Slots Have Come a Long Way and Jackpot Capital is a Leader in the Gaming Revolution

Slots Have Powered a Huge Gaming Revolution

Slots are the most popular games in both online casinos such as Jackpot Capital casino and at land based casinos.  Jackpot slots are eternally popular.  At Jackpot Capital online casino, our exclusive game provider, Real Time Gaming, comes out with a new slot every month!

This alone attests to the enormous popularity of slots!  It also attests to the convenience, ease, and comfort online casinos provide to slots enthusiasts.

Don’t Land Based Casinos Have a Lot of Slots?

Yes, they do!

The brick and mortar casinos may have several blackjack tables; they may have baccarat in an elegant room off the main casino floor; they may have a separate poker area where poker players can concentrate without the hullabaloo of the casino floor; and they may have a bank or two of video poker terminals.

They have long, large banks of video slots terminals.

The Hibernation is Coming to an End

The closures of all land based casinos in most countries atr coming to an end.  The casinos will reopen and some have already done so.  Those that reopened a month or two ago did so with far more open floor space, more space between terminals, fewer tables for table games, and smaller banks of slots terminals.

It isn’t known yet if or when these casinos will be able to return to the status quo ante when the banks of slots terminals were so full and dominant on the casino floor.

Land based casinos may need to maintain a smaller slots footprint than they would like for the foreseeable future.  Online casinos like Jackpot Capital never had to reduce their slots footprint during the virus crisis and will continue to have a massive collection of slots that all gamers can access whenever they see fit.

How Did Online Casinos Change the World of Slots?

The history of slots in the casino age is an interesting subject so we thought it a good idea to give you a short overview.

Slot Machines Slumbers

The slot machine was invented by Charles Fry in 1897.  The first slot machine was a physical machine with an arm the player had to pull down to get the reels spinning.  Since gambling was not yet legal in almost all jurisdictions, slot machines entered a thirty year somnolence until the first casino was opened in Las Vegas in 1931.

This casino was nothing compared to the extravagant modern land based casinos.  It wasn’t until 1941 that a member of organized crime opened a casino on what was to be called the Strip.  At that time, the term “strip” referred either to a kind of steak or a kind of dance!

Las Vegas Legalizes Gambling

Casinos could be opened in Las Vegas only because the state of Nevada had legalized gambling there.   At that time, there were still no casinos in Atlantic City and none on any Native American lands.

Slots Enter a New Hibernation

Since legal gambling was available only in Las Vegas, and since there were so few casinos there for many years, there was no pressure on game developers to create new and engrossing slots.  The slots that the post-war casinos carried were still physical machines, three reels, a surfeit of cherries, bars, sevens, and so on will no real need to change anything.

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The people who came to Las Vegas, and then to Atlantic City, had no inkling of the revolution that would take place in casino gaming and in slots in particular.  For the most part, these players were so “happy” to be at casino that they made few demands of the casinos at that time!

So, the slots stayed the same for decades!

The Digital Revolution Changed Everything

We tend to forget that the digital revolution is very young!  It started well after the end of World War II.  In fact, the head of IBM thought that there might be a need for a few computers in the entire world way back in the first post-war years.

At that time, no one anticipated that everyone in the developed world would own several computers.  The desktop, one or two laptops, a smartphone, a tablet, and so on are the de rigueur accoutrements of modern life!

The slots world has undergone a huge revolution based on two factors born of the digital revolution: the search for ever-better graphics and animation and the search for better mobile access.

Graphics and Animation Stir the Digital Gaming Drink

For decades, slots were all physical machines.  They were static and lumbering at one and the same time.  They were all of a piece.  The digital revolution made people realize that slots could be programmed to “tell a story”.  This was a revolutionary concept at one time.  Purists were aghast and appalled!

But the public loved the new slots!  Newer slots with themes started to become available.  The graphics and animation at first were quite pedestrian by today’s standards but they were a world apart from the static slots of the past.

For land based casinos and game providers there was one major problem: in order to bring in a new slots, they had to take out an older slot!  This reduced the availability of slots to the casino gaming public.  After online casinos made their entry into the casino gaming market, land based casinos were no longer the only game in town and the public found it hard to accept the idea that the slot they had enjoyed playing in the previous year might no longer be on the casino floor this year.

Online Casinos Come Aboard

It’s easy to forget that online casinos made their first appearance in 1996!  In terms of this discussion, the advent of online casino gaming had two far-reaching effects.  The first was the great search for better graphics and animation.

While land based casinos might see their patrons as a captive audience, the easy ability of online gamers to click away to a different game or casino meant that the quality of the games at any online casino had to always be not just state of the art but that the art itself had to continually get better!

In addition, online casinos never have to take a slot out to make way for a new one.  Thus the pressure on game providers to develop a new slot every month began.  We are now in full swing of this phenomenon!

As a result of the perfect confluence of better graphics and animation and the easy accessibility of online games, especially slots, meant that slots became a leading form of entertainment.

The Mobile Gaming Revolution

The second major effect was the mobile revolution.  This revolution has taken place in many areas and online casino gaming is just one of them.  But what a difference some improvement in technology has made!

Today the majority of online casino gaming is done on mobile platforms.  It is so much easier to play on a sophisticated modern mobile device than hunched over at the desktop computer.

For some couples, the comfort of mobile gaming has made it a romantic interlude.

Online Casinos are the Locomotive at the Head of the Train

The digital, online casino, graphics and animation, and mobile revolutions have all come together in the last decade or so to create  a situation where online casinos and online gamers set all the trends in casino gaming.

In fact, land based casinos have started to offer in-house mobile gaming to customers who are mere steps from the casino floor but prefer to play on the casino’s mobile platform!

Jackpot Capital Continues to Offer the Finest Casino Gaming

With over 300 games, Jackpot Capital can boast that it is a true entertainment center.  Gamers can go from games of chance to games of skill and back again with no effort at all.

No packing, no airports or highways, no hotels, and no long stretches during which playing more is the single priority.  Online gaming is one happy activity among many!  And slots remain, and will continue to be, the leading edge of the immense revolution Jackpot Capital and other online casinos have brought to casino gaming!

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