Fish Catch and Banana Jones are the Top Specialty Games at Jackpot Capital Online Casino

What are the Specialty Games All About?

Of the more than 300 games we have on offer here at Jackpot Capital Casino, perhaps the least talked about are the specialty games.  After all, gamers love to play slots, blackjack, and video poker.  These three game categories make up the vast majority of the games our gamers play!

All of the Specialty Games are Unique in their Own Way

Each of the games that we at Jackpot Capital Online Casino categorize as Specialty Games has something unique about it that makes it difficult to place in a different general category.  A perfect example is roulette.  We offer American Roulette and European Roulette.

We place them in the specialty game category because we have found that online casino gamers play less roulette than just about any other game!  We would also like to let you in on a secret: American Roulette has 0 and 00 so the house advantage is double that of European Roulette which has only a single 0.

Keno is Like Bingo

In Keno, you choose your numbers and then the software chooses its set of numbers.  Although, you can choose up to 20 numbers and win a massive amount if they come up, it has been determined by computer analysis that choosing only four numbers gives you the best chance to win.

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Match Play 21 is an Exciting Variation of Blackjack

There are special payouts for special hands in Match Play 21.  Before we cover all of the unique winning situations, we have to point out that in Match Play 21, the 10 cards are taken out of the deck.  The Royal cards are still in the deck but by removing the 10’s, the strategy changes!

Most blackjack players feel that the 10 value cards work to the house’s advantage.  It is exactly the opposite!  In standard blackjack, the 10 value cards work to the player’s advantage!

The key to understanding this is to note that there are many hands where the player is faced with 12 or 13 points and the best strategy is to take another card.  This is especially true if the dealer has a seven or better.  Far too many blackjack players always stand with 12 or more points even when the odds are that they will lose the hand by doing so,

On the other hand, if the dealer shows a 4, 5, or 6 and you have 12 or 13 points, it is strategically better to stand.  Then the dealer will go over 21 on most hands and you’ll win!  Match Play 21 follows standard blackjack rules but has the following extra payouts:

  1. 21 points with 5 cards gives a 3-2 payout.
  2. 21 with 6 cards is worth a 2-1 payout.
  3. 21 with 7 or more cards is worth a 3-1 payout.
  4. A 6-7-8 combination gives a 3-2 payout.
  5. A suited 6-7-8 is worth a 2-1 payout.
  6. A 6-7-8 combination in spades is worth a 3-1 payout.
  7. 7-7-7 is worth a 3-2 payout.
  8. A suited 7-7-7- is worth a 2-1 payout.  This is possible because in Match Play 21, the dealer uses several decks.
  9. 7-7-7 in spades is worth a 3-1 payout.
  10. 7-7-7- when the dealer is also showing a 7 is worth 40-1.

Match Play 21 is a popular variation of blackjack.

Craps Has Never Really Caught on at Online Casinos

Craps is similar to roulette in this way.  At land-based casinos, there is a lot of whooping and hollering ta the Craps and Roulette tables.  Even when all land-based casino shut down during the first year of the pandemic, online gamers didn’t flock to play Craps or Roulette.

The graphics and animation for these games continue to get better and we hope that someday a lot of gamers will join us at the online Craps and Roulette tables!

The Specialty Games Lend themselves to Romantic Gaming

Online casinos have one great advantage over land-based casinos (one of many!) in that gamers can play on their mobile device while all curled up on the sofa.

It is an ironic fact of land-based gaming life that many such casinos have started to offer mobile gaming from one’s hotel room!  We have not yet figured out the appeal of traveling to a land-based casino in order to play on their mobile gaming platform!

Fish Catch and Banana Jones Bring Smiles to their Faces

At some casinos that run games from Real Time Gaming, the entire Specialty Game section is occupied by the great Fish Catch and Banana Jones!  What is so special about these games?

Fish Catch is Considered a Slot Game

If Fish Catch is a slot, then it is a slot like no other!  Fish Catch doesn’t use reels.  Instead, players shoot at fish in an underwater world teeming with life.  Some players claim to have counted as many as 200 different types of fish in Fish Catch!  We daresay that that seems just a tad high!

In any event, there are many common fish such as squid, swordfish, and many others.  There is also a mermaid that you don’t want to shoot but capture.

When you capture the mermaid, you might get to spin the roulette wheel for special prizes.

So Fish Catch is a kind of slot with no reels and you win big priz3es by spinning a roulette wheel!

There are four areas of “Fishing” in Fish Catch and the game can be played by up to four players at a time.  That means that you might be playing against players from countries far and wide!  Each player has six guns to choose from.  Each gun you use has different strength.  Each fish you hit has different value.

As far as strategy is concerned, the most important thing is to match the gun with your target fish!  Other than that, it’s all fun!

Can You Guess What Banana Jones is a Spoof Of?

If you guessed Casey Jones, you get one big buzzer!  The real answer is Indiana Jones!  Banana Jones is our cuddly hero in this adventure and quest game.  It reminds players of the childhood favorite Chutes and Ladders.

You see, Banana Jones is on a quest to take the Crystal Banana from the castle where it is presently ensconced and to take it to a museum!  The chutes are snakes and the ladders are vines.  The snakes are all part of the army of Leopold the Leopard who will do whatever it takes to prevent Banana from achieving his goal.

There is adventure a-plenty as you do everything you can to help ol’ Banana find the Crystal Banana and whisk it off to a museum!

Real Time Gaming hit the jackpot with Banana Jones!  Many gamers set it as a goal to finish a gaming session with five minutes or so of Banana Jones!  His cute and soft self always puts a smile on gamers’ faces!

Jackpot Capital Abounds with Gaming Fun

The specialty games provide gamers with a lot of fun and pleasure.  We encourage all of our gamers to spend some time playing the specialty games as a break or a respite from the other games!


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