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How to Better Understand Casino Gaming

Casino gaming is much more than just placing a bet and winning or losing the game.  There are many concepts and terms a gamer should understand before playing any games.  So, in this article Jackpot Capital online casino will run through a few of the more misunderstood concepts that affect your enjoyment as a gamer.

Return to Player Rate

This term might be the most misunderstood of all the terms that apply to online and land based casino gaming.  The return to player rate is a raw percentage.  It doesn’t tell you how the game plays or if the game is realistically within your financial means.

Two slots might have a return to player rate of 97%.  However, one of the slots is a high variance slot while the other has low variance.  This is a vitally important idea in slots especially.  The variance of a slot will tell you how often relatively speaking you might expect a winning spin and how much you might win on that spin.

In a high variance slot, you will get fewer wins but they will generally be for more money.  In addition, if the slot has a casino run random jackpot, the jackpot is won by a few lucky gamers even though there might be hundreds of players playing that game.  So, one player wins a lot and the others win much less if at all.

The return to player rate also affects games like video poker.  The big extra payout for a Royal Flush is recorded in the return to player rate.  So, you need to bet the maximum to be able to enjoy that 99.7% return to player rate for video poker.

Many gamers like to play multi-hand video poker.  You need to decide if the bet for all those hands is within your gaming budget.

A lot of slots enthusiasts play low variance slots because they find that they are more fun.  In a low variance slot, you won’t score a really big win but you will win enough to conserve your gaming budget.  And you’ll have a great time playing!

Deposit Bonus

Online casinos such as Jackpot Capital can offer many bonuses while land based casinos for the most part offer free alcohol and buffet meals.  The reason has to do with the play through requirement which is also sometimes called the wagering requirement.

In the early days of online casino gaming, some casinos offered bonuses and saw a few gamers cash out as soon as they received the bonus.  Thus, the play through requirement was born!  Before a gamer can cash out after taking a deposit bonus, he or she has to bet a factor of the bonus.  A fair amount to require gamers to bet before being able to cash out is about 30%.  Some casinos require much higher play through factors.

Taking a deposit bonus is the best way to grow your bankroll and to use the casino’s own money for your gaming.  All bonuses state the percentage and the maximum size of the bonus.  If you know that you might take another bonus next week, it makes perfect sense to take this week’s bonus only up to the maximum bonus size.

In this way, the bonus itself might determine both the size of the bets you will make and the length of time you will play.

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Comp Points

At a land based casino, you can earn comp points if you have a player’s card.  You will need to ask for one and you will need to remember to use it when you are playing.  You will also need to remember to bring it with you if you go back to that specific casino.

At Jackpot Capital, every gamer is automatically signed up to our comp points plan and whenever you play your bets are automatically registered as comp points!  The casino does all of the remembering for you so you can remember to have a great time gaming!

We said that you have to remember to take your player’s card with you if you decide to go back to that casino.  A lot of gamers at land based casinos don’t go back to the same casino!  Thus, the comp points they accumulated during that long weekend way back in who knows what year are just sitting there doing nothing!

Gamers at Jackpot Capital convert their accumulated comp points into casino credits all the time!

Random Number Generator

The Random Number Generator, or RNG, is software that determines the next card or the next spin in slots.  At an online casino, every outcome is determined by the RNG since every game is run digitally.  At land based casinos, there are quite a few games that are run by actual people: blackjack, bingo, keno, craps, roulette, Caribbean poker, and baccarat.

At a land based casino, these games are not determined by the RNG.

Many people have the wrong impression about the RNG.  Some believe that the casino can manipulate it.  In fact, the casino can set the return to player rate but then the casino gives up all control to the software.

The return to player rate is always higher at an online casino over a land based casino because online casinos have a lot lower overhead.  So, the RNG works in gamers’ favor at Jackpot Capital more than at a land based casino.

But the RNG still is entirely random. That means that every spin or hand is an individual event.  This single fact leads to the last two terms we will discuss here.

Gambler’s Fallacy

The gambler’s fallacy is a belief that previous events can influence future events.  The RNG makes this absolutely impossible.  A progressive jackpot might be won on successive spins or not for several weeks!  The same applies to what some gamers call a slot or other game that is “due”.  The RNG makes sure that no game is ever “due”.

It is very important for gamers to understand that every hand or spin is entirely random.

Martingale System

This is the name of the most famous betting system.  There is no betting system that works well over time.  However, there are betting strategies that do work.  For instance, betting the maximum in video poker makes a player eligible to win the extra payout for a Royal Flush.

As a result of that single fact, the best strategy in video poker for players betting the maximum is to sometime forego a winning hand in favor of trying for the Royal Flush or a straight flush.  This is not a betting system; it is a major aspect of strategy.

Betting systems can work only if you make even money bets.  If you lose, you double your bet the next time and so on until you win.  Let’s see why the Martingale and similar systems are not as good as they are made out to be.

You are playing roulette and you make an even money bet for $5.  You lose so you next make the same bet for $10.  You win so you get $10 which gives you a two spin profit of $5.  However, losing streaks do happen.  What if you lose five spins in a row?  Your bets would be $5, $10, $20, $40, and $80.  You have invested $155 on losing bets.  Now, if you double the bet once more you will be wagering $160 on that bet plus the previous $155 on a single spin.

If you win the next spin, you will receive a payout of $160 and, subtracting the $155 of previous losses, leaves you with a grand total of $5 in profit.

Anyone who understands the concept of pot odds in poker will know that to bet $160 in order to win $5 is a foolish bet.

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