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Pull a Chair up to the Table

The term “table games” is a very generic term as it includes many different kinds of games.  Here Jackpot Capital will talk about the table games we have on offer and we’ll also show you a few such games that have a side bet that can win a casino jackpot.

Blackjack by Any Other Name is Still Blackjack

Everyone is familiar with standard blackjack.  We have covered the strategy for standard blackjack here in the Jackpot Capital articles section.  But there are several great variations of blackjack that we would like to review now.

In 21 Face Up Gamers See Both of the Dealer’s Cards

In standard blackjack, gamers see only one of the dealer’s cards.  All of the strategy revolves around how to bet based on the gamer’s two cards versus the dealer’s single visible card.

In 21 Face Up, gamers see both of the dealer’s cards and the strategy becomes one of often hitting if the dealer has you beat.  In standard blackjack, if you see a 10-point card for the dealer, you would hit with 12 points.  But if you saw a five as the dealer’s up card, you would stand with 12 points.  In 21 Face Up, if you have 12 points or more and the dealer is showing 15 points, you will stand for sure!

What happens if the dealer shows 19 points and you have 18 points?  In standards blackjack, you would stand with 18 points but in 21 Face Up, you have to hit even though the odds are stacked against you!

One other aspect of 21 face Up that makes the game interesting is that ties go to the dealer rather than push as in standard blackjack so, if both you and the dealer have 18 points, you have to hit and hope for an ace, deuce, or three to turn up.  The odds might be 4-1 against you but those are better odds than 100% against you!


This is a variation of blackjack in which the ten-point cards are removed from the deck (the Australian version) or the ten-point cards are left in the deck (the European versions).  Jackpot Capital carries the European version.

There are several very significant differences between European Pontoon and standard blackjack.

First of all, ties go to the dealer.  This is a huge advantage to the dealer so to compensate somewhat, a pontoon, which is the same as a blackjack, pays 2-1.

Now, this is a huge advantage to the players!  If you remember from past articles on blackjack, we pointed out that many land-based casinos have started to pay 6-5 for a blackjack.  This doesn’t look like much; after all, 3-2 is the same as 6-4 so what’s the big deal if a land-based casino pays 6-5?

The difference is that even a small tweak in the payments for top hands reduces the player’s edge so that the return to player rate in 6-5 blackjack drops to about 97% which means that it is very hard to have a winning session in blackjack.  At Jackpot Capital we pay 3-2 and the return to player rate is about 99.5%!

Since 3-2 is the sane as 6-4, 2-1 is the same as 6-3.  We saw in the previous example that even a small tweak changes the odds, so 2-1 for a pontoon is huge!

However, players don’t see any of the dicker’s cards and players can stand only with 15 or more points.  That means that players’ hands are forced in many cases.  Since you don’t see any of the dealer’s cards, a player should stand as soon as he or she gets 15 points.

Unlike in standard blackjack, there is no visible card on which to make strategic decisions.  So always stand with 15 or more points.

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We Offer Two Variations of Blackjack that Offer a Side Bet

  1. In Perfect Pairs, the side bet says that you will be dealt a pair.
  2. In Suit ‘em Up, the side bet says that you will get suited cards.

Jackpot Capital Offers Variations with Extra Payouts for Special Hands

  1. In Super 21, gamers can surrender late in a hand but blackjack pays only 1-1.  Players win a nice bonus for a six-card hand that stays at or under 21 points and another extra bonus for a five-card hand of exactly 21 points.
  2. In Match Play 21, some hands pay out extra bonuses even if the palyer loses the hand or the hand is a push.

Table Games Include Poker

We offer many variations of video poker in a separate category of games.  In the table games, we offer three different poker variations which you might think of as five since there are three variations of Caribbean Poker!

Caribbean Poker

The three variations of Caribbean Poker are so named because they were developed at Caribbean casinos just a few decades ago.  There is Caribbean Hold’em, Caribbean Stud, and Caribbean Draw poker.  In each variation, the gamer makes an ante bet.  Then cards are dealt.  The gamer has to decide whether to continue of fold.

If the player chooses to continue, he or she has to make a call bet that is twice the size of the ante.  The dealer has to “qualify” in order for the house to win the hand and also for the player to win the call bet.  At the showdown, there are three possibilities:

  1. The dealer does not qualify and the gamer wins the ante bet but the call bet is a push.
  2. The dealer qualifies and the player wins the hand thereby winning both bets.
  3. The dealer qualifies and wins both bets.

In Caribbean Poker, there is a progressive jackpot that is shared by all three variations.  The amount of the jackpot increases slowly and is a lot smaller than in the really big progressive jackpots.  To win a part of the jackpot or all of it, gamers make a side bet.

Also, the Caribbean is a great vacation destination! How about playing Caribbean Poker while on vacation IN the Caribbean???

Three Card Poker

The dealer has to qualify in this variation as well and the player makes an ante bet and a call bet.  The only difference, then, between this variation and Caribbean Poker is that this variation is played with only three cards.

Let ‘em Ride

You can see one community card without having to make a call bet and you can win only if you qualify with a pair of tens or better.

Pai Gow Poker

In Pai Gow Poker, you get seven cards and you have to arrange them into two hands, a high hand of five cards and a low hand of two cards.  A lot of players like the challenge of arranging the hands.  It is even possible to break a high pair in order to be able to win both the high and low hands.

This is one game where playing in free play mode for a time to get used to it pays off in the end.  In most hands, the gamer wins either the high or low hand and the house wins the other so it is possible to play Pai Gow Poker for a long time and end up with no plusses or minuses in your bankroll.


This game has unique rakes which are easy to learn and gamers bet before the deal on either the dealer or the player.  Because of the subtleties of the rules, it is always statistically better to bet on the dealer!  It is considered a poor bet to bet on a tie despite the high payout.

Three Card Rummy

This is another game with a side bet that pays big if you win it and a fold or call decision.  We urge all gamers to try this great table game in free play mode first so you get familiar with all of the odd rules.

Jackpot Capital is a Lot More than Slots

As you can see, gamers who like table games have hours of gaming fun in store for them here at Jackpot Capital!


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