very High House Edge

We will not go into the many other bets but the house edge for an alternative bet to the basic ones we have covered here range from about 6% to more than 10%.

Why Should Gamers Play Craps Online?

This brings us to that discussion of the relative merits of online versus land-based casinos.  Rather than go onto too much detail, here are the main advantages online gamers have over land-based casino players:

  1. Online casino gamers incur no travel costs getting to the casino.
  2. Online gamers can set reasonable time frames for sessions since they can paly at Jackpot Capital as often as they wish.
  3. Gamers can go from game to game easily since the entire casino is digital.  Land-based casino players have to relinquish a seat to play another game which results in these players playing very few games!
  4. Jackpot Capital and all reputable online casinos advise gamers to save any alcohol consumption until after the gaming session is over while land-based casinos ply players with free alcohol.
  5. 5. Jackpot Capital Online Casino gamers can play at our excellent mobile gaming platform.
  6. Some land-based casinos now offer in-house mobile gaming which we feel is no reason to travel at great cost to a land-based casino.
  7. Online gamers enjoy a wealth of great promotions that often include deposit bouses and free spins.
  8. Online casinos offer more variations in blackjack and video poker since space is at a premium at land-based casinos but is wide open at Jackpot Capital.
  9. Jackpot Capital carries classic games that land-based casinos have to take out to make room for new games.  This is especially the case in slots.

All told online is a great way to play casino games!


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