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How to Play and Enjoy Progressive Jackpot Games

Every casino gamer would love to win a progressive jackpot.  There are a few different kinds of progressive jackpots.  One type is usually run by the game provider who shaves a penny or two from every bet made anywhere in the world and adds that amount to the jackpot.

These jackpots sometimes start at $1,000,000 and can grow to large sums.  Even the progressive jackpots that take pennies form every bet and start at “only” six figures usually get to the seven figure range.

Jackpot Capital online casino has three of these progressive jackpot slots: Cleopatra’s Gold, Megasaur, and Spirit of the Inca.

Jackpot Capital casino also has three progressive jackpot games that have smaller jackpots: Caribbean Stud, Caribbean Holdem, and Let it Ride.

Game Providers Have Worldwide Reach

The game providers are the best managers of seven figure progressive jackpots because they have much broader reach than a simple online casino, no matter how big the casino may be.  A casino may have hundreds of thousands of members.  Most have tens of thousands of members.  A game provider may provide games for a hundred or more casinos.

That means that the provider simply serves a much larger number of gamers than an individual casino can serve.

What is the Best Way to Play Progressive Jackpot Games?

This is an individual question that every gamer has to answer for themselves.  Still, we can give a few pointers that might make your gaming better overall and especially in terms of progressive jackpots.

Manage Your Bankroll

Bankroll management is one of the most important aspects of casino gaming both online and on land.  It is even more important at brick and mortar casinos for two reasons:

  1. Every gamer at a land based casino has incurred some expense just getting to the casino.
  2. Most players at land based casinos stay at the casino for a couple of days or a long weekend.  This causes them to play for much longer periods of time than online casino gamers play and the length of a gaming session puts extra pressure on our bankrolls.

Playing for a progressive jackpot also puts some extra pressure on our bankrolls.  In progressive jackpot slots, you have to bet the maximum on the winning payline to win the big jackpot.  Every so often we hear about a player at a land based casino who got the necessary configuration of symbols to win a progressive jackpot but had not bet the maximum and thus didn’t qualify for the jackpot.

Betting the maximum can become expensive.

Mobile Casino Gaming is Perfect for Playing Progressive Slots

We offer mobile gaming at the Jackpot Capital mobile platform as the best solution for the need to manage your bankroll while also betting the maximum on a progressive slot.

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By playing outside their home on their mobile device, players can budget themselves to play a small number of spins on a progressive jackpot slot.  It is even possible for most gamers to do so every day.  In this way, you can get the enjoyment out of going for the big jackpot and, at the same time, keeping close tabs on your gaming so that it stays a fun pastime and doesn’t devolve into an obsession.

Appreciate Our Good Fortune

One of the most important life hacks is to appreciate everything we have.  It is important to appreciate the fact that most people in the developed world— and an ever-increasing number of people in the developing world—can spend free time playing casino games or doing any of hundreds of other pastimes.

Not so very long ago, most people didn’t have any free time at all.  Today almost everyone has enough free time to indulge in pastimes.

So, the lesson here is that a progressive jackpot is a very modern pursuit.  It is also amazing if we stop to think about it that we can afford to pursue fun!  Animals in the wild pursue food all the time.  People also used to work very hard for a moderate amount of food.  Today, we pursue food in the refrigerator!  So, be appreciative even if you don’t win a big progressive jackpot!

Progressive jackpots in Caribbean Poker

Jackpot Capital casino carries three Caribbean Poker variations.  Each has a progressive jackpot that you can choose to play for by making a side bet. Since the progressive jackpot in the Caribbean Poker games is a side bet, players can choose not to play for it at all.

These progressive jackpots are also graded.  That means that for a lower hand, you can win a more modest jackpot.  The jackpot reaches its culmination when a lucky gamer somewhere in the world playing that Caribbean Poker variation gets a Royal Flush.

Pay Attention to Variance

Some slots have high variance and some have low or moderate variance.  The return to player rate for all three types of slots might be the same.  However, all the money returned to players in the higher variance slots—which could be about 97% of all bets made—will be returned to a relatively small number of players.  The players who do win will tend to win sizable payouts.

In low variance slots, each win is relatively small but there are a lot more wins than in the high variance slots and there are also a lot more players get winning spins.

For the purposes of sound money management, low variance slots are better in the long run.  Players who should play low variance slots can still play high variance slots as well.  Progressive jackpot slots tend to have high variance.  For low variance players, the key is to play the high variance slots in extreme moderation and to play mostly low variance slots.

Slots Allow Gamers to Expand their Imaginations

The best reasons to play slots are that they are fun to play and because modern slots can take players to places they have never been to and often to places they can never go to.

Cleopatra’s Gold takes gamers to ancient Egypt while Spirit of the Incas reminds us all of the amazing cultures that developed in the Western Hemisphere centuries before Europeans began to settle those lands.

Slots can take us pretty much anywhere in the world, to celebrate national holidays in many different countries, to go up into space or down beneath the ocean’s waves.

Our online casino slots are just fun to play!

Come to Jackpot Capital for Great Online Games

Jackpot Capital has over 200 slots.  We also have a large library of other games from perennial favorites like blackjack, baccarat, roulette and craps to modern games like video poker and our top two causal games, Fish Catch and everyone’s favorite Banana Jones.

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